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  1. That will be pretty cool if its anything like Morroblivion then the dialogue and quests should remain basically the same. I think there is a disconnect of important gameplay mechanics but I can fully understand not wanting to go back in time. His recent video about the voiced protagonist in Fallout 4 just made me think of Morrowind. Anyways thank you for the quick reply.
  2. Hey my username/persona is usually Velocifaptor. I enjoy watching let's plays, primarily done by Gopher, DasTacTic, Arumba, Quill18, and Game Grumps. I enjoy watching anime, I've been watching airing seasons since 2006, and have seen many older series, I'd consider myself a rather fluent watcher. I've dabbled in making text based games mainly using C# and Visual Studio, along with the standard .Net library. I used to play WoW since vanilla, but in 2014 I subscribed to EVE Online and wish I had started sooner. I started playing the Elder Scrolls at Morrowind, I started playing Fallout at Fallou
  3. Hey, this is the first post I've ever made here but I wanted to ask Gopher if he has ever considered doing a Let's Play of Morrowind when Open Morrowind enters a more complete stage, and specifically when the Open Morrowind Construction Kit enters a far more developed stage. I realize that, having been a long time fan, that Gopher does enjoy the graphics and combat of newer titles, and most importantly wants to please his fanbase by giving them a more visual/exciting experience during his let's plays. Still, I also know that Gopher enjoys great storytelling, dialogue, and worldbuilding which I
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