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  1. OK so the premise is that map art is fun but initial set up is a hug grind. Clearing a 128x128 space or building one. Gathering the resources to make the design. So I have started to make a public map art station. It is at 1900-13700 roughly. If you take the nether slipstream north then take the far north nether slipstream till it turns east you will see an exit with end rods lighting it there is a portal to the map art pads there. I am making 6 pads to start with 2 are in place but still need lighting and amenities. The first pad currently still has the Stiv art on it needs to be removed. So my plan is to have different colored back grounds for each pad. I have the polished diorite finished. I am gathering obsidian now. I would like one of unbaked clay one of grass and one of snow. It takes 5 double chests to fill in one pad. So if you like this idea and have any of those resources to donate it would be helpful. Also any dyes, any dyed glass or hardened clay. End rods will be used to light the pads I have many but more wont hurt. I have iron and redstone for compasses and plenty of sugar cane growing for paper. You can leave any donations in the MoT mailbox at spawn. The idea is to have enough supplies for several people to make map art at the same time if they would like. I will be supplying silk touch picks for removal as well. Each pad will have a house with chests of supplies and a tower to view the art from. If you have any ideas or would like to help set this up feel free to join in. I will claim each pad to protect from creepers and give build permission to the player requesting the pad.
  2. My friend just gave me the Witcher3 so I may be around Minionland a tad less :) 

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      I can't think of a better reason :).  Have fun!

  3. Congratulations on finishing your schooling and welcome back. I look forward to seeing you around more
  4. I got stickers! Is it wrong that I am this excited about stickers at my age?

    If it's wrong then I don't want to be right ;P


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      Not at all, Shawn.  As someone said, it's the small things that make life enjoyable. :D

  5. They are here! Yay me! No t-shirt yet but these should tide me over
  6. As a generals rule you need to get permission before taking over someones existing build. Hopefully this gets sorted out for you. Ive seen shadowfury's name on a couple builds near my place as well. I think this is just a case of not understanding the rules. Like Boom said file the redmine ticket and I would suggest you send mail to shadowfury on the server. /mail send (name) Who knows he might just be an agreeable and friendly minion its been known to happen. It was good to see you come back and hopefully we will be seeing you in Minionland more once this gets fixed.
  7. yeah as a stand alone phrase in this day and age no. however with the picture of jack holding his shotgun like in the thumbnail it should work fine Jack picture on the front phrase on the back or phrase at top and bottom and picture in the middle. I really want this as a shirt.
  8. Everyone is welcome at Shovelot! So no worries there. I will go now and check it out. LOL Amazing well done sir. On a side note and I am sure it is purely coincidence my name is Shawn just like that sheep. ;P OK I added signs at the Shovelot portal and along the road directing the hoards to the museum.
  9. @jeancly wow ain't you fancy cleaning your clothes every week. Sometimes i go for months witnout........oh you said weak......never mind ;P
  10. well not reallly. Their job is to make sure the server is running as efficiently as possible. And to step in when there are problems. Which they do brilliantly. Design choices are up to the players. If you have an idea on how to improve the roads and signs then you either do it or you get a group of players to help you do it. As to the claims in the way thats when the admins come in. You just file a redmine ticket let them know the coords and the reason you need access and they will come in and help. I helped with the slipstream and on occasion we run into claim issues the staff is superb at responding to these requests. The roads are a mess but nothing we can't sort out if we have the will to make the changes.
  11. Got a t-shirt coming for me and a couple stickers for my computer. Yay but I am only going to wear the t-shirt on days Gopher uploads video's.....maybe I should have got 2.
  12. Welcome to the forums hope to see you around.
  13. This guy get's it. The picture are using Chocopict lite shaders except for one which has no shaders. Pictures are great but you really need to go to Daalio's island to see it
  14. @Vault Memories sorry mate I thought your spider senses would go off when some said Banner Hall here ;P
  15. I hear wild stories of a small place Magasai built completely unconfirmed of course ;P Kidding aside Daalios Island and Mmmowmans cathedral. The Pyramid Atheo's Wrath built. SteelGear's Tower. Ebonheart is a much overlooked build imo by Liggg111 and crew. This list goes on and on and on every time westart listing sites I am reminded how much there is to see in Minionland so I will stop after these farms. Ovagi's Iron Farm is a must on the list but adding WarlordAldons 3x spiderspawner could be helpful. The Wither Pads should be included too.
  16. So item frames, banners, signs are all entities right what else counts?
  17. @OutandBack this thread should be closed. The matter was resolved. I do not think anything constructive can be added.
  18. I also suggested the abandoned aircraft (x 399 / z 77) carrier currently owned by @All_Of_My_Nope. Although I am not sure even that area is large enough to contain it. It is not far from xroads center and right next to the Cake Plaza. If you look at web map you can see how small the Banner Hall is tho so it would have to be an improvement. I fully agree that the Banner Hall is part of the heritage and think the building itself with a few banners and directions to a new location is the way to go. The issue here is the fps lag it causes. If people do not go to xroads at all because of it then its not just the Banner Hall they don't see. This affect every build in the vicinity and the server as a whole. The current status is it's up to us to convince Vault to fix it or even identify it as a source. @Jeancly built the World tree and as the fps complaints mounted took steps to try to lessen it. The approach should be use here as well. Yes its a historical site but it is also historical fps killer. So far nothing has even been tried to remedy the problem. Rodzyn has closed the redmine ticket citing the response to the gold farm. So I am pretty sure that wraps it up sadly. I guess its a non issue we should continue to work around if we feel like or avoid crossroads entirely if we don't.
  19. At the bottom of the page you can find tabs for Administrators, Moderator, Staff, Retired Staff. These are the amazing folks that have made this possible. While they are incredibly busy I have no doubt that any questions you ask them will get a reply. Either direct message them or use the @ symbol in front of their name to get their attention like jeancly did with Quarico's name.
  20. Exactly my thought when i filed the redmine ticket. I figured the admins could easily go in and remove the banners see if thats the problem if it is then we move ahead with solutions. If it isnt they can easily replace the banners no harm done.
  21. Welcome to the forums @Multigk good to see you made it. It works just like this
  22. Thanks Rod my apologies for adding to the drama. This server can make you crazy sometimes ;P
  23. @Tirius yeah thats another draw back of the slipstream idea. I too never have a problem going to xroads and i do nearly every time i am on. Which is very often Still several people have directly said they no longer go because of the fps there. That kills me because i really feel its the heart of the server.
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