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  1. Nope nothing at all. I found Luccas Simms in my second lunch box so I had him exploring and everyone is pretty well armed. I have no idea what happened it has to be a glitch it was the vaults third day. Oh well I soilder on can't let the dwellers see the overseer rattled. stiff upper lip and all that
  2. I would so be into playing but my Bic Round Stic Grip Ball just died (its ok it was a total potato) I'm saving up for a new Montblac Meisterstuck Classique Rollerball.
  3. Ok I thought I had seen it all with this game but I was wrong. So 28 dwellers in my new vault...I just completed have 6 females pregnant and raise 6 dwellers to 100%. I had full power,water and food. I come back 5 hours later to a 99% happiness and all resources still in the green. My daily rating pops up and gives me an F with 0 caps of course. So I guess there really is too much of a good thing at least in the Fallout Shelter universe.
  4. It has been too long since I played to give you specifics but I can say if your finding 1 to be hard your goings to LOVE part two lol good luck and enjoy.
  5. Thank you everyone who has put in all the effort to make this site what it is. Well done thank you thank you thank you. now back to work this thing isnt going to maintain itself
  6. I dig that helmet lets hope it gets added into a mod
  7. My vote is to change to this. Stiv while impressive is only a part of the Gopher universe. But a gopher wearing a Stiv helmet is epic.
  8. I haven't had any problems of course my visits to the nexus have become far more infrequent lately. Perhaps its a timing issue... peak time lots of traffic. Hope you sort it out.
  9. Three day weekend. Wooo Hooo :)


    1. JHORDEE


      0 day weekend. Wee....

    2. ShawnBoucher
    3. JHORDEE


      No prob, after I worked till this Friday I've got a weekend as well! :D

  10. Well then I'll stick with youtube. I want to support him as much as possible even that tiny fraction is better than none right.
  11. Thanks also trying to build a system to run this now I know what I should be shooting for.
  12. I like the staircase on the out side. Since after its done you will probably never use it its nice to see that you could
  13. wow. I have no idea how much work it took to put this together but very impressive.
  14. Was Bayasal playing table tennis by himself or swatting flies?
  15. A computer that can actually run it Tranquilizers for the dogs Airline ticket to Paris for the wife Doctors note excusing me from work for 2 months
  16. I quite liked this DLC Gopher's position on it is quite understandable for anyone of this age. But the courier is not from this age. In a world where super mutants, cazadores and deathclaws exist and humans are still the most deadly creature of all.. it is less understandable. Killing is second nature to the courier he kill's for self defense surely but also if someone insults him (the fiend at the entrance to vault 3 comes to mind). Surely that type of life in an extremely harsh environment has an effect on a person and it would seem likely that effect wouldn't be positive. At any rate I found the play of this enjoyable if a bit linear.
  17. Groggy and aching in need of coffee. I must be getting too old for graveyard shift I'm just not adjusting the way I used to. Well at least theres a new video ready and the rain has stopped. What a beautiful day.

    1. Chibihelghast


      Working swing myself, but I get free coffee. Tough it up you can do it!

  18. Hey everyone It is a pleasure to be here. Thank you everyone who has had a hand in making this site a reality. I am a relatively new fan and follower of Gopher. Mostly on YouTube and a little on Twitch. I believe I found him in Nov. 2013 when he taught me to mod. Those of you who read YouTube comments probably know me as that shovel guy.(stop groaning) Any way its nice to be here and if I have nothing to add well at least the shovels will have a voice
  19. Does anyone know why my hotmail account wont work for this site? Not a huge problem I am just curious. My wife's email works and I set up a gmail acct. that obviously works but for some reason I could not get past the email confirmation with my hotmail acct. What am I missing and is it something I should have known. Ok this should have been posted under web questions and support most likely Someday I may learn to read before I type.
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