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  1. Is Gopher real?

    Real, yes, but is he human is the real question.... Maybe he's a synth. Or a Terminator here to lull us into a false sense of security. Probably just a librarian, though.
  2. Tags keep disappearing

    Yeah, I can live with it for now. I can always spend some time and move mods around to see which it is. Ah well, if anyone gets an idea, let me know.
  3. Tags keep disappearing

    ICONSBLU basically adds color versions of the icons for the PipBoy. I've tried removing it, and no luck. It appears the position of VIS in the load order changes this. If I put it where the mod author says, then all my items are tagged properly, but the junk doesn't have alerts on it. If I use LOOT, the junk is tagged, but several items are not marked for sorting. This is kind of weird. If anyone has any ideas, let me know.
  4. Tags keep disappearing

    Okay, this has really bothered me for a bit, my junk tags aren't there when I hover over an item. I've followed Gopher's install instructions for Dev_UI and VIS, and they still aren't there. VIS is the last mod (Other than the VIS compatibility patches after it) so as far as I understand it, junk item tags should be there. Could it be an issue with the ICONSBLU mod (Updated icons for VIS) or some problem with the Gold PipBoy - Color Screen mod? In my last playthrough, it got annoying, but never too bad, as I pretty much grabbed everything and dragged it back to base. But here, with the low strength on this character, I really need to limit my loadout. Any ideas, folks?
  5. Multiple installs of Fallout 4?

    Cool, I will have to look into this. Thanks!
  6. Multiple installs of Fallout 4?

    Hey, can you have multiple installs of Fallout 4 on one system? I want to try some of the giant conversion mods (Frost, for example) without having to remove all or many of my mods that might cause a problem with it.
  7. It's the same options as any other doctor. Project Nevada basically made him a cyberware doc without need for books.
  8. 10 MM SMG for FO4?

    It is odd. I did the initial search on Nexus. I wonder if there was some other reason for it not coming up in the search results. Ah well, got it in now.
  9. 10 MM SMG for FO4?

    Weird, it did not come up for me. I set the search parameters to search Fallout 4 mods, typed in 10 mm SMG, and got some Russian mod with little overall downloads.
  10. 10 MM SMG for FO4?

    Hey, are there any mods that add the classic 10mm SMG to Fallout 4? I know there are mods that allow you to turn the 10 MM pistol into a rifle (I have that) and that allow you to change the ammo type for the SMG/Tommy Gun (I have that as well), but neither of those really works. Only one I can find is in Russian and really not well endorsed. (I searched 10MM SMG on Nexus under Fallout 4.)
  11. The Elder Scrolls 6 NOW or RIOT!

    Fallout Expanded? Que es esto?
  12. The Elder Scrolls 6 NOW or RIOT!

    I suspect it is related to ESO, so they can pump that for as much cash as possible.
  13. How many of you still play Skyrim?

    Still play Skyrim. In fact, was playing Special Edition on the PS4 for a bit, got to mid 170s before I dropped to play FF XII The Zodiac Age. I will go back, and play on PC some time in the future, when there's a bit more mod support for Special Edition. Or maybe go back and play the OG Skyrim.
  14. Fusion core recharger

    Hey, I remember reading somewhere there was a mod that you could run that would allow you to recharge your fusion cores as long as they weren't below 1%. Maybe I'm insane and dreamed it, but does anyone know of something like that? So far I'm out of luck on the Nexus.
  15. Now for the important question: When can we expect the "It's shiny and I want it" shirts?