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  1. That will be pretty cool if its anything like Morroblivion then the dialogue and quests should remain basically the same. I think there is a disconnect of important gameplay mechanics but I can fully understand not wanting to go back in time. His recent video about the voiced protagonist in Fallout 4 just made me think of Morrowind. Anyways thank you for the quick reply.
  2. Hey my username/persona is usually Velocifaptor. I enjoy watching let's plays, primarily done by Gopher, DasTacTic, Arumba, Quill18, and Game Grumps. I enjoy watching anime, I've been watching airing seasons since 2006, and have seen many older series, I'd consider myself a rather fluent watcher. I've dabbled in making text based games mainly using C# and Visual Studio, along with the standard .Net library. I used to play WoW since vanilla, but in 2014 I subscribed to EVE Online and wish I had started sooner. I started playing the Elder Scrolls at Morrowind, I started playing Fallout at Fallout 3. I enjoy lot's of games, but I'm rather picky nowadays about the titles I buy. In general I enjoy CRPG's like Pillars of Eternity and its older descendants. I love Open world RPG's like Bethesda's titles and games like Mount and Blade Warband. I enjoy Bloodbowl, Warcraft 3 Custom Games, Civilization IV along with mods like Rise From Erebus, Borderlands and Borderlands 2 which I've played with the same group of friends since forever ago. I enjoy strategy games like Endless Legend, Endless Space, Out of the Park Baseball 16, Total War, Hearts of Iron, Crusader Kings, and Sins of a Solar Empire. I bought Anno 2070 and Factario but I think I'm done doing that as I doubt any city management game that will ever come after will replace Dwarf Fortress for me. I play tabletop games a lot, boardgames like puzzle strike, ticket to ride, pandemic, and Go. Cardgames like Netrunner, Killer Bunnies, dominion, many, many deck builders of varying sorts. Tabletop RPGs such as Pathfinder, D&D 5e/3.5, and my current favorite system to run called GURPS(Generic Universal Role Playing System). Sorry for the wall of text I just thought I'd spit a bunch of stuff out and see what sticks. Picking anime that I like always ends in a giant list so I'd rather not discuss it in the opening post. If I had to pick a list of my favorite series it would be a lot of the same that you'd see anywhere with some random bits sprinkled in, stuff like Gurren Lagann, Code Geass, Evangelion, Madoka Magica, Cowboy Bebop, Legend of the Galactic Heroes, and less known things like Hyouge Mono, Kemono no Souja Erin, You are Umasou, Jin-Roh and many other films and shows.
  3. Hey, this is the first post I've ever made here but I wanted to ask Gopher if he has ever considered doing a Let's Play of Morrowind when Open Morrowind enters a more complete stage, and specifically when the Open Morrowind Construction Kit enters a far more developed stage. I realize that, having been a long time fan, that Gopher does enjoy the graphics and combat of newer titles, and most importantly wants to please his fanbase by giving them a more visual/exciting experience during his let's plays. Still, I also know that Gopher enjoys great storytelling, dialogue, and worldbuilding which I personally believe is strongest in the third installment of the elder scrolls. More over the morrowind modding community is still active, and the mod makers for the community, given the games strengths and weaknesses, favor making mods that I think provide the most creative content, things like quests, dungeons, and new lands. This is due in part to the fact that the Morrowind engine has very little voice acting within the game so the barrier to entry in making quest mods is rather low compared to the newer elder scrolls games. Like I said before though I understand that a let's play of Morrowind would not be suitable as a replacement for another fallout 4 playthrough, or something similar, I wanted to suggest that one could be done with episodes that release at a slower pace, and that the game be played at a very deep and immersive pace. Aside from that though I was wondering if there has ever been thought of doing Let's Plays of Dwarf Fortress or Mount and Blade Warband?
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