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  1. Well, after a lot of hours of research I decided there was nothing more I could do and just went with it... Then, after a few days, I decided to migrate to Mod Organizer as a long-term solution to better manage my Skyrim mods for future playthroughs. Finally, after a full day of tinkering and configuring the application, I managed to put together a playable load order. Apart from Mod Organizer, I used TES5edit and LOOT, I updated some mods and, once I loaded my save, I noticed that all the latency issues I used to have were gone! I am not certain what was that fixed the issue, but, after
  2. Starded watching when Richard was questing in Solstheim with Rolley and Teldryn. Ah, the memories and the feels... But then they died and a wild Kharjo appeared! Ah, the adventures they had together...from insanely powerful dragons and dwemer automotons to vampire covens and daedric lords. Unforgettable. Favourite moment: Every time Richard said "Wolf!" when exploring the countryside and spotted one. Seriously, I could make a 5-minute video montage of Richard saying the same single word throughout his adventures. This became like my own, personal inside joke about Richard, like an interne
  3. Tried to do some fixing on my own today. First, I used TES5Edit to clean all essential game files, based on [uSER=4]@Gopher[/uSER]'s tutorial video. I also cleaned the Amazing Follower Tweaks mod using TES5edit's mod cleaning tutorial (basically the exact same process as above). Loot did not show any errors and, since my game doesn't CTD on startup, I left my load order as it is. Finally, I followed the instruction on this post and added the following lines in my Skyrim.ini file: [Papyrus] fUpdateBudgetMS=1.8 fExtraTaskletBudgetMS=1.2 fPostLoadUpdateTimeMS=2000.0 iMinMemoryPage
  4. Hello everyone, After months of modding my game I have reached the point where it seems scripts have begun to take their toll on my system. After using the Convenient Horses inherent script latency test tool I got a result of ~400ms average latency, but it seems to spike quite often, with spikes ranging from 1100ms up to 5900ms on a good day. The most annoying thing is a delay that occurs when switching gear using the SkyUI item groups on the favourites menu, which happens very often. This seems to somehow affect other actions and scripts as well. I’ll give you an example to help under
  5. Currently playing: TES V: Skyrim Character: Orsimer conjurer, lvl 55-ish

  6. Currently playing: TES V: Skyrim

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