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  1. I am absolutely obsessed and in love with techno, and no not the EDM stuff that has enveloped major swathes of U.S. and even European listeners. These two guys playing back-to-back (B2B) was a dream come true as they're both amazing producers and DJs. If that's too hard for you then let me know and I can find a more minimalist set for you. @Apocalypso @JHORDEE Have you seen Pendulum live? They're pretty good, or were - I dunno if they're together anymore? But if you like Pendulum you should try out a group called Noisia...they're pretty amazing as well as Magnetic Man, though Magnetic Man is no longer together.
  2. I actually went to school in Boston for 4 years, stayed there for about 4.5 years during that time and loved it. The girl I've been dating (and soon hope to be engaged to) is from Boston and moved down to Atlanta with me. I'm originally from New York myself. Ya know...I never heard of (or remember of hearing about) Dino's but damn do I know the North End man...what a spot, the food is just ..well what is that saying? La buona cucina render allergi...laughter is brightest where the food is the best. And ya know I don't think I've been to the North End yet in-game..so I look forward to that. LOL ...well yes indeed Hubris is supposed to be Newbury but I don't blame you for not recognizing it...your jaw was probably on the floor upon still realizing after hours of gameplay just how damn dense the world is, it's great. I'm sure a few other minions will hop in to say hello, usually a good 3-4 of them are very good at welcome new members.
  3. Welcome to the forums Vertygo! I'm actually in Boston now visiting until tomorrow, then flying back to Atlanta. You catch the Newbury Comics and various other references FO4 offers us? Pretty awesome.
  4. Hey all, Figured I might as well take a shot in the dark here and see if any of you are avid fans of Warhammer 40k novels including the legendary series of novels The Horus Heresy includes. I myself am a massive fan of the Warhammer 40k universe and can honestly say it is hands down my favorite sci-fi universe, and considering sci-fi is my favorite genre that equates to it meaning quite a lot to me. I have now listened to and/or read dozens upon dozens (I want to say easily over 45+ novels, novellas and audio dramas) from the Horus Heresy and truly fear the day when I am all out of material, fortunately I have quite a lot more to go and then I'll be jumping into the novels from the Warhammer 40k universe. The Warhammer 40k universe has some of the deepest, darkest and most interesting lore in any sci-fi universe. To me, world building and lore are everything that make the difference between a bland "mysterious" (as some would call it) world and a world that drags you in and doesn't let go. I'm so obsessed that I've read countless pages worth of lore from the various massive rulebooks, online sources and more. I, like many others who read the books, follow the lore and/or play the tabletop game feel that there is something so big here that it's only a matter of time until Games Workshop has to realize that they're sitting on a gold mine for some serious AAA games, shows and movies - of course they'd all have to be rated, MA, TV-MA or R for it to be done right though So...any fans? Anyone aware of Warhammer 40k but not sure about the Horus Heresy and have questions? (And for any fans wondering what side I'm on, just look to my signature )
  5. 2015 was a year of amazing! Not only did I finally take that one step and sign up for Gopher's forums to find like-minded awesome people like yourselves but I: Bought a house this year and got out of the endless rent-hell of rates going up and actually working toward building real estate, got two promotions at work and I've never had such a great time working, read about 60 novels, Witcher 3 and Fallout 4 released & amazing, XCOM 2 announced and built a budget for a new gaming super-tower and monitor for 2016, I cannot wait to see what 2016 has in store to say the least! Yeah...I'll be writing/typing 2015 for a few days or at least a week or two lmao!
  6. Have a very happy new year! Now...in the words of the the Dark Lord: "Run run run run RUNNNNN!!!"
  7. @JaschI totally agree and disagree. I agree that the armor was given too early in the game to keep, but disagree where one could argue that it'd be great if they gave you the power armor and then through a sequence of events (somehow, don't ask how - I'm not a game designer) during your fight with the Deathblow your armor becomes severely damaged and only gets you through the fight. Therefore you've sort of "wet your appetite" for power armor but you have none and have to hunt for more. @LittleturnI do agree that most of the armors are too often found in almost complete form and that in and of itself should be super rare, a find that sort of makes you freak out in excitement instead of say "Oh cool! Another suit to store at my settlement." I just really hope modders take this game & fly with it...I hope Bethesda release a supremely powerful CK that lets modders take FO4 and turn it into a challenging masterpiece. Not that FO4 isn't great but it can be so much more. So excited.
  8. I've romanced Piper thus far and think her dialog and the voice actress were both amazing but I feel the romancing just feels...hollow compared to that of something like The Witcher 3 or even Dragon Age: Inquisition. It just misses the mark, and not just because of the lack of sex scenes (those are nice to have, and not for the obvious reason) but also due to the easiness of getting there, it has so little to do with the dialog choices, it's not like you're trying to find the right lines (like in real life) and every line available to you seems great but there's really only one true choice that'll be just right to make your companion truly fall for you like the Witcher..in FO4 the line to choose to is obvious and therefore the challenge isn't there and without a challenge, at least IMHO, there's much less fun. Here's to hoping modders truly take this game from the great game that it is to the legendary game is should be, and I mean that in all aspects of the statement, including the storyline companion romances.
  9. @JaschLMAO! Well you did also say Sicarius twice.......got a Sicarius crush going on there!? @TheVivaIt's all bueno! Don't worry about it man! Or ...don't worry about it chica! Sorry ..your handle doesn't point toward male or female lmao!
  10. Hello! The topic below is just me really asking you guys how you feel about the new Pascal architecture, how it applies to me, if it applies to you, and if anyone has any opinions on it and G-sync monitors, etc. The Current Build Currently have a supreme PC I bought back in 2011 that is essentially still...somehow...a monster of a machine. The dual 670's might sound outdated now but believe me, they've brought me all the way up to The Witcher 3 with many things on Ultra and some on High. A bit of a side note that may cause controversy: I find it pathetic that a game such as the Witcher 3 can look so good and run so well on my build but Fallout 4 can't even look nearly as complex and was a wake up call to me that I need a new PC because most games aren't optimized like the Witcher 3. The Dream Build It's going to be a Falcon Northwest, Talon, a mid sized tower with plenty of room to upgrade and a 3-year warranty. I know I know...why not build it on your own!? Why not save 20-30% and learn to build your own PC? Well it all comes down to time and I don't have a lot of it to spare building a PC nor do I have the level of patience anymore with dealing with any issues that may arise. I would love to learn how to build a new PC since I am rusty, but I just don't care enough to deal with the issues. Now that that is out of the way...the build will be something akin to this but most likely more powerful since it'll be built in Q2 or Q3 of 2016. System Details Chipset Intel® X99 Motherboard Asus® X99 Deluxe Processor Intel® Core™ i7 5820K 3.6GHz Processor Cooler Asetek® Liquid Cooling - Talon Memory 16GB - 4x4GB - 2133MHz - DDR4 Video Card NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 980 Ti 6GB Video Card 2 NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 980 Ti 6GB Sound Card On-Board Audio Networking On-Board Ethernet Operating System Drive Micron® M600 SSD 512GB Optical Drive Asus® 16x DVD Writer 64-Bit Operating System Microsoft® Windows 10 Home Pascal Architecture Now I know currently dual 980's at that size GB would blow any game away but is anyone else waiting for the Pascal architecture to come out in Spring 2016? I know that I almost definitely am for sure, but was curious if anyone has any interesting information on the Pascal cards. I do know they're supposed to be exponentially more powerful (aren't they always but still the power charts look amazing) and that alone wets my appetite. Sound Card I currently use some awesome Bose over-the-ear sound eliminating headphones that are just plain amazing. With that said I love and appreciate sound but right now I feel happy where I am but the question is: Can I increase that happiness? That immersion? I have heard stories where gamers invested into a sound card though and the difference in their immersion is huge. G-Sync Does anyone have a g-sync monitor? I've read up on all the advantages they give and I am basically sold on the idea of one. Does anyone have any bad experiences or is there any downside besides price? Look forward to your stories, opinions and or discussions!
  11. @Sicarius001LMAO very nicely put there. @Philosophercat I haven't been active on any forums for many years, I forgot how easy it to lose control of a topic. One minute you're talking awesome-sauce and the next someone is devising a scheme of kidnapping (which I in no way condone nor did I in anyway mean this topic to go there) which was obviously a complete joke and no harm meant but still even the word makes me cringe in today's environment.
  12. @PhilosophercatThere'd better be a female version of henchman, what would the world be without a good female villain? Though you could argue that a henchman or woman isn't really worthy of the term "villain" but ....wait.....are you trying to further this derailment!?! ...Or am I being paranoid!? It seems I'm on a Tobey-meme kick...lmao.
  13. @Dat LoboLove those ideas man. Especially the three of the characters sitting around a table playing cards. I'd die happy. @Atom KirkAnd I guess that's true about the idea being impossible...unless they somehow do what Dragon Age: Inquisition did and have an HTML site in which you import your choice of characters etc, which would hint at things but not necessarily spoil them.
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