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  1. CodenameSection

    Potato Chronicles III: The Revenge of Smexy

    Welcome back to the Forum again Smexy, hope you stay a bit longer this time. ;)
  2. CodenameSection


    Someone had to do it, so lets get this over with right?
  3. CodenameSection

    The Minions sing scientist salarian(warning: you may die)

    What have I done to deserve this kind of treatment?
  4. CodenameSection

    Delta and Nebbie singing onstream

    It was so beautiful, best 47 seconds of my life........ ;(
  5. CodenameSection

    Orangejuicegod streams

    My vote goes out for The Wolf Among Us, its probably the best interactive story from Telltale and definetly worth showing.
  6. CodenameSection

    Hello Here is Tits&Boobs

    Welcome to the Forum Tits&Boobs, I feel like asking where your Username comes from because I'm sure that there is a colorful explanation for it?
  7. CodenameSection

    Movie night

    Well to be honest Prometheus itself was a solid movie but in my opinion it didnt fit well into the Alien universe because of how advanced the technology in Prometheus(which took place in 2089) was compared to the one in the Alien movies(the first one was set in the year 2122). A good example is when you compare the cockpit of the USCSS Prometheus(left) to the one from the USCSS Nostromo(right and the details are a bit hard to see but I think you'll get the idea). As for Aliens: Colonial Marines, its a video game made by Gearbox from 2013 whose story took place between Aliens and Alien³. The gameplay was fairly bad and the story conflicted with a lot of stuff that happened in the second movie which is the reason a lot of fans really disliked the game.
  8. CodenameSection

    Movie night

    Alien (1979) is the first movie directed by Ridley Scott, Aliens (1986) is the sequel by James Cameron and there is Alien³ from 1992 directed by David Fincher (hope I got it all right ). There is also the fourth movie "Alien Resurrection" but a lot of fans pretend that this one never happened as they do with the AvP movies, Prometheus and Colonial Marines .
  9. CodenameSection

    Movie night

    I'd totally love to watch Alien with or without the sequel again for reasons that I probably dont need to mention. :D
  10. CodenameSection

    The Potato Strikes Back

    Greetings Smexy Potato and welcome to the new Forum! gopherVaultStiv
  11. CodenameSection

    Howdy Folks !

    Greetings Broose and welcome to the new Forum!
  12. CodenameSection

    Not a streamer

    Oh look our friendly neighborhood troll has arrived, great so see you here NaS and enjoy your stay! gopherVaultStiv
  13. CodenameSection

    The Super Official Official XCOM Grief Counseling Thread

    Well, Newfoundland went just as good as I expected but atleast it wasn't a squadwipe. :(
  14. CodenameSection

    The Best Bits

    Going to add my favorite moment from Gophers Shadow of Chernobyl playthrough, where at the end of Part 21 (or in the prologue of Part 22) he demonsrates us his Thu'um after stepping on a hidden landmine: