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  1. Yeah, Vortex has some problems with some mods. I'm still using Nexus Mod Manager for now. As for the Concealed Armors/Crafting Workbenches, Armorsmith adds most of those in, so that's why he has you pull those.
  2. Oh, also adding Lootable Vault-Tec and Wooden Crates. Helps with the rarer materials in the Vault-Tec crates. I use the Legendary Modifications mod to be able to pull legendary abilities off stuff or craft my own. Snappable Junk Fences is pretty much been in my load order since the start. Manufacturing extended is great. I do use the no floating razorgrain mod, but I don't plant much of it. Longer Power Lines is a very good one. Also, I can't remember the name, but there is one that adds tactical lights to combat helmets, like they're supposed to have. The mod We are the Minutemen adds a backpack, but so do a few other mods. Crimsonrider's DLC ammo mod adds the 45-70 and 7.62 ammo to vendors across the Commonwealth and DLCs after you get to a certain level. CBBE or SevenBase are pretty much the go-to female body mods. I use CBBE. Better Settlers and Don't Call Me Settler are great. Finally Immersive Vendors. I've got several power armor paint mods, some weapon modding mods (Extended Weapon Mods, Expanded Railway Rifle Mods), and a few minor things. Sadly, I don't think the Targeting Fat Man and Berry Mentats Enhanced mod is still out there.
  3. I have to admit, I do not like VIS-G, the original VIS worked fine. Renaming everything with the brand name, the manufacturer and adding the ammo types that aren't correct kind of bothers me. Let my 10mm pistol be a 10mm pistol, not a H&K 10 mm chambered semi-auto pistol (Or whatever it was) Really wish the original VIS was still being updated. I will say, to the original post, if you are using any of the Creation club stuff, the patches for those are great. I would also add to the list AWKCR, Improved Map with Visible Roads, Optimized Vanilla Textures, Where Did I Put That (Labels for all your containers), True Storms, Darker Nights, Better Mod Descriptors, Mod Configuration Menu, 10mm SMG (Adds the 10mm SMGs back into the game), Wattz Laser Gun, BS Defense (So your defense numbers actually MEAN something, and you don't have to go running every time someone attacks), Armorsmith Extended, and West Tek Tactical Optics (Especially needed with Darker Nights)
  4. FMPhoenixHawk

    Best Mod for Survival Mode

    My Survival Mode playthrough with Amber has pretty much gliched out. I had to remove Wasteland Imports AND Survival Options to make it work, and I've updated a few mods (the new VIS-G, updated Dev_UI, etc) and I was looking at restarting a survival playthrough. I would like some limited access to the console and fast travel. But I am not sure if there is a better mode than Survival Options. Therefore, I turn to the community here, is there a different mod that gives me all the stuff that Survival Options does?
  5. Demon Horse! Demon HORSE! DEMON HORSE! Shadowmere best horse.
  6. FMPhoenixHawk

    Refreshing Beverage using Bloodleaf not Blood Pack

    Actually, looked it up on the mod page, they actually did it intentionally, and weakened it.
  7. FMPhoenixHawk

    Weird bug with new game and CC mods

    Nope, it was the "Codsworth not accessing first quest" bug.
  8. FMPhoenixHawk

    Refreshing Beverage using Bloodleaf not Blood Pack

    Update to this! Apparently Wasteland Imports changes the Refreshing Beverage to use Bloodleaf when it moves it over to the cooking station! Ha! Now to ask to mod author to not do that.
  9. FMPhoenixHawk

    Weird bug with new game and CC mods

    EDIT: Never mind. Fixed. Ugh....
  10. FMPhoenixHawk

    Dark face bug, but only with one mod

    Interesting. I've been using the "setnpcweight" command, and it works for most, but I noticed that some of the folks that have the dark face bug have some facial feature or mark. I guess I'm going to have to pull the mod again, and just give up with giving all the people of Skyrim fabulous hair.
  11. I know, I know, I'm asking many questions, but I cannot seem to find the answers. I am using Apachii SkyHair and I like it. In Oldrim, I was able to get it to work on lots of the NPCs as well. So, I went looking for a mod to allow that in SE, and I found a couple. I started with the Apachii Hairs NPC Overhaul, but it appears to generate the dark face bug on a few NPCs. Weirder, when I tried another mod (Apachii haircuts for unique NPCs, which translated a French mod into English) the same thing happened. Strangely, it's not all of them, just a few. I am not really sure what mod it's conflicting with, the only ones I can think of that change NPCs are CBBE or it's normal map addon, maybe one of the magic mods, Cutting Room Floor or maybe the Wet & Cold Fur hoods fix? I'm not sure, but I'm not in a hurry to do an entire teardown and rebuild again.
  12. I keep finding these notes that describe how to make a certain magic item or a particular enchantment, but I cannot find what mod they come from, nor can I tell how they work. I have Forgotten Magic, Apocalypse and Summermyst as my spell mods, and item mods are the Immersive series. I want to say it's Summermyst, but I cannot find anything on the mod's page that explains these. Anyone have any ideas? I haven't seen these pop up in Gopher's playthrough, but he's not doing any enchanting, so maybe he's intentionally avoiding them.
  13. FMPhoenixHawk

    SKYRIM - Special Edition (Ch. 2) #Prelude

    CALLED IT! Mind-taking, baby! Accept no substitute!
  14. FMPhoenixHawk

    Skyrim Special Edition odd Mod Conflict error

    Maybe it's something with Forbidden Magic or Apocalypse spells interacting with each other. Going to have to test that a bit more, but need to find some safe point to test.
  15. Taking all bets, taking all bets, how long until Leonard joins the Dark Brotherhood?