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  1. Claim blocks are easy to get. Just ask an admin or better yet file a redmine ticket ( https://redmine.gophersvids.com/projects/minionland ) for those of you who do not have a redmine account. Desserts are plentiful all over and the vast majority of them are completely untouched beyond the temples having been raided. Atheo'sWrath made a very long road that more or less starts near the throne room. If you trace it on the dyna map you will no doubt find a suitable space with the added benefit of a road already connected.
  2. This is a design element that I actually have an opinion on so I shall share it. Slow and stop blocks on any slipstream are simply annoying and counterproductive. The purpose of a slipstream is to travel large distances in a short amount of time. Any slow/stop block reduces the effectiveness of the slipstream. They benefit only the player who wishes to stop there while annoying everyone who wishes to travel through. It is a small issue until you start calculating the stops. For a practical demonstration of this I suggest you travel to the Map Art pads I have been constructing. Take the north slipstream, all is well you zip to the end of it in no time. Then you leave your boat and go up the stairs to the far north slipstream you take off and are cruising when you come to a near complete stop you get past those and then another...and then another. Once you pass these you fly along till you hit the end where it turns east. Three exits all with slow blocks and then you look at how many exits there could be say on the south line for instance and very quickly you end up with a means of travel that is little better than just riding your horse. As to the exits and turning I suggest you take a ride down the west overworld slipstream. Where a player, who's name escapes me, has built a nice curving exit as opposed to the standard t or cross lines that are the norm. But please say no to slow down blocks.
  3. As I said earlier if you live in a tree you could be a squirrel or you could be nuts.
  4. no its just one of the buildings on his build. But having it all dark creates the mobs and because its claimed your only light is with your torch if you have optifine that is. Otherwise you would need to have see in the dark potions for people.
  5. Yeah its cool and all but really can you honestly say this is a more satisfying way to spend your time than building the planet express ;P
  6. lol sorry i was just trying to say that a dungeon doesnt need spawners if you take the lights out
  7. If you go out to 4656 / -848 klink has his build the big circle like area. He has removed all lights inside and it is quite terrifying to run around in, spawns everywhere. Take a torch in your off hand and be careful. Or just ask him to show you around when you see him he is pretty active. And I agree about the pvp arenas its all just flat having terrain and obstacles would be cool.
  8. OK first off we have sooooo many common places why not make an uncommon place ;p haha and away we go. So I am all for this and I suggest an events space. Sosinchin built a horse track and held a race and that was great fun. But we need a dedicated space with event held regularly. Many months ago I hosted a dirt house contest and while there where only three entries it was still a fun event. Having a large space for these type of things would be a great idea. So space to build whatever we need for the event. Including space for building events. Ubberblox invited me to a server that has quick build challenges where the teams of two players all have the same topic and then they have a time limit to build them. This type of idea would be harder in survival mode but surely we could come up with something of the sort. I think the main thing with an idea of this sort is regular invites to scheduled events. Even if its just a trivia night where we all hang out while someone throws out trivia in chat.
  9. Resurrected Minion? When did I die? hehe I am guessing that it is just one more badge on my way to Shovel bearer.  

    1. Merp17


      You were sacrificed by the Dark Lord at your 400th post and you were resurrected at post 500. Just recently you became a Awesome Resurrected Minion at Community rep 750.

  10. OK lets have fun! heheheh Minionland has everything you could ever want or need. A giant shovel with a portal in the handle... yep we got it. But it doesnt matter we should have a hundred giant shovels! or trading posts. The idea is to have fun building them that is the whole point of the game. For you newer players who havent met ThatGuyBoom you should say hi and chat with him. He was around in the way back and helped build a community then he decided to build a new community and so he did. Both times the place was jumping. Players in and out all over building. Then he took a break and ghostly those towns went. But he came back with a vengeance and started Boom caverns! And the place was crazy with activity and excitement.....and then it reached a point when it just went quiet. But Boom came back and took up his second community again Portside and the place came alive! I bring this up because the main point is it is the act of building these places that is the draw not the place itself. When your place is done and the majority have seen it it will fall silent. Even the Worldtree which was and is amazing has fewer and fewer people visiting and now we hardly talk about it. The newer players dont hear about it and the older players are off with whatever new project they are on. Magasai has built the definitive trading spot but if you join the server and never ask where it is most likely no one will tell you out of the blue. I love that you guys are back and infusing the server with new ideas and builds. You should build a new and improved everything. And keep inviting us all to join in thats the whole point. As a practical note when choosing your new location connect to the slipstream. Portals in the nether are faster but having multiple ways to access the spot is always a good idea
  11. I think you are right. Also don't get to discouraged about the forums people have a range of opinions and usually it solves nothing but rarely is ill intent involved
  12. The original purpose of revitalizing the crossroads was to get more traffic in the area. As the meeting place it once was. We began by gaining access to the inn which we updated and made sure had plenty of supplies. For a time the inn was redecorated for the holidays however PsychoTeddyNesa was the main person behind this and she has been absent for a month or two now. Second thing that was done was to build the servers first gold farm. This brought in a few people for a short time. Unless you have a large project for gold or are a breeder there is little reason to use a gold farm. The gold farm had little use even before Magasai opened his. Third a few of us were going to make an amusement park on the mountain now owned by Ambrawr. The idea again was a place that would draw crowds a place to meet with something to actually do. This idea was moved to where it sits unfinished today. Between Non's place and the cake plaza. I feel your pain friend Ive reached the same place it just took a couple months longer. ReizoIcefield has suggested a large new theme park and there is a thread here about it Theme Park 2.0 or just simply a reboot.. This would serve the purpose of creating a place for people to come together. As to the issue of new players for the most part from what I have seen and participated in each one is greeted by those online. Generally the greeting is accompanied by an offer for help. The nether highway entrance is at spawn as is the slipstream. It is fairly easy for a new player to use either to quickly find free land to build upon. The server as has been noted is almost a year old it would be unreasonable for a new player to start and think there is land close to spawn. The chests at spawn are restocked near daily with food and other helpful items. Pajoonks bakery has food for new players as well if they take the time to read the signs at spawn as does the inn at crossroads. My point is that it is fairly easy not to die of starvation. If you just say "Hi where can I get food" most likely someone will appear and give you some. While it can be frustrating trying to learn your way out of the maze of builds when you first log on it is pretty safe to do so. Better signs could help so too a guide book but both require the player to use them. I suggest a set of rules posted not at spawn but in the hub. The area you land in before entering Minionland. 1. Say Hello 2. Find and jump from the lava tower 3. Find land and build on it ....... This sort of thing or perhaps a sign directing them to the forum here to read the actual rules.
  13. OK i shall run over there right now and name them shovel road spade lane and post hole digger way ;P
  14. I have been active in trying to improve or change the crossroads for quite some time. The plot I gave to Godaishu for the gold farm and his house directly across from it have been given to me. Yet I have not touched either. I also have permission at the inn at crossroads but have not even bothered to remove the easter decorations. I have come to the position that most people rarely go the crossroads and even new players are not directed there for any reason. While it was the focal point of the server in the first month or so it has long since stopped being so. Many players refuse to even go there because of the fps drops/lag involved. Improving the roads is not a terrible idea but what is the goal here? The majority of players who built around the xroads no longer play but does that mean we should remove the builds the did? _Non_ formerly Nonsense has a large plot at the crossroads he is still active yet he almost never goes there. It is the nature of the game you build something and spend large amounts of time there but eventually it is finished and you move somewhere else to build. As to the theme park @All_Of_My_Nope and several others of us were building one near the crossroads. It is the unfinished mountain next to the cake plaza (The statue holding the cake with mob heads as the floor) My point here is that there are many abandoned builds on the server but until there is no more space to build we should just leave them. Perfect example would be Naf-Naf's place it is never brought up. It has the first traders on the server and is very close to spawn half the distance or less than crossroads. Yet no one is asking to build there. I cant remember seeing Naf-Naf online since the server opened other than to escort Gopher about on tour. Even the roads at crossroads are fine being left alone the majority of active players use other means to travel. Chiefly elytra flight or the nether highway. At this point I say we just enshrine the entire area of crossroads as a museum of Minionlands past and move on to active builds.
  15. Was the dark theme removed? Or am I just being really unobservant?


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      Forum "upgrades". Gotta love 'em. ;)

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      I'm sure 3ventic is working on it. It'll probably take some time though.

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      Aye. No offense intended towards 3ventic or anything at all. I've just never seen forum upgrades go 'smoothly'. Stuff always breaks, resulting in missing features and headaches for everyone (both those trying to fix them, and those no longer able to use them).

  16. Nice one of the sets could be something like Magasai's Z-Blackblue and I dont know maybe Shovelot Representing the east nether highway. Although Larry's farm instead of Shovelot might be better. Ovagi's Iron machine and the wither pads should also figure into the game board as well. Great idea can't wait to see how it turns out. Perhaps add the actual in game board into the theme park Reizo-Icefield proposed.
  17. Indeed welcome back. So good to have people return. In the last week or so I have actually seen someone comeback comment on what a ghost town it was and the say well I am off to find another server. This baffles me. The reason numbers are low is obvious people are not playing. If you go elsewhere this does not fix the server numbers it hurts them. Burnout is real and by no means should you live on the server as I have. Still coming around occasionally even to just look at the builds others have made in your absence is what brings the numbers up. I am glad that a group has come back and am very excited to see what you build. I hope you all can regulate your play time so that burnout does not occur so quickly. ( OK I think I have gone a little off with this whole comment) To sum up Yay! you are back good to see you
  18. UPDATE The actual pads are complete. I am now building storage and viewing towers for each one. Next will be to stock them with the glass panes needed. Thanks to everyone who has thrown resources my way.
  19. Hi Grogstache love how you greet us when responding first time i have seen that here SSD yes the speed difference is pretty noticeable. As to never having built a PC I have built the one I am on and I am techless and relatively stupid. Meaning the technology has advanced to compensate. It is pretty straight forward now and simple. Watch a couple build videos on YouTube and you will see this. I found it to be only a minor stress and quite fun. Nice to have a machine you actually put parts into yourself.
  20. I have no idea But worth looking into without a doubt. Case, MoBo , CPU and memory in place would make for a much cheaper build if possible. Keep us informed I would love to see what it becomes if anything.
  21. If you haven't already I suggest you go to PCPartpicker ( https://pcpartpicker.com/ ) They have a great tool for building computers which can tell you if the parts are compatible and also notify you of price drops. Good SSD's improve the overall experience quite a bit so don't overlook those. You can do the dual SSD for boot and mechanical drive for storage since SSD's are still pretty expensive. If your goal is 4k gaming then choosing an appropriate monitor can not be left out of the budget. Pointless to have a 4k gaming rig if you can't get a monitior worthy of it. Sorry I can't help with more specific parts list but good luck with your build and make sure you share the final product with us
  22. Happy Birthday Bunyansaxe1943 somehow I thought you were much older :) 

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      tmw I didn't realize my birthday was public lol, Thanks man! :confetti:

  23. This is an ad from 1998 that has stuck with me. I saw it in an issue of Rolling Stone that year and actually laughed out loud. I showed it to my girlfriend at the time but she didn't see the humor I had to explain it. I will not be explaining it again http://imgur.com/a/eXN0J
  24. This was about 1000 times better than the actual movie
  25. Well I guess thank you Disney is in order for extending copyright out to absurd lengths. 55 years after the song came out seriously. Plus the add had very little of the content claimed to offend in it. Ah well what can you do where ever there's a buck to be made there will be lawyers and lawsuits.
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