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  1. Hello Minions I'm a little confused about the ending scene of Leonard's Skyrim SE Chapter 1 LP. Can someone explain the background to that little revenge with tummy acke sweetroll ? I must have missed something. Maybe because I did not have time to continue watching after episode 20 or so, and had the rest of the LP piling in Watch Later for a few months unfortunately. Anyway, I got ill recently and had time to catch up (Gopher LP = best medicine imo ) and now I have watched all the episodes of 1st chapter according to YT. I remember Leonard wanting to steal the Love bug in a jar from the temple in Riften. From the note in the ending I assume he tried, got caught and Maramal sent some bandits on Leonard to rough him up? I would appreciate if someone could give me a short summary, or point me to the episodes where this little story unfolds. Thanks in advance
  2. kasparesky

    Leo Chapter 1 ending question

    Oh, I see... okay then, thank you for the info I just thought there is more to it judging by the video's comment section.
  3. kasparesky

    Leo Chapter 1 ending question

    Yes I'm talking about the episode #48 : Your Lack of Drama Disturbs Me! The scene which I'm particularly asking about starts at 55:02 with Leonard reading a note
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    Home stolen :O

    Hello, unfortunately due to work and school I was unable to play MC during past months, now I wanted to continue building on my project but someone by the name of shadowfury2001 has stolen my home I've added screenshots with the location https://ibb.co/fWQWOQ https://ibb.co/jLurOQ can something be done? or is my hard work forfeit due to inactivity?
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    Home stolen :O

    ok, will try that sometime, thanks
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    MC Stream Suggestion

    I recently finished(kind of) my humble abode project at X:1794; Y:67; Z:-366. Feel free to poke around and check it out, it would be awesome if inside this topic we could maybe make a list of the "Must See Builds" or something like that, with coordinates to the best builds on the server, people really have built some wonderful stuff