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    Shovels and games with shovels in them. Most things intrest me the problem is few can hold my attention for more than a month or so. Moria(the old ascii game) and its variants currently I have Angband still love it. Music anything good you know it when you hear it. Reading mostly sci fi / fantasy but any good story will do. as of late Ive been pretty lazy in the reading department last thing I read was the Game of Thrones books.

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  1. Dom's tour of Z_blackblue's FiveTowers

    Here are some rough timestamps 19:36 Five Towers 38:58 Richards Dragon Slayer Monument 50:46 Stiv's Temple 56:12 Chay's Monument 1:12:53 Clamshell Theater 1:19:25 Stiv's Museum 1:25:04 Witcher Medallion 1:33:34 Jack's Whiskey 1:36:18 Laser Musket 1:36:55 1 Year Cake
  2. Dom's tour of Z_blackblue's FiveTowers

    This is a long tour but it really needed to be. If you havent been to Z's place in Minionland you really need to see it for yourself. This video does a pretty good job capturing it tho. Great job Dom and thanks again for documenting this.
  3. Lurk mode OFF (after 6 years! O_o )

    Welcome to the forums
  4. Roleplay resurection

    Might I suggest you all make a fresh start? There are rumors of a little used server across the way. I think they call it Farlands This would give you all roughly equal footing as you develope your kingdoms/nation. The infrastructure there is enough to facilitate building without the massive advatages Minionland provide (i.e. massive farms) Just a thought.
  5. Music

    One of my all time favorite song covered deep by bruce springsteen. Kills it!
  6. I thought Lenny was a thief. Why must he continually Pun-ish us. ok it's not that funny I just feel like typing right now ;P
  7. You and me both. I enjoy a good pun and this one really hit me as I watched him continually smack the urn.
  8. Minionland Mob Cap

    Ok so as you may know recently the AFK timer was turned off. This is super handy for afk farming things like iron and gunpowder. However it was brought up that it affects the mob cap having a player camping at farms. I was just wondering how the mob cap works. I know the server is set up to have 100 players online and I remember how few mobs there were in the early days. I guess I am just wondering how much having a couple players AFK affects the over all spawn rate. I like having the ability to generate resources on a longer timeline but if it is negatively affecting other players game I am willing to limit how often I use the feature.
  9. The perfect Xmass gift for Quarico

    It wouldnt take much to add a backpack fuel carrier either.
  10. Sort of a digital handshake isn't it...

    That cheese isnt on your house ;P
  11. Sort of a digital handshake isn't it...

    Oh my Brinicio now you went and done it! Welcome...to the non Minecraft part of the forum that is Post some of your favorite music or bait @Dalitasdrain with some suedo science. Perhaps you could convince Quarico that a shovel is a better weapon than a flamethrower. Although its more likely she will just light the shovel on fire before whacking you with it.
  12. Tee-spring store question

    It's back! time to replace that mug.
  13. Tee-spring store question

    Gopher has mentioned making another run of the t-shirt so perhaps the mug will be available then as well.
  14. Need some advice about monitors and SSDs :)

    I have limited knowledge but by my understanding you are correct. The people who seem most concerned about refresh rate are gamers that play fast pace fps style games. I think 5ms will be fine for most people. I believe my monitor is 5ms but I forget.
  15. Lets see your awesome screen captures!

    OK I'll rectify the situation here is Shovelot pre- invasion https://imgur.com/a/rgeYf