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  1. Found a wonderful site where you can easily make your own Hearthstone cards so I made so based on our Dark Lord's characters. The art for the Stiv card was made by Sarnicone. The website I used is here.
  2. Elwood288

    Nether Portal Woes

    Quite a while back before I had neighbors I built a nether portal in my basement. Now it seems that one of my neighbors has built a nether portal so when I enter the nether I come out of theirs instead of mine. I did the whole divide by 8 and built a new portal in the nether at the exact coordinates of my over world portal. That worked when going nether to over world but over world to nether still uses his portal. Any way to fix this?
  3. Elwood288

    What Texture Pack do You Use

    I'm having a hard time finding a texture pack I like. What texture packs do y'all use?
  4. Elwood288

    How Long Until I Lose my Claim?

    Well I'm back and reestablished minus a few losses. Thanks for your help everyone.
  5. Elwood288

    How Long Until I Lose my Claim?

    Well I logged in and the only damage I see is my notched apples and my gold spade are missing. What's the command to get a new gold spade?
  6. Elwood288

    How Long Until I Lose my Claim?

    I just tried to login but it says the server is out of date. What version in Minionland?
  7. Elwood288

    How Long Until I Lose my Claim?

    I haven't been on Minionland in quite a while. What is the period of inactivity before I lose my claim or is that even a thing?
  8. Elwood288

    Noob Question: How do I Update?

    I tried to revisit minion land recently and got kicked because I need to update apparently. Where/how do I do this? I can't find a "update" button anywhere. I'm running 10.2 currently.
  9. I'm 90% Youtube and the other 10% is watching old shows (mostly anime) online. I haven't watched modern TV in years. The only exception has been really big shows like Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones.
  10. Elwood288

    Help enabling mods

    Hmmm interesting after running some tests with this I think I've found part of the problem. When I check the Plugins.txt the mods are listed but no stars by the esps. It's also set to read only no matter how many times I change it to not be read only. Also if I uncheck read only and manually add a star by a mod that mod gets deactivated in NMM. So it seems to be a problem with the plugins.txt being read only. EDIT: Okay now I just feel silly. I haven't updated NMM in awhile so it was not adding the stars. Soon as I updated everything worked. My laptop is quite new so when I downloaded NMM for it I got the correct version. Thanks for the help!
  11. Elwood288

    Help enabling mods

    I got mods working just fine on my laptop but I'm trying to get them on my main PC to no avail. I did everything the exact same and any mod that adds any kind of new content (new guns, armor, quests, etc.) will not work. Now as far as I know all I need to do to enable mods is to have a properly setup Fallout4Custom.ini. Yet despite the fact my PC and laptop inis are identical it won't work on the PC. The full text of my ini is in the spoiler below. Any suggestions?
  12. Elwood288

    Official Vanilla Minecraft Server: Minion Land!

    Since I am so far from the central hub (about -1000 -1000) I was planning on building a nether railway back to the main area. So a few questions: 1.Is this allowed? 2.Will people's overworld claims affect the nether? i.e. can I build through the nether areas that relate to peoples overworld claims. (sorry I'm not really explaining this well) 3.I suspect I would need an admin to control where the portal came out in the overworld. Is this correct?
  13. Well I could do that if you like. Uh *controversial religious comment*, *political meme*, *excessive swearing*. lol
  14. Elwood288

    Gopher's Quotes

    *in a concerned voice* "Niiick! Nick we need a safe word..... Bumblebee!" *Fade to black after flirting with a Robobrain and waking up in her bedroom* "Wha? No! BUMBLEBEE!" - Frank