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  1. So looking at the mod list, is Gopher using Morrowloot or Morrowloot Ultimate Edition? I like some of the changes of the Ultimate Edition, but not others. And it appears there's not a configurable MCM for the Ultimate Edition.
  2. FMPhoenixHawk

    Gopher's Road to 4K : True 1440p

    I can see a difference in the videos when I watch on the 4K smart TV. It is the future.
  3. FMPhoenixHawk

    Weird glitch in Glowing Sea

    I'm going into the Glowing Sea, and a couple of the locations (O'Neil Family Manufacturing, Hopesmarch Pentecostal Church, Capsized factory) have a weird block over their entrances, like the cell has an invisible wall. This is the first time this has happened, and it's not come up before. Any ideas on what's causing it?
  4. FMPhoenixHawk

    Dual Weapons use

    Hey, does anyone remember the mod that was supposed to import dual wielding of weapons into Fallout 4? I know there was some reason they couldn't get it to work, but I can't find anything on the Nexus about it. The only ones I can find are for melee and replace your ring/glove slot. Or is this just a limitation that can't be worked around for now.
  5. FMPhoenixHawk

    Refreshing Beverage using Bloodleaf not Blood Pack

    Shit. Okay, I'm kind of at a loss. The only mods I have that modify any kind of crafting are Spring Cleaning, Manufacturing Extended, a couple of clothing overhauls, Wasteland Imports (The mod that brings stuff from FO:NV) and mods to give extra power armor slots. Guess I keep poking.
  6. FMPhoenixHawk

    Refreshing Beverage using Bloodleaf not Blood Pack

    Hmmm, well, don't have any of those. Maybe the wiki is off? Maybe I should boot up the Fallout 4 I have on the PS4 and see... Well, something to work on, along with the weird sound issue with the Splattercannon. Well, any of the homemade rifles in full auto with a compensator...
  7. I was looking at the Wiki page for Refreshing Beverage and it says it used Blood Packs in it's creation, but when I go to make it, it uses bloodleaf. I think a mod is changing it, but I am not sure. The ones I am thinking of are either the Unofficial patch, Armor and Weapons Keywords, Val's Item Sorting, or the Wasteland Imports mod, but for the life of me, I cannot find anything that states it. Anyone have any ideas? I'd like to use my blood packs for something other than stimpacks and glowing blood packs, I have plenty of those.
  8. FMPhoenixHawk

    Mod for making your defense count?

    Hmmm. Ill take a look, see how it works. Thanks. I'll also keep looking for the other one, but the end of filing season is coming, so it's going to be a while...
  9. FMPhoenixHawk

    Mod for making your defense count?

    I think I saw it on either a JuiceHead or Oxhorn video, but I can't remember it. It's frustrating.
  10. FMPhoenixHawk

    Mod for making your defense count?

    I know I saw it on a YouTube video, but I can't find it. There's a mod for Fallout 4 that basically makes your high defenses for settlements count, so that you don't have to go to every settlement every time they're attacked. Anyone remember this one?
  11. FMPhoenixHawk

    Is Gopher real?

    Real, yes, but is he human is the real question.... Maybe he's a synth. Or a Terminator here to lull us into a false sense of security. Probably just a librarian, though.
  12. FMPhoenixHawk

    Tags keep disappearing

    Yeah, I can live with it for now. I can always spend some time and move mods around to see which it is. Ah well, if anyone gets an idea, let me know.
  13. FMPhoenixHawk

    Tags keep disappearing

    ICONSBLU basically adds color versions of the icons for the PipBoy. I've tried removing it, and no luck. It appears the position of VIS in the load order changes this. If I put it where the mod author says, then all my items are tagged properly, but the junk doesn't have alerts on it. If I use LOOT, the junk is tagged, but several items are not marked for sorting. This is kind of weird. If anyone has any ideas, let me know.
  14. FMPhoenixHawk

    Tags keep disappearing

    Okay, this has really bothered me for a bit, my junk tags aren't there when I hover over an item. I've followed Gopher's install instructions for Dev_UI and VIS, and they still aren't there. VIS is the last mod (Other than the VIS compatibility patches after it) so as far as I understand it, junk item tags should be there. Could it be an issue with the ICONSBLU mod (Updated icons for VIS) or some problem with the Gold PipBoy - Color Screen mod? In my last playthrough, it got annoying, but never too bad, as I pretty much grabbed everything and dragged it back to base. But here, with the low strength on this character, I really need to limit my loadout. Any ideas, folks?
  15. FMPhoenixHawk

    Multiple installs of Fallout 4?

    Cool, I will have to look into this. Thanks!