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  1. Oh, I see... okay then, thank you for the info I just thought there is more to it judging by the video's comment section.
  2. Yes I'm talking about the episode #48 : Your Lack of Drama Disturbs Me! The scene which I'm particularly asking about starts at 55:02 with Leonard reading a note
  3. Hello Minions I'm a little confused about the ending scene of Leonard's Skyrim SE Chapter 1 LP. Can someone explain the background to that little revenge with tummy acke sweetroll ? I must have missed something. Maybe because I did not have time to continue watching after episode 20 or so, and had the rest of the LP piling in Watch Later for a few months unfortunately. Anyway, I got ill recently and had time to catch up (Gopher LP = best medicine imo ) and now I have watched all the episodes of 1st chapter according to YT. I remember Leonard wanting to steal the Love bug in a jar from the temple in Riften. From the note in the ending I assume he tried, got caught and Maramal sent some bandits on Leonard to rough him up? I would appreciate if someone could give me a short summary, or point me to the episodes where this little story unfolds. Thanks in advance
  4. ok, will try that sometime, thanks
  5. Hello, unfortunately due to work and school I was unable to play MC during past months, now I wanted to continue building on my project but someone by the name of shadowfury2001 has stolen my home I've added screenshots with the location https://ibb.co/fWQWOQ https://ibb.co/jLurOQ can something be done? or is my hard work forfeit due to inactivity?
  6. I recently finished(kind of) my humble abode project at X:1794; Y:67; Z:-366. Feel free to poke around and check it out, it would be awesome if inside this topic we could maybe make a list of the "Must See Builds" or something like that, with coordinates to the best builds on the server, people really have built some wonderful stuff
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