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  1. Are we ever going to see Jack go through The Great Divide?
  2. we have lost too many people to continue without fresh blood so we need to open this back up for recruitment
  3. @Gokey you were booted out of the game because I screwed up a macro please be on saturday so that I can readd you and possibly have the first session
  4. well since I am hosting that would make it hard not to attend
  5. we are doing a small meet up tommorow, which won't take long, that way we can get to know each other, and we can attempt to find out what alll of yoiu want from the game
  6. I can do 11am we still need a 5th though to make the campaign work or someone takes leadership
  7. How much earlier does it need to be or would saturday work better? My 1pm [gmt -6] is your 9pm [right?]
  8. simply put the voice function for roll20 has been known to bugger off completely during game sessions or if they are working on thier server, my 1pm is your 9pm, thats really early in the day to start gaming, though if need be i can start earler than that, The games will generlly last between 4 and 6 hours is this doable for everyone, if not we will switch to saturdays because the majority of our players seem to be european
  9. If we record it we will have to use Google Hangouts, which only takes a google account to use I prefer Discord over skype, skype over teamspeak, if we do sunday early some sundays will be out because I go to church, So hows this sunday sound to people so we can get to know each other and make sure we fit as a group
  10. I do believe thats going to be way too late for all of the Europeans that wish to play Recorded campaign is simple really, I set up a google hangout out, you get yourself manycam or whatever you want to be seen, then as we roleplay and do the adventure youtube records us doing it, that way if other Minions wish to listen into the game they can. [you would have to have a google account but its free and links to youtube and stuff like that] You don't have to buy anything, as I have the books that i will be needing, and you can use http://www.d20pfsrd.com/ I have discord as well, and it works way better than skype just more people have skype than discord,
  11. 1pm [1300] is more than fine for me on saturday, I would like to use roll20 for this, https://app.roll20.net/join/1281853/pw98LQ there is your join up link, first session will mainly be a warm up session that will allow me to talk with all of you let you know how the adventure path works, as well as get you through the character creation should we shoot for this saturday So for the voice component of the adventure path [this will NOT be a play by post game] we will be using skype as I have had major issues with roll20's voice system and it is one of the major reasons I am not longer subcribed to roll20, I still use it, i just will not pay a monthly subscription till they fix the issues that I brought up, some of which make it nearly impossible to get games running right Skype handle = grogwilsnatch Would people mind if we did this as a recorded campiagn if not thats fine with me as well
  12. So late saturday seems to be the best time for most of you, that way you can sleep through sunday i am gmt -6 if someone can do the time conversions and get all of our times I will have a better idea, as well we can attempt to set something up for saturday
  13. If all of you can agree to a time on either saturday or sunday [my sundays open up after 6pm my time] I am more than willing to run this for a grou[
  14. I see three hearty adventurers, can we get 5 that will be the question
  15. Well, I have to say i was not impressed myself with the blurb and how it was formated in the book if that helps any, And yes I am still planning of running it if we can get people
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