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  1. been awhile since I was on last. Any idea if this project is dead, or just in limbo?
  2. F4SE is up to date along with hud framework, but I have 90 mods installed this is gonna suck having to remove them just to get this blueprint. Even if it is an awesome blueprint.
  3. Just tried to use gopher's blueprint, have everything setup as he did and it crashes my game at 4% of the transfer. I have a pretty decent machine too, GTX 1080, 16gb ram, 931gb gaming drive where my games stored and an intel i7-7700k CPU. Guess my system just can't handle it and I was so looking forward to walking around it too. So I hate to say it but trying to get it in PS4 ain't going to happen. Sorry my friend.
  4. Well I went and made a "new folder" in my data folder and placed all CC files in that as a test and have not had any problems starting the game or playing. I just don't want mod content files on my system that I didn't place there myself.
  5. Yes I have for my son and it was quite easy, because it came in a box But seriously, Gopher also noted that the files from the CC are loaded on your system even if you never intend to use it. He also said there was a way to block this? block updates from the CC? Is this possible, really? And if I just remove them myself will it break my game or just add them again when I play.
  6. it's not a big change, screen printing requires fixtures to hold each piece so it can be printed. For molding you could do say 3-4 pieces at a time depending on how many cavities you have in the mold, so no machine required. 3D printing is a good idea, but how about detail,would that be effected much?
  7. Well you can get mugs, which is not clothing. but I do know that everything is screen printed, so yeah there is a different method of manufacturing involved for bobbleheads ( molding ) and hence a new method of distribution would be needed. As far as a mass order goes, if it were doable I don't think a mass order would be a problem.
  8. Now that the store is up and running any idea if the Stiv Bobblehead is coming to the store in the future?
  9. I've run into several wolf packs and get attacked every time and I'm on a new play thru at lvl 4 on SSE, so my guess would be it's a werewolf thing.
  10. I believe someone did make a farting mod that knocks anyone close to the ground. But then again, anyone eating that much cheese wound be bound up for weeks
  11. I never had this problem, if whomever I was with wasn't in the elevator when the doors closed they just appeared in front or behind me. Even Danse never power slammed.
  12. ok thanks, the launcher updated when I started it, did not realise it was on 1.12
  13. Is the server down or being updated? I just tried to get on and I get the "server is outdated" msg.
  14. Is the server updating again? I was just on and got kicked, tried to log back in but keeps timing out? *edit Never mind I'm back in
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