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  1. how'd you know i was going to do that?
  2. does anyone know if there's a mushroom biome on the server? i tried looking on the map but with biomes aplenty It's quite hard to tell them apart
  3. Thanks I hope I'm not too late, I need to check the forums more often I'll get on right now
  4. and the thread has died :'( awell 33 votes is pretty good for a a first poll attempt the Results are as follows Breton and Dunmer tied for first with argonians and nords tied for second and as expected the fan favorite non playable race is the dwemer
  5. ya that figures but there has to be a way to statt a nether portal on the server because I've seen lit ones
  6. I appreciate all the responses thanks everyone
  7. I still don't know why i can't start my nether portal i would apreciate some help i'm on an isolated island that is unowned I can build a portal fram but i cna't light it is it the anti griefing thing? am i too close to another portal help
  8. Day 2 5:39am pst 13 posts 37 voters. some people ignored the why, shame on those people. lol
  9. My favorite playable race is the argonians their appearance, culture, and mentality are unique and different than all the other races of tamriel having come from the hist which predates nirn's existence. plus i think lizards are cool. My favorite non playable race is the dwemer because I simply love the concept behind them. A race so much more advaned then the ones around them that after they mysteriously vanish the world is still trying to figure out how they worked. plus i like the dwemer automatons i think there cool.
  10. So I was having a conversation with some friends about our favorite Elder Scrolls Races and thought hay that'd be good topic for my first poll on gophers forms so i did. Your favorite playable race and your favorite non playable race i included the obscure ones for completeness. let me know which are your favorite and why
  11. man watching that stream was so much fun i hope he does more hand of fate streams
  12. ah my first shadowscale, wades in shadows and his favorite picture of his favorite god memories of a deleted save.
  13. using racemenu, and it's preset ability, he could always recreate stiv and console his rise to power. as for any openness of characters according to apollodown awake is intended as an end game quest. so opness shouldn't be much of a problem. no the real problem is gopher wants to not play skyrim until he has an unyielding urge to play it
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