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    Shovels and games with shovels in them. Most things intrest me the problem is few can hold my attention for more than a month or so. Moria(the old ascii game) and its variants currently I have Angband still love it. Music anything good you know it when you hear it. Reading mostly sci fi / fantasy but any good story will do. as of late Ive been pretty lazy in the reading department last thing I read was the Game of Thrones books.

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  1. UPDATE The actual pads are complete. I am now building storage and viewing towers for each one. Next will be to stock them with the glass panes needed. Thanks to everyone who has thrown resources my way.
  2. Hi Grogstache love how you greet us when responding first time i have seen that here SSD yes the speed difference is pretty noticeable. As to never having built a PC I have built the one I am on and I am techless and relatively stupid. Meaning the technology has advanced to compensate. It is pretty straight forward now and simple. Watch a couple build videos on YouTube and you will see this. I found it to be only a minor stress and quite fun. Nice to have a machine you actually put parts into yourself.
  3. I have no idea But worth looking into without a doubt. Case, MoBo , CPU and memory in place would make for a much cheaper build if possible. Keep us informed I would love to see what it becomes if anything.
  4. If you haven't already I suggest you go to PCPartpicker ( ) They have a great tool for building computers which can tell you if the parts are compatible and also notify you of price drops. Good SSD's improve the overall experience quite a bit so don't overlook those. You can do the dual SSD for boot and mechanical drive for storage since SSD's are still pretty expensive. If your goal is 4k gaming then choosing an appropriate monitor can not be left out of the budget. Pointless to have a 4k gaming rig if you can't get a monitior worthy of it. Sorry I can't help with more specific parts list but good luck with your build and make sure you share the final product with us
  5. Happy Birthday Bunyansaxe1943 somehow I thought you were much older :) 

    1. BUNYANSaxe1943


      tmw I didn't realize my birthday was public lol, Thanks man! :confetti:

  6. This is an ad from 1998 that has stuck with me. I saw it in an issue of Rolling Stone that year and actually laughed out loud. I showed it to my girlfriend at the time but she didn't see the humor I had to explain it. I will not be explaining it again
  7. This was about 1000 times better than the actual movie
  8. Well I guess thank you Disney is in order for extending copyright out to absurd lengths. 55 years after the song came out seriously. Plus the add had very little of the content claimed to offend in it. Ah well what can you do where ever there's a buck to be made there will be lawyers and lawsuits.
  9. OK so the premise is that map art is fun but initial set up is a hug grind. Clearing a 128x128 space or building one. Gathering the resources to make the design. So I have started to make a public map art station. It is at 1900-13700 roughly. If you take the nether slipstream north then take the far north nether slipstream till it turns east you will see an exit with end rods lighting it there is a portal to the map art pads there. I am making 6 pads to start with 2 are in place but still need lighting and amenities. The first pad currently still has the Stiv art on it needs to be removed. So my plan is to have different colored back grounds for each pad. I have the polished diorite finished. I am gathering obsidian now. I would like one of unbaked clay one of grass and one of snow. It takes 5 double chests to fill in one pad. So if you like this idea and have any of those resources to donate it would be helpful. Also any dyes, any dyed glass or hardened clay. End rods will be used to light the pads I have many but more wont hurt. I have iron and redstone for compasses and plenty of sugar cane growing for paper. You can leave any donations in the MoT mailbox at spawn. The idea is to have enough supplies for several people to make map art at the same time if they would like. I will be supplying silk touch picks for removal as well. Each pad will have a house with chests of supplies and a tower to view the art from. If you have any ideas or would like to help set this up feel free to join in. I will claim each pad to protect from creepers and give build permission to the player requesting the pad.
  10. My friend just gave me the Witcher3 so I may be around Minionland a tad less :) 

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      I can't think of a better reason :).  Have fun!

  11. YAY! T-shirt is awesome wooo hoooo
  12. Congratulations on finishing your schooling and welcome back. I look forward to seeing you around more
  13. I got stickers! Is it wrong that I am this excited about stickers at my age?

    If it's wrong then I don't want to be right ;P


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      Not at all, Shawn.  As someone said, it's the small things that make life enjoyable. :D

  14. They are here! Yay me! No t-shirt yet but these should tide me over
  15. As a generals rule you need to get permission before taking over someones existing build. Hopefully this gets sorted out for you. Ive seen shadowfury's name on a couple builds near my place as well. I think this is just a case of not understanding the rules. Like Boom said file the redmine ticket and I would suggest you send mail to shadowfury on the server. /mail send (name) Who knows he might just be an agreeable and friendly minion its been known to happen. It was good to see you come back and hopefully we will be seeing you in Minionland more once this gets fixed.