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    Shovels and games with shovels in them. Most things intrest me the problem is few can hold my attention for more than a month or so. Moria(the old ascii game) and its variants currently I have Angband still love it. Music anything good you know it when you hear it. Reading mostly sci fi / fantasy but any good story will do. as of late Ive been pretty lazy in the reading department last thing I read was the Game of Thrones books.

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  1. Minionland has given me absolute confirmation that I am disorganized and easily distracted. Certainly I have finished projects but they pale to all of the various stages of WIP all about me. Including a 3x3 staircase to the top of my wall only 6 blocks high now. I ran by today and thought oh yeah I forgot I started that. 

    1. moonsongstress


      I know how you feel. Walking through town made me feel real bad about my own unorganized builing style. I tend to start something, have an idea and instead of finishing the 1st project I start the next.

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