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  1. Gopher is usually well informed so it's possible he's trying to keep things as simple as possible and then roll out advanced guides with instructions on how to fix errors and deal with issues.
  2. What Remains of Edith Finch #6

    I still don't fully understand the ending gonna have to re-watch it later tonight. But man are they cursed? Crazy or just have really short lives. We may never know.
  3. Fallout Alaska Fan Lore

    Fallout Alaska OC Name: Mako Ravencroft Born March 4 2281 Age 21 Female Human, Asian descent Height 5’6” About 140 pounds Background: Mako grew up surrounded by people, born to a family of Japanese descent in the heart of Vault 121. Although there wasn’t much in the way of culture of Japan in a post apocalyptic America, what remained was bits and pieces of westernized fiction, but not all of it was so off the mark. Mako read books describing the world of old, she read tales of knights, and mages, monsters and legends of film. She however grew ever fascinated by what little Japanese culture she found, most of it described belligerent, honor bound delinquents, who formed gangs and fought claiming street justice. And as such she grew into her role, surrounded by a father; a Ranger who was sent off always on missions aiding far flung villages, a mother busy with work and brothers chasing after women. She tried her best to fit in, to be praised by her academics and studies. Yet it was never enough, not in a city as big as this, and surrounded by her perfect brothers. Who even after flirting with every girl they saw, managed to ace test after test and score the highest marks in class. Eventually she had enough herself. She modeled herself after the delinquents of old, who she saw as strong and admired. Mako founded her own gang, on the principles of loyalty, honor, and strength. Though in truth, she just found more trouble. Ascending upon Anchorage her and her motley crew fought gangs and thugs and a never ending amount of Raiders. Her father took notice soon enough, as he tried to straighten out his only daughter. He taught her to shoot, and survive off the land, and for a time this father daughter bonding lead to a decrease in her violent activities. She had only ever wanted the attention of her family anyways. Her father, with the iconic ranger duster dragged her along out into the wilds, as they sat by a fire. And his hyperactive, carefree, and loving little girl that he raised returned to him. But nothing lasts forever. The Rangers sent her Father to rescue Caravaners who had ventured into Zhang territory by accident; a freak storm forced them to find shelter. The rescue mission almost went as planned, however they were unaware that Zhang forces were marching on their location. Apparently they knew the Caravan had not left their territory. They were ordered to capture and imprison the caravaners, as well as retrieve the goods. The team of Rangers were prepared to fight if need be, but all it took was a single bullet to end his life. Mako was delirious when she heard the news, all she wanted was her father's love and attention. She wanted his praise, the thought that he could die so easily did not align with the image of him that was larger than life. There wasn't anyone else who she respected enough that she'd listen to. And one day she disappeared. Her mental state became unstable, unhinged. She became insane to a degree. She's aware of who she is to a point, but she's lost her sense of fear. Her mind swirls in a state of constant movement where all her actions send adrenaline to her body pumping her full of chaotic energy. Always moving, always in a state of flux. Her enjoyment in life is the torment she inflicts upon the Empire of Zhang, as she rains down destruction and anarchy. Personality: Chaotic, aggressive and ultimately unpredictable. Since her Father's death her mental state has become somewhat unhinged. Her hyperactive and carefree nature have turned violent towards just about anyone. There's always a chance someone will be shot in the back. Though she feigns innocence. Occupation: Raider Combat Preference: Unconventional, chaotic and highly dangerous. Closest DnD class Barbarian/Rouge. Likes dealing massive damage then retreating back into cover and disappearing.
  4. I won't watch anymore which is a shame. I need to beat the storyline and the last episode is just on that spoiler level for me, I haven't dealt with Ghost hounds yet so I should stop and pick these up later.
  5. What Remains of Edith Finch #5

    This entire play through feels like Murphy's law except not as fun as the cartoon. Which they did make. Milo Murphy's law. This entire family just needs to pack for everything. Tornadoes, frog storms, packs of feral wolves. You know normal things.
  6. Opened the forum and Chrome asked if I wanted to translate the page. I scrolled down asking, TRANSLATE WHAT!! I am still confused.

  7. Fallout New-North Fan Lore (WIP)

    Almost feels like a robot of sorts you know, saw these this morning but I was in a rush to work. Really do love the logo for Goltangage.
  8. Fallout New-North Fan Lore (WIP)

    If you go for a more rare mutated animals taking a focus on the people and environment then you could set up so that these mutated creatures are special and a dangerous threat few have seen. I also like how Goltangage shut down and reopened later selling a new product.
  9. Question regarding making small mods myself...

    I think what he's saying is that the world pauses in conversations in Fallout 3. No time passes unlike that of Skyrim or Fallout 4. NPCs and enemies will still go about their business and sometimes interrupt you by pushing you out of the way. Dragons will attack mid conversation and the world moves on. He wants to create a mod that will create the same situation. Unfortunately I know not how to script or even basic mods but I hope this does help someone who does.
  10. I'm just glad he realized he could use the elevator to get to the blocked room. I've played enough games for me to wonder how you get down there and then immediately look at the elevator and go. Yeah that looks about right.
  11. Gopher wouldn't be as lost if he had picked the map up. But this is Gopher so maybe he'd be even more lost.
  12. Jack likes the idea of having someone else in charge as long as he still gets to be in charge. I wonder if Gopher will ever finish the game that way?
  13. I think he's considering the guards in his new zone more innocent than the ones who directly aided in the coup. Could be anyways. He'll probably still murder the assassination targets. Also, predictive text following assassination is classroom. That is the direct word it suggests. Slightly off topic but it was funny.
  14. NUKA WORLD #19 : The Finale

    Need to do a run soon through Nuka World, not sure if I will be evil through it though. Never was able to do that well.
  15. Enabling console commands for survival mode?

    Well shame, thankfully Transfer Settlements is a thing. Thanks for the quick response.