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  1. Game Sales (Steam and Non-Steam Companies)

    That's the first game.
  2. Game Sales (Steam and Non-Steam Companies)

    Unless someone tampered with it ... Like making the days 28 hours long.
  3. Game Sales (Steam and Non-Steam Companies)

    I don't know about the ending, but since I work translating the Numenera books in Italian, I can tell you that the world is 100 shades of bonkers.
  4. ModDrop Warning

    Things are evolving fast. Eli unhide her mods, but other authors are following suit to keep the awareness high.
  5. ModDrop Warning

    Apparently very few people were and that's kind of the point.
  6. ModDrop Warning

    As of about a hour ago Elianora, which I'm pretty sure most Skyrim and Fallout mod-users are familiar with, set all her stuff on the Nexus to "Hidden" for the time being after discovering that a secondary platfrom ModDrop (apparently a new incarnation of a well known mod-thief already banned from Nexus several times) uploaded all of her work. Eli already stated on Reddit that she knows that this move won't stop ModDrop, but she's doing it to highlight the problem. Robin/DarkOne from Nexus also chimed in saying that he contacted the ModDrop team already and they just shifted the blame on their users. Apparently this is nothing new and some Nexus users and authors, including Arthmoor, identified the ModDrop team as former Nexus-users banned for stealing and reuploading mods trying to monetize them. Eli added that she will unhide those mods as soon as the word spread among the community of mod-users and authors. Here we got a pretty good coverage of what is going on by Last Level Press.
  7. Skyrim SE Mod : Pumping Iron

    Are you sure, I used it on a female playthorugh on oldrim and it worked fine. Granted I wasn't using the standard body mesh and textures.
  8. I'm very partial to the old one. This is a very good rendition, but I think the old one had a better silouhette.
  9. Gopher Dumbed Down : Map Markers

    I'd like to dig a bit deeper and ask: when do we draw the line between streamlining and dumbing down? On the surface both operates on very similar principles: the removal of unneeded elements from a product to create something that is easier to understand and operate, but the results are pretty much polar opposites. A lot of people, especially the most grognard, seem to assume that they are one and the same and they scoff both at the same time. Yet simpler doesn't mean dumber, in actual fact it usually means smarter, if you can get to the same result with less effort and time it's usually considered a good thing. I think that the key difference is that streamlining works by finding features that are redundant and removing them, whereas dumbing down means chopping down feature arbitrarily. For example (and I'm sorry to pick on Bethesda again) was removing the character stats from Skyrim a streamlining or a dumbing down? I think it was a bit of both, on one hand it made the character screen simpler, by removing the stats it made the character progression more linear and easier to handle; on the other it had an impressive domino effect that changed several elements of gameplay significantly: carry weight become a fixed value, quests improved skill directly and so on. In the end what we got was a game that was easier to understand, but also felt more artificial in so many ways. For a different perspective let's look at the character system of the Witcher series. For all intent and purposes this is a pure perk system not unlike Fallout 4, but I've not heard anyone complaining about it. Why? It's possible that is more a matter of tradition (i.e. we never had a Witcher game that gave us unlimited freedom in creating our character), but I think it's more a problem of focus. In Elder Scrolls and Fallout games there's a lot of focus on creating your character exactly as you want. Fine tuning skills, stats, perks and equipment is a major part of the enjoyment, while in the Witcher games fine tuning Geralt is more of a secondary element. This is the second point in differentiating the two: how does those changes affect the focus of the game. This is, of course, strictly linked to the Bartle's Taxonomy of players (see the video below), so what one might perceive as a streamlining because it rimmed down an element of the game he didn't like or used (e.g. I rarely play a wizard so the lack of a spellcrafting system in Skyrim was hardly a problem for me) another might consider dumbing down because it touched exactly what he enjoyed. One third element is how these changes affect the key elements of the gameplay, i.e. where is the focus of the game? In a game that focus on exploration adding super detailed map markers and expecting the players to use them all the time is a dumbing down because it means that the main focus of the game is now less prominent and enjoyable. In game based on interactions with NPCs map markers are very much an afterthought, but chopping down dialogue choices isn't.
  10. The Witcher 3 mod recomendations

    Last week I run into a darkness mod that provided sliders to adjust the light in the various regions of the game instead of all at once, but I've been unable to find it again. Does anyone else know of it?
  11. Same here, it's the only exclusive that almost got me so far.
  12. I'm still hoping to see a Legacy of the Dragonborn playthrough.
  13. Sigh. I was still hoping to see a Legacy of the Dragonborn playthrough, but it seem it won't happen for the foreseeable future. Alas, Richard seemed really tailor-made for that expansion mod.
  14. Putting a gaming PC in the Millennium Falcon

    I'm still running a Nvidia GTX970 card, not a 10th generation GPU. Also I'm running on a double hard drive, one SSD for the operating system and the essential software (i.e. antivirus and drivers) which gave me extra fast starting times (10 seconds to reboot) and one traditional HDD for archiving datas. A lot of people use the SSD for gaming as well, but I prefer not to since it shorten its operative life considerably.
  15. I think that the big problem here is not that Bethesda is unable to recognize and fix the eventual mistakes, the problem is that they seem to repeat them over and over again. I was not into Beth's games when the whole "Horse Armor Bomb" dropped, but a lot of people seem convinced that this is the same kind of situation and, after the last year paid mod meltdown I'm kind of surprised that they pushed on that button again so soon.