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  1. Well Geralt is an almost 100 year old Witcher, that drinks poisonous brews on a daily basis and regis is a several centuries old, immortal vampire, i doubt either of them would flinch upon drinking some booze. I also dont think the bottle was unusual or never ending: this is a proper schnaps, not wine or beer afaik so youd usually only sip and not try to empty it asap. Each of them maybe took 10-15 sips, thats not enough to empty a bottle.
  2. But as things are, ME:A doesnt have much to do with the original trilogy and is supposed to be a fresh start. I dont feel like the fact, that he never uploaded a playthrough of ME 1-3, prohibits him from doing a Andromeda one and neither do any dragon age titles. From my understanding gopher wants to have no more than one sci fi and one fantasy game on his channel (Hearts of Stone & Enderal being an exception) at the same time. With Fallout 4 Vault Tec dlc being very short (at least the "story") ME:A might very well take up the sci fi spot, especially since gopher seems to be a huge Mass Effect fan and intends on playing the game anyways.
  3. Does anyone know if Gopher will do a playthrough on youtube? He says in the video he will do one, but not if he will also record it.
  4. Except for the fact, that he forgot again, that he cant block with his torch out, despite figuring this out a few episodes earlier
  5. Gotta be something else. There is no such thing as a "witchers code". It's something geralt made up, to have an excuse to refuse certain contracts etc.
  6. You dare suggesting the perl trick?
  7. I've recently started playing New Vegas again and im loving it. But it suddenly just stopped working. Everytime id start a game (new or loaded) it would crash. I've tried for hours trying to fix the problem, because i thought a mod was causing the issue. I even uninstalled all mods and redownloaded the entire game, but it still crashed. Thats when i remembered a Windows update between my last time playing NV and now. After some research google confirmed that it was indeed the new Windows 10 Update that made Fallout NV (and apparently even Fallout 3) unplayable, if you have an Nvidia Card with a driver newer than version 368.81. After rolling back to that driver and and installing the fresh beta version of New Vegas Anti Crash my game worked just fine again. I don't know if rolling back the driver is enough on its own, because i did both together, but if you do both you should be good. I'm writing this in the hope to save someones time, because its not a well known issue (afaik), but a very confusing and annoying one. Greetings
  8. Why does Roche and Thalers idea sound too good to be true? Temeria would be a vassal (not uncommon for Nilfgaard to accept vassals) plus Nilfgaard is tired of war and has problems at home - seems like both parties get a lot out of this deal. Sorry but i have to strongly disagree with your post. Treason? Where do you see treason? Roche and Thaler are doing everything in their power to save Temeria. If Nilfgaard wins this war, Temeria will be Nilfgaard and if Redania wins it will be part of Redania. Becoming a Nilfgaardian vassal is their only chance to keep Temeria somewhat independent. And lets not forget: Temeria isnt fighting anymore (unless you count guerillia warfare) it has been defeated. I also dont understand what your problem with bringing back Dijstra is. Yeah he was doing his best to stop Nilfgaard, when he still thought Nilfgaard was the norths biggest enemy. Now he realised that Radovid winning the war would be even worse. He also doesnt want to give up, thats why he betrayed Roche. He wants to keep fighting, just not with Radovid as Redanias king. Radovid is also not the norths last rightful king, but i get what youre saying. The last king currently at war with Nilfgaard. But heres my real problem: Radovid is mad. Plain and simple. Justifying his action is just wrong. Period. Killing mages and nonhumans isnt helping his war efforts. If anything it hurts them (mages are extremely useful in battles as the past has shown). Thats like saying Hitlers actions against the jews was helping the german war efforts. Those things have nothing to do with each other. I can see him forming an alliance with the church of the eternal fire out of necessity, but he was already in bed with the order of the flaming rose by the end of witcher 2 and also started a witch hunt, even before Nilfgaard invaded. What im saying is: Radovid is behind the witch hunts, not the church, eventhough they complement each other. Youre also wrong about Scoiatael being on Nilfgaards side. That ended with Dol Blathana being born and Nilfgaard betraying the Scoiatael. They are glorified bandits, but definitely not on Nilfgaards side. Besides, how is it ok to hunt and kill every nonhuman just because some of them are scoiatael. Come on, youre better that this. Same goes for mages. Your last point: Yes. Emhyr is the better option. He is a politician. He doesnt kill for fun or out of madness, but out of necessity. Do you think Radovid would stop killing if he won the war? No he is clearly mad. Its like Dijstra said: Is this the north you are prepared to live in? Nilfgaard might not be perfect and also power hungry, but its also a prospering and civilised nation. That beats a supersticious and fanatic north by miles.
  9. Brathering

    At: Gopher - Stop dividing your community.

    I always skip the gwent parts. Seriously i love gopher, but watching him play gwent makes me insanely angry sometimes. Thats the best for all parties involved. But hes not alone on that, hardly any witcher LP has watchable Gwent. Proper Bird seems to be the only one, but she only uploaded B&W and maybe had just learned by then.
  10. I think Ciri will show up in Cyberpunk, because i think she said she was there for about half a year, but i really hope shes just an easter egg. Overdoing it with witcher references could really hurt this new IP and i really hope we get something at least half as good as witcher 3: i'd be a happy man.
  11. If i recall correctly this is another very clever book reference I really like this cat and wolf quest. Its actually one of the free dlc quests. But i could never kill another witcher. I just cant do it. I understand gophers reasons though. I like that gopher wants to have all the equipment for the final fight.
  12. Brathering

    YouTube THE WITCHER 3 - Wild Hunt Wild : Uma

    So fantastic. Amazing that Gopher remembers all the things about Kaer Morhen. I really like this part, because players get to know the other witchers a little better here. I've always wanted to see more Lambert, Vesemir and especially Eskel in the first two witcher games. As for Gophers, "i dont wanna take anything from other witchers": (i know i might be misinterpreting that vague statement, but i just wanna elaborate on this a little) Letho is another witcher. Witchers are taken in at a very young age. Eskel and Geralt were taken in at about the same time. So hes not just some witcher pal, he is basically Geralts brother. Lamert is the annoying younger brother and Vesemir is their "father". I think the games dont really show this, which is one of their very few flaws. But i still think its important to know this.
  13. Its gotta be said: I'm really proud of Gopher for not getting sidetracked on his way to the barons castle. Yeah he might still have to kill that Griffin before he gets Uma, but i thought that would take at least two more episodes. I'm really surprised, that he hasnt done the gwent tournament though,