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  1. Yeah, I had. Probably updated something that borked it. Works well enough for now.
  2. Yeah, and I did check when I installed it. I wonder if the last update did it. Ah well, one merchant is not worth it right now.I'll fiddle with it when I have more time. Maybe if I win the Publisher's Clearing House $7K a Week for life.
  3. Well crud. I really don't want to go mod-by-mod to see which one is borking RDO's MCM. I can list the menus that are appearing, maybe it will be easy to spot: A Matter of Time Apocalypse Spells Artful Dodger Campfire Dawnguard Sentries Deadly Dragons Diverse Dragons Col 3 Enhanced Blood FNIS PCEA2 FNIS Sexy Move Frostfall Honed Metal Immersive AFT Immersive Armors Immersive HUD iNeed Moonlight Tails moreHUD OBIS - Bandits OBIS - Patrols Ordinator Perks Predator Vision Realistic
  4. Yep. didn't work. Uninstalled, deleted, reinstalled, and still no MCM. Running SkyUI. I'll check that next but I think I'm running out of ideas. Is there a limit as to how many MCM menus you can have?
  5. Okay, deleted and redownloaded file, we'll see if this works.
  6. Yep, it's the SSE MCM. I ran the installer for RDO like it said, Maybe I missed a part. I'll review and find out if I missed a part. I am also using SkyUI.
  7. Running SSE and the version for SSE, and it does not give me an MCM menu. I did install the patches. I have re-installed the mod to see if maybe something cycled, will be testing that. I cannot find any of the Relationship altering spells in my spellbook, nor is there any MCM. Any ideas?
  8. That would be very helpful. Who do we poke around here? ::Hold up poking stick/tree::
  9. Mostly I was thinking of using it to merge patches into one. SSE is reporting 260 mods, but some of them are CC things and some are light files, so don't count as full mods.
  10. Has anyone used this tool? I saw a video on YouTube for it, and it apparently works for Fallout 3, New Vegas, Fallout 4, Skyrim and Skyrim Special Edition. It's supposed to help clean up your load order to get more stability. I would like to know if it works well, or is it kind of out of date since it hasn't been updated.
  11. Ah. Okay, so I guess it's going to wait a while. Now that we're back to work (teleworking, but still work) I have little time to fiddle other than the weekends, and I'd rather play.
  12. I turned the encounter rate down in Deadly dragons to Default game and I set their difficulty only 40% harder than normal. It works out balance-wise. Plus with the "random level" toned down, the dragons aren't more than a few levels above mine or way below. It's challenging, but with a good weapon (A highly smithed up Dragonguard Katana enchanted with Absorb Health and Fiery Soul Trap) and some poisons, it makes the combat hard but satisfying. As an aside, have they fixed the mod importer for Vortex? The idea of having to go through and uninstall then reinstall all my mods for
  13. It was so hard to find the armors I needed, and build the houses, that I had to craft. And I'm running both Dangerous Dragons and Diverse Dragons
  14. That might be something. I tend to craft my own weapons and armor, so that I can enchant them the way I want and so that I have different sets depending on what I'm doing. Alchemy, Speech and Smithing have all be legendaried at least once, and I'm thinking of popping them again and then resetting my maximums.
  15. Probably. I have the skill uncapper Ordinator patch, which sets the max to 255, though once you hit 155 it stops affecting the actual skill. I've also been hunting dragons for souls. Ah well, I'll fiddle with it.
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