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  1. I like the cake posted on discord. Sanamia and NT have created a three teir cake that looks quite nice . Ive gathered the resources and it should be complete tommorow. I guess at that point we can all decide if its right ;P Still not sure about the candle situation if you have ideas feel free to come join us in the building.
  2. Shovel! oh wait no I dont think I built any giant shovels in front of a sauna. I will get right on it ;P
  3. DomRetana has a Fallout themed land. He has a Red Rocket Station , the Mass Fusion Building a SuperDuper Mart and a Vault so plenty of Fallout just by visiting his build. My mind is in dull morning mode so I will have to get back to you on an actual achievement.
  4. Well we could have a Honor the Dark Lord one where you remove a magma nerd pole ;P As to the whether or not new people would go through it all I would say alot of players do not go through the achievements now. It is an optional thing and I would absolutely attempt to get every new achievement.
  5. I hope this becomes a reality upon update. Its a great idea. 1. Mimic The Dark Lord 2. Build a nerd pole of magma blocks to the sky box 3. Magma Block
  6. @jeancly here is the answer by automatically downloading shit onto my computer. I am now antagonized. I have no problem with the creation club existing if Bethesda wants to try and make money off of gullible people I say feel free. But adding the creation club to my game... the game I paid for is total B.S. This is not part of the game it is a store front to try and sell things. If I wanted to visit the store I would seek it out and find it. They have no business adding it to my game. The fact they added files onto my system IN CASE I purchase something is even more galling. I asked for help on the other rant thread and I will ask again here. How do I disable updates completely for FO4? Steam seems to have no option for this the best I could do was limit updates to when I launch. However I do not want updates ever. If there is no way to disable this non sense then I guess I simply have to uninstall the game. I have played some 400 plus hours so I suppose I got my monies worth still perhaps I am just old fashioned but when I buy something I consider it to be mine not the company that made it.
  7. OK so I am a big supporter of opting in instead of opting out. I never ask for the creation club and I would prefer it was not forced into a game I purchased. Now I find out that they have downloaded files onto my system for things I will never use and do not want. Well being a reasonable person I took a deep breath and went off to Steam to disable downloads only to find out that there is no option for that. Um could someone please help me here. I switched it to update only when I launch but I would kind of like to actually play the game I bought. And I do not want any updates from this moment on. If you know how to do this please let me know before my head explodes.
  8. in terms of business YouTube is still a new variable that companies still do not fully understand. This is clear when you see pre roll ads that are longer than the video you want to watch. This is something I dont understand why would this be antagonistic? Are they trying to shut down the nexus? PC players can basically ignore this completely right. I am not sure how the xbox system works but it seems it should be fine to go about modding as they do currently while ignoring this as well. Honestly the modding community needs something like this. The current model works and should remain but some of the creators have advanced beyond simple enthusiast mods. These modders need the next tier where they can be paid for the work they do. But I agree if someone wants to set up a paid for mods site the first step is to consult the actual modders.
  9. I do not believe this move is targeting PC players or the mod community as a whole. I think they see a huge untapped market with console players. People especially younger people who have gotten used to buying things in game. I think they are counting on these people to pay for mods the same way they have payed for mircro transactions and loot boxes. If they are smart they will say hey at least you get what you pay for unlike the loot box system This is the business major mind set at work. They will never stop trying to squeeze every dime from the gullible.
  10. @ER78A OK great question the one Ive been wrestling with. Short answer yes you can remove it. In fact the idea was reusable map art pads so you are supposed to remove it. Longer answer there is risk of map art being updated. However if you make the map and hang it in your base make copies it should be fine..BUT if one of the copies ends up back at the map art pad and is activated there it will update and I believe so will the copies(not quite sure of the copies). So as long as once its done you never bring the map back to the pads it will be fine. I have tested changing the Stiv pad and then moving the maps around at my base they do not update. But when i tested at the pads taking the map out of the frame and trying to replace it it updated. It seems the proximity to the actual grid of the map is important and the pads are nearly at the northern border very little chance of accidental updating.
  11. Finally the pads are complete and open for business! All towers are done and stocked. BumperHumper was our first customer. Showed up today while I was finishing the glass and within an hour or so finished his art. Success! If you have an idea for art it is has never been easier to achieve. Let me know if you want permission for a pad. I'm online everyday at some point. Feel free to leave me mail if I'm not. I will try and give permission granting authority to others as well. Also any admin can give you build permission if they are around and I am not.
  12. Start at around 8:05 listen to about 8:13. The gist was there is a warning from YouTube that if your videos do not get 1000 views in a week they wont even look at it. Which means the majority of his previous content is simply not even review-able. This is a huge blow to someone who has so much content. All of his older video that may get 50 to 100 views in a week generate no revenue. This was the reason I suggest that many people ask YouTube to actually look into this decision and possibly reverse it.
  13. And here again http://imgur.com/a/sI4Sb Scroll to the very bottom of the YouTube screen and you will find it there.
  14. http://imgur.com/a/sI4Sb OK couldn't figure out screen shots so I went the round about way Anyway the Send Feedback is located at the very bottom of the page when on YouTube.
  15. This is in regards to the Adpocalypse video. I think we as Gopher's supporters should petition YouTube on his behalf. I left a comment under the video both here and on YouTube. Why I started this separate thread is to gauge community support for this idea. Many people may miss the the comments under the video having watched it on YouTube. Also if this is an idea you support perhaps you could submit a short "complaint" that can be copy and pasted into the YouTube Feedback form. I think if we make it relatively simple for subscribers to ask YouTube to review Gopher's channel and reverse the demonetization we could have a positive effect on this situation. "Please review Gopher's channel. He is the definition of professional and ad friendly. A serious mistake has been made" this is the message I suggested we send but some inclusion of the actual chanel names would be helpful. Thank you for your consideration of this topic
  16. OK so I left a comment on YouTube I will leave it here too. So Gopher says here that most of his videos will not qualify because of low view count. If you scroll to the very bottom of this page you will find in small writing "Send Feedback" click on it and send them a simple message "Please review Gopher's channel. He is the definition of professional and ad friendly. A serious mistake has been made" If only ten percent of his subscribers were to do this it would definitely get noticed. We the community need to address this with YouTube not just feel bad for Gopher. If someone could write a nice comment along the lines I suggested but more polished that could help. Something that can easily be copy and pasted into the YouTube Feedback box. Step two leave it in the Youtube comments on each new video. I said ten percent but honestly if they get this type of message 10 thousand times someone will notice it. If we can activate 10 percent of the subscribers or more it will get fixed even quicker.
  17. The Shovelot Consortium of Unfinished Projects (SCOUP) finds it painfully obvious that all this tension is merely misplaced shovel envy. As the head of the consortium and by the power vested in me by no one in particular I hereby grant you all leave to build your own giant shovels. NAY! better yet South build a shovel for west...west for north and north for south. Then you may all come to the east in harmony and build another mighty shovel of freedom. Thus averting strife in Minionland.
  18. 30 minutes for lunch and two 5 minute breaks union rules no way around it ;P
  19. Today I made it to 100 days played in Minionland. I regret not one day of it. Who knows maybe I'll reach 200 I have no plans of stopping http://imgur.com/a/BMGEc Here's the screenshot of my stats page. Second item on the list.
  20. Yeah it was mine. Lately I'm forgetting shulkers all over the place. Luckily the Minions are awesome so my carelessness hasn't cost me anything.
  21. I think that is over stated. While ice spike biomes are not as common as desserts there are still several on the server. The majority have not even begun to be harvested. While the one around Ovagi's place has certainly been diminished it is still far from depleted. If you use the dyna map and scroll about it is pretty easy to find them.
  22. I am talking overworld slipstream. For the nether a little math is involved or you can start at the end of the east nether line. Retrocleric built that out to the overworld border but inside the nether I think its another 7 or 8 thousand to the actual border. Not exactly sure Ive never been to the the nether border.
  23. Soartex Fanver . I have shader packs which are game changers but for the practicality of game play I find them to be distracting.
  24. So there we were on a quiet August day just mining and crafting and minding our own business. When all of a sudden in swoops a massive spaceship an hovers inches from the top of our Dark Lords tower! The alarm was sounded and every able body minion raced to defend the sacred sight. Alas we were to late but valiantly we raced to the top of the tower. And oh the carnage chickens everywhere. We fought bravely but were greatly outnumbered and eventually we were thrown from the top by these...foul creatures! It was a grim day to be sure but in the end I think its safe to say we did our best and can not be held responsible for this invasion. http://imgur.com/a/uGaau
  25. Update of slipstream construction: I have begun the outter ring. This as the name suggest is a line that will follow the current border all the way around Minionland.( In retrospect I should have begun a 5k slipstream then a 10 and finished with the outter ring but I didnt so ::shrug:: ;P) I started at the end of the west line and turned north. This line is complete to 14700 roughly having run into a claim. I am currently on the north border heading east about 2k done so far. Now anyone who can do math will see right away we are talking about a total of 120k distance. I will finish it but help is always welcome. Using the shimmering force field of border as a guide anyone can align themself correctly. The tunnels are 3 wide and 4 high starting at y 11. You do not need do a full tunnel. A single spaced tunnel for any distance will help this is a great way to get minerals and resources. Any blocks I do not need to remove is a help. Also feel free to leave a sign with your name on it if you participate in this madness.
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