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  1. Woodclaw

    the witcher 3

    As far as I know there's no such mod, but I think that you can work out most challenges with a 12 button mouse, although you might have to rely heavily on passive effects.
  2. Another really good one is Gear Improvement Last Longer (GILL), which makes grindstones and armor benches much more useful.
  3. I used a lot of mods during my run. One of the most essential is the Unification Patch version 1.31. Next to it I recommed Nitpicker patches (possibly the no-armor version to prevent issues with the Skellige Gambeson) and the aforementioned no-rolling. Sort everything works great with Friendly HUD Better torches might not be that essential without a darkness mod, but it's very useful. There are a crapton of tohers and I might need some more time to remember what I installed.
  4. I don't have the forum page link anymore
  5. That is a pretty tall order of business. If memory serves me, Witcher 2 is pretty stingy with components, especially unique ones. Keep in mind that according to CDPR the Wild Hunt Armor was left in the game code by mistake, it was god-tier item meant for game testing only.
  6. As far as I know that should be the case, at least on PC.
  7. Wait, what version are you playing. As far as I know the random drop of the Wild Hunt Armor was removed from the Enhanced Version.
  8. Woodclaw

    Website Discord

    You can simply click on the "connect" button on the widget on the forum main page.
  9. Woodclaw

    RIP Total Biscuit

    This morning, I was listening to his last interview with the H5 podcast, when the news appeared in my feed ... it felt like someone had just kicked me in the head.
  10. Woodclaw

    Just Something I Wished to Share

    Yep, I used to do that as well, I think I took the habit when I played Final Fantasy X-2 with a friend of mine. Due to the wird nature of that game it was pretty much mandatory to have someone with the official guide next to you giving directions.
  11. Hi fellow minions, I know I've been away for a long while, but life got in the way. Still, today I found this video and it made me think of one thing I understood thanks to this community. As a videogame player I tend to have a compulsion to get as close to experiencing the full game one my first run. Especially in games like the Batman Arkham series, I want to find everything I can. This turned out to be a big problem with really massive games, like the Elder Scrolls and the Witcher. At some point I felt there was simply too much to do and I generally left the stuff there. I wouldn't say that I never considered a themed playthrough before stumbling on Gopher's videos, but it certainly showed me how that could be fun. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2LKrwiGFFs
  12. Woodclaw

    Game Sales (Steam and Non-Steam Companies)

    That's the first game.
  13. Woodclaw

    Game Sales (Steam and Non-Steam Companies)

    Unless someone tampered with it ... Like making the days 28 hours long.
  14. Woodclaw

    Game Sales (Steam and Non-Steam Companies)

    I don't know about the ending, but since I work translating the Numenera books in Italian, I can tell you that the world is 100 shades of bonkers.
  15. Woodclaw

    ModDrop Warning

    Things are evolving fast. Eli unhide her mods, but other authors are following suit to keep the awareness high.