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  1. So I did a little poking around and was able to "update" Immersive HUD to work with 1.12 by editing a couple of lines. It really wasn't a huge deal and all I added was a couple of extremely small things CDPR added with patch 1.12. I'm attaching the file if anyone would like to use it. If this is not ok with you Gopher, I will stop sharing it immediately. modImmersiveHUD.7z
  2. I'd love to use the mini map feature in Friendly HUD, but it edits the input.settings file, which is incompatible with Instant Sign Casting as it uses a custom input.settings file which cannot be edited by Friendly HUD. I've asked the author of Friendly HUD if it would be possible to make these mods work together and he said there's nothing he can do. Immersive HUD worked just fine with Instant Sign Casting, so it's a real shame (at least for me) that Gopher isn't planning on updating it.
  3. So now that patch 1.12 has hit and pretty much obliterated every script mod for this game until they are updated, of course Immersive HUD wont work any more (I'm surprised it survived this long). I still don't understand why Gopher completely abandoned this mod. Yeah Friendly HUD is cool, but many people like myself have good reasons not to use it. Some people think Friendly HUD is just too bloated with too many features that they don't want or don't need, or is simply just too complicated. Others, like myself, wont use Friendly HUD because it conflicts with another mod we are currently using (for me it is Instant Sign Casting, which after using on a controller, I refuse to play without it). Please, PLEASE if by some miracle you read this Gopher, have a heart and give Immersive HUD a little love. I know it's such a simple little mod, but I honestly don't want to continue this game without it, and I'm sure many others would agree with me.
  4. Gopher! That missile shot on the suicide mutant was sooo awesome! I laughed for about 15 minutes lol. Coolest moment I've seen in this LP so far hands down, who needs vats indeed! Well done!
  5. Here's a really good tip for anyone frustrated like I was with how the junk walls don't line up with each other very well. If you place down a rug (it has to be one of the full sized rugs) and place a junk wall on top of it, then you can grab the rug and move it with the wall on top of it. This allows you to use the rug collision box which is smaller than the wall collision box. This way you can move the walls right up next to each other and completely close the gaps. You can even have the walls clip into each other or their surroundings to make a completely tight fit. Then you simply scrap the rug and you're done. This only seems to work on the junk walls, not regular building walls. I also couldn't get it to work with the junk walls with doors, but it worked with the big gate. The only downside of this is you will end up losing cloth for every rug, but at least you get a little back by scrapping them. Whenever we get the GECK I'm sure someone will modify the collision boxes and this wont be an issue any more. Hope this helps everyone tighten up the look of their defenses!
  6. Anyone stocking up on some of that Jones Soda Nuka Cola Quantum? Or the very lucky UK folks with their Fallout beer?
  7. Hm, yea that's pretty terrible I did not know that. That doesn't really bother me that much though honestly, since I usually go into 3rd person for dialogue and other things in Skyrim, but I can see it being extremely annoying for a lot of people. In fact, I'm positive Gopher is going to absolutely hate the dialogue system as a whole since he takes his dialogue decisions very seriously.
  8. This game is pretty kick ass, I actually prefer it over L4D just for the setting alone. It also seems a lot more difficult. I'll be playing as Bardin the dwarf primarily, let me know if anyone wants to play.
  9. Hi there, been watching Gopher for years, almost since the beginning, never really spent anytime in the forums though. Nice to meet you all!
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