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  1. @Moren my pleasure . As to how its possible you just need to build in miniature behind a glass wall. Of course there is alot of space down there you could build in full scale if you like I havent really worked out the logistics of it just a random idea I thought Id throw out there.
  2. Podcasts or music helps with the grind But seriously as to the overworld slipstream I am currently working on the outter ring. 3 wide 4 tall tunnel that runs along the border. I am north heading east I have about 2 thousand meters to the east border then i will head south. Atheos Wrath has been digging on the western border heading south. If you just want to help digging you just need to go to the border and start where ever we left off. Ice is always needed there are a few ice farms you can use to gather it from. One of the projects that is currently on hold is exits every 1000 blocks to do this head down the slipstream and stop ever 1000 blocks dig a staircase to the surface. I am not sure where Krikkee has left off in the nether but Im sure he can use help with it.
  3. OK the title was just a quick rhyme no real drama here. As many of you know I help dig the slipstream in Minionland and am currently working on the outter ring. I was thinking it might be fun to have people randomly place dioramas in the walls. Like you find in museums behind glass walls. Maybe even leave signs with the explanation/history behind the diorama. If you have an idea for such a scene feel free to pop down into the slipstream find an unclaimed section hollow out a space and build it. Just fun little easter eggs for anyone who uses the slipstream.
  4. Hey Dom I suggest you ask Muetdhiver for a tour of his place and surrounding area builds. He has been very active since the start of the server but is pretty quiet in chat. Next time you see him on see if he will show you about.
  5. you just need to go out to the new lands ill check in a murder a few herds for you
  6. This is the problem. Why is it that someone can sell the same thing endlessly while claiming that the thing that sold does not belong to the person they sold it to? Artist X makes art. They sell the art make a tidy sum and then continue to sell the same art endlessly. Name any other item that you buy but are not allowed to sell rent or lend. It is yours once you buy it. The architect that creates buildings does not make revenue from each time the property is sold or from each rent check. Car companies do not get royalties from Avis or Enterprise when they rent cars. Unlike these examples media has no shelf life music written 500 years ago can still be played today. It is a complex issue owning an idea. Luckily I have little complexity.
  7. Here's the one Barry was trying to remember
  8. For those of you who really wanted to see the whole thing.
  9. Here in lies the problem with media/art as a commodity. An artist creates a song or video. The song or video makes them a few thousand dollars. Has the time it took to create been compensated at that point? Everything else after the compensation for the time is just added bonus. Remember the lawsuit over Fallout 4 using Dions song? Can you really argue that a song written 50 years ago that was a hit has not been paid for? Granted not a great example because Bethesda is making money from it's use. But for the average person listening to a song or watching a movie that is a few years old has the work not been paid for? The current system believes that any art created should be an endless source of revenue. And seeing the art or hearing it obligates the person to pay. I believe artists should get paid for the work they create. But my issue with the system is the fact that their is no set price. No way to quantify what any piece of art is worth or when it has been paid for. The majority of money being paid for art is never given to the artist but to the company that purchased the art. But when talking about piracy it is always "Artists should be paid for their work" that is used to shame people. Not "We paid a hundred thousand dollars for this art and expect to make ten million from it therefore until we make ten million from our investment piracy is theft" Which is more accurate.
  10. He is correct about not paying for bad streaming services but his endorsement of piracy is off. Stealing the material does not send a message that these companies need to improve. Boycotting these companies does. The piracy bit can be addressed in a punitive manner without these companies ever improving. It only takes the will. They will not be able to stop the true pirates but they can certainly limit the average persons access to pirated material. Aside from the endorsement of piracy I think he has some solid points. Now he just needs someone with a large bankroll to help him start up a streaming service like the one he is suggesting. If his ideas are sound he will make a ton of money and be proven correct.
  11. was it a mod or the wasteland workshop dlc? a quick search here brings up that thread.
  12. I feel this aggression is out of hand and threatens the very fabric of our great land. On behalf of Shovelot I say "Can't we all just dig a hole?"
  13. LittleLuca came for a visit and I roped her into doing the Slipstream Hub spot. So on more down.
  14. Hang in there man it gets easier. I too switched to PC only a few years back and consider myself a noob. However here's a few things to hopefully keep in mind. Take your time and work through each step. I literally would pause Gophers tutorials do what he did then start it up again and repeat until I got mods to work. Try not to focus on the out come as much as the process. When you start thinking about the game you could be playing you start getting more frustrated. Modding is a skill you learn over time. For those of us who do not have a computing background it can be daunting. Copying and pasting are pretty easy do not worry about messing up the .ini file you can save a copy and if you do something wrong you can always replace it with the original. You are in the right place to get the answers you need just try to relax and learn the steps. Each thing you learn to do increases your overall knowledge of computers which is always good in the long run. Good luck and don't let the first frustrations stop you keep going you can do this trust me I mod games now and if I can anyone can. P.S. If all else fails try hitting the laptop with a wrench It wont solve anything but you will feel better for a moment ;P
  15. Correct. But the term has now become a catch all for any fascist/dictatorial regime. And not just regimes any person with fascist views is often called a Nazi. The two terms have become interchangeable at least here in the U.S. Again back to simple answers. Why bother understanding the difference between the two just use them to mean bad....
  16. Welcome to the forums. I am sure there is some thread waiting for you to add your writing and if not create one
  17. Exactly my thoughts. Wool and carpet in various colors glowstone and sea lanterns. Redstone supplies for fireworks or other madness. Who knows maybe a chest of diamond and one of gold too ;P Halloween is coming up we could unveil it then.
  18. I suggested to NT to use the area the dirt house I built for him is. It was used for the xmas blimp. He suggested I build it lol. It is right behind the Throne Room so easy access already when Sana and NT have time they could create a road to it from the throne so we dont have to jump off the back wall. Shouldnt be that hard really it is just a big platform maybe a little storage underneath.
  19. @sanamia @NTclaymore @Arrogant you all should weigh in here the gold is yours after all.
  20. Nothing I donated needs to be returned but keep in mind that is alot of gold donated. The stated plan since I started the build process was to have it removed by Tuesday. For me that plan is still a go. The cake and stand should come down there are plenty of screenshots if you want to recreate it. But my vote is no. It is a moment in time it does not need to be frozen there forever. While it is a very nice build in reality it was a few hours of work for a handful of people. The space it's in could be turned into a Minon Park/Memorial. I love the signs all around it with the names of so many players I had forgotten. However this is just my opinion it is your claim and other peoples gold also consider it sits right next to Goopy's place he should get a say in if it stays as well.
  21. I honestly do not believe a new name is needed unless you plan to stream your adventures. I suggest you come online unannounced and see what the experience is like. I suspect its more like what you had imagined. The regular players in Minionland while all fans are more interested in the game than crowding around. Perhaps explore and record and use the footage on Vidme this way it does not disrupt your main channel. Journey map is a must have. I recommend a HUD mod as well. We have shulker boxes now so you can carry an ender chest filled with shulker boxes that are filled with supplies. You will never need to go home But the main thing would be to pop in occasionally off stream to get to know how the server works. It is a far different game than playing solo.
  22. I finished the most important spot on the board...Shovelot ;P Hopefully it is in keeping with the idea.
  23. Z_blackblue made a birthday cake for Minionland as well. Had I known he was I wouldn't have bothered this guy is seriously incredible. https://imgur.com/a/0JDcw Honestly Gopher will need a 5 hour stream just to cover 5 Towers (Z's build)
  24. I just noticed I forgot 12 emerald blocks on the tray ooops. The cake is hollow so yes there should be plenty of room @Krikkeee
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