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  1. Fusion core recharger

    Hey, I remember reading somewhere there was a mod that you could run that would allow you to recharge your fusion cores as long as they weren't below 1%. Maybe I'm insane and dreamed it, but does anyone know of something like that? So far I'm out of luck on the Nexus.
  2. Now for the important question: When can we expect the "It's shiny and I want it" shirts?
  3. Script Extenders and the SteamLink

    Well, got it working. And it mostly works. Mouse sensitivity is a bit off, and using a controller isn't as precise, but I got a generic controller instead of a Steam Controller, so maybe I'll try again when I get that. One thing I did notice is that some stuff did not work. So the autosaves were marked as modded. So that means that without loading F4SE and NMM, several mods (Achievements being the most noticeable) either do not work fully or not at all. I did not see a way to run F4SE or NMM through the Steam link, but I only spent 20 minutes with it, so we'll get more work as I go.
  4. F4SE borked for a bit, all (Fallout 4 main file update)

    Update, many mods that require a new version of F4SE appear to be ready to roll.
  5. Would this mod even be possible to make?

    Technically possible. There are mods for Skyrim that make a copy of your character and you can load them as an NPC in a different playthrough. However, you are limited to one of them, no matter how many multi-companion mods you have. It sounds interesting, but after a few runs, might get boring, since if you go in once with a power armor wearing, Fat Man equipped character, you will get hosed the next time. And depending on your other mods, the character may be unplayable. Still, a neat idea.
  6. Weird missing HP bug

    Slight update to this, I used a few food items that give you Endurance boosts. No dice. Pretty much looks like the game is giving me the penalties of Buffout addiction without the benefits. Though, having a base 12 intelligence helps. I was wondering if maybe I could go use the Vault 95 chair and get it cleared, but I don't know if that works for the PC, or only Cait.
  7. F4SE borked for a bit, all (Fallout 4 main file update)

    Well, that was a fast turn-around. Two days and F4SE updated. MCM supposedly updating this weekend, along with a few others. Pretty fast work.
  8. If you hadn't heard, there was an update to the Fallout 4 main file today. Also one for Skyrim Special Edition. Apparently (From a couple of YouTube videos and reading the update log) this will make it so that when the Creation Club updates, it won't change the main executable, like it was originally going to. Creation Club stuff will be in a subfolder. Now, this means that this should be the last time that a Creation club update will kill F4SE/S64SE. But for the next few days (Or however long it takes), script extenders are offline.
  9. Script Extenders and the SteamLink

    I do have a console, but I am talking about using the script extenders with the Steam Link, since I also have all of these on PC, OutandBack. Thanks Chardin112, I got a controller when I ordered (Used my rewards points from my CC, got both for free, effectively.). As for adding the executables, I wasn't sure if that was possible, or if the box was a closed environment that used Big Picture only. I'll look into it the next few days. Thanks.
  10. Okay, got a sweet deal on a SteamLink (And then I had to get a keyboard and mouse because I didn't realize I needed them) and I was wondering if you can use the various script extenders (F4SE, NVSE, SKSE, etc) through the link, or no? Because if all I can play through this is the Portal games, I'm going to be slightly miffed.
  11. Lockable Doors mod

    Thanks everyone, could not find it. This way I can keep those goofballs away from my stuff.
  12. Weird missing HP bug

    Really it boils down to the HP bar, sitting there with a gap, mocking me. I really don't want to go through the entire uninstall/delete/reinstall process. Trying to fix my sleep schedule, so yeah, going to to just live with it.
  13. Lockable Doors mod

    Okay, I know Gopher reviewed a mod that allows you to lock doors. But I cannot find it in the list of mods. Was it a stand-alone mod, or part of a package? Please help, I've had a couple of settlers already try to wander off with my legendary weapons. And they won't stop coming up and using my stuff at all hours of the night.
  14. Weird missing HP bug

    Hmmm, haven't noticed any other bugs yet, other than a few weird graphics errors, but that fixed itself when the update for my Radeon card came through, so haven't had that problem. Looks like I may have a project ahead of me. Will have to make sure I'm naked in an empty zone before I do that. That bunker basement in Sanctuary should work. Haven't played Skyrim in a long while, haven't even started SkyrimSE on the PC (Game on the PS4, but that's just to see if all the vanilla breaks were in there, they are.) Okay, just pulled all my mods, deleted the Data folder, and reloaded. Showing that I have an Endurance penalty and an intelligence bonus. Even did recycle actor. (And yes, I am naked.) No effects, other than the magazines and bobbleheads. So... Shit. Any ideas on how to fix this one, or do I just have a screwed game?
  15. Weird missing HP bug

    Update! Okay, the game is showing me having an Endurance penalty. But not showing any addictions or diseases. And I'm not in survival mode. I've tried taking Buffout and then using recycleactor, no dice. Can't find the cause still. I wonder if the Wasteland Imports mod did something. I took some Fixer because I was out of Addictol, then got some from Carla. Any ideas on how to remove the Endurance penalty? Is there a "removealleffects" command like there was in TES?