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    Shovels and games with shovels in them. Most things intrest me the problem is few can hold my attention for more than a month or so. Moria(the old ascii game) and its variants currently I have Angband still love it. Music anything good you know it when you hear it. Reading mostly sci fi / fantasy but any good story will do. as of late Ive been pretty lazy in the reading department last thing I read was the Game of Thrones books.

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  1. I finished my first play through in about 52 hours (Normal mode). 46 quests completed 2 botched. Good game if a bit short. Replayability is moderate as it stands now. I have started a solo (no companions) game. I am sure I will do one more playthrough after this one but I doubt it will go beyond that. Combat is on the easy side even for someone like me with low skill. Loot is extreme there is so much stuff lying around that it defeats the item durability mechanic. I never purchased a consumable or ammo of any kind. About mid way through I switched from cautious sniper to spray and pray with combat rifles. Even with no aiming skill and just dumping rounds on target I never came close to running out. The AI is pretty weak making the sneak skill questionable. The story and writing are good if a bit predictable at times. Overall I really like the game I am hoping they will add more over time with DLC. If you are into combat this game really isn't it. The focus is all on the conversations and the stories in the terminals.
  2. OK I figured it out its a game mechanic regarding reputation. The faction controlling this district was one negative action away from becoming angry with me so killing even one mech pushed the district over the edge.
  3. It occurs to me that the way Obsidian set this game up is perfect for DLC. They can both add new areas to existing planets and add new planets/space stations to the map.
  4. OK I am at a point where I can't tell if my game is bugged or this is standard so I'm checking here. Specifically Byzantium quests. I attempted the retirement community quest was attacked by the mechs and the entire area turns hostile including the quest giver. I tried the quest where you are sent to assassinate the scientist. I decided to spare her and send her to work with Phineas. The guard stops me and I have no option but to fight including the scientist I just spared. And likewise the entire district is now hostile to me. Is there any way to complete a quest in Byzantium that does not turn the entire district hostile?
  5. Yeah I know the feeling. I wanted more fast travel points in New Vegas lol. Now I'm trying to slow down and work through everything and I lose a mission for my effort. Oh well this game is fun so I know I'm going to play it a few times.
  6. Most of the reviews Ive seen have been about normal difficulty. I think if you limit fast travel (or exclude it) and you role play more than just attempt to complete quests this game will be far longer. I haven't tried the supernova difficulty but no doubt that is going to add quite a bit of time as well. Replay-ability seems pretty high as well. I just failed a companion mission while sorting inventory and upgrading weapons. I found that annoying but without scum saving you will need to replay the game if you want to see it all. Its a really good game so far only time will tell if it holds up tho. Im at about 26 hours and I have only visited a couple planets. Of course I play pretty slow.
  7. Truly enjoying it so far. The fact it has a shovel as a melee weapon says it all. These people know what they are doing lol
  8. Standing in a Pier One knock-off store and this came on. Transported me back and made me question reality.
  9. I was actually just thinking about this while watching the Leonard lp. I think I enjoy the fighting and looting to much to actually try it. ( You are very welcome Brinicio but I think you are giving me to much credit )
  10. 6.626069934 x 10-34 kg∙.m2/s,  Finally vindication I knew my butcher was over charging me for pork chops!

  11. Welcome to the forums. It's not often we get celebrities like yourself here. Im a big fan of that wikipedia site you created
  12. Great job on this Tirius. The clues are difficult I found 7 and only understood 2 clues But for me the prize is the exploration so I am unconcerned. It took me months to find all the cheeses and I am sure it will take me months to find the last 3 parrots.
  13. I agree. If the main character has a name and backstory of their own i.e Geralt of Rivia then the voice the developer provide is fine. If you create your own character then the voice needs to be the one in your own head. If they insist on having voiced dialogue I would prefer to at least have an option for which voice I hear.
  14. Honestly the first character will sound fine no matter how you build it. I am only thinking of replay ability. If you can create a wide variety of characters and play styles then it stands to reason people will play the game more than once. Hearing the same voice will break immersion for many of us. Of course if the game is as good as it looks it will be a minor issue. Still offering a few different sounding voices say 2 male 2 female could help a bit. Adding a few more with each dlc would greatly expand the options. Of course cost is a factor and probably the main one. How about a pitch or tone adjuster slider that might work as well. I wouldnt mind playing a squeaky voiced tough guy named Alvin ;P
  15. It looks great. Im curious to see how they handle the voiced protagonist angle. With that level of character customization you will need multiple voices to go along with it.
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