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  1. Well again i am really only here not as much as i would like,any way i like rock,as i think you can tell . Any way here is one from Billy Idol Rock the cradle of love.
  2. Still up,so lets go to The Twilight Zone!
  3. My God,it has been so long,life can really pull you away from the things you enjoy. Here is a song i saw Kiss perform live in concert,yes i am that old. You might enjoy it!
  4. Hello Minions, just popping in for a minute to give you Ted Nugent's Strangle Hold, by the way this is classic rock!.
  5. Hello to every one,i do not get to post much anymore,to much going on.I just want to say that this forum may not be the biggest,bjut in my opinion is one of the nicest and most civil sights that i belong to,thanks for that,and this sight gives me some much needed relief.gopherVaultStiv 

    1. OutandBack


      Your presense has been missed. I hope you can find time in the future to join in. We are small so every voice is important.

    2. Cryzeteur


      Concur with Outlandback. Hope you are busy in a good way.

  6. Hello all,really hard for me to get here anymore,no time,busy taking care of sick Mother and sister,but here is a theme i always liked from the original Battle Star Galactica.
  7. snip..." a lot of bad things have happened in my life " Sorry to hear this. Please let us know if we can help or you just need a shoulder or a ear. I check this forum 4 or 5 times a day so I am pretty much always around.

    1. enigma21000


      Thank you for the kind words.:)

  8. Really again,so i must reply with respect.
  9. It has been awhile since i have posted anything,a lot of bad things have happened in my life as of late,but we must move on! So here is one from Bob Seger! "come to poppa"enjoy!
  10. Pac man fever,yup i am that old,played this in the arcade!
  11. @QuaricoAlong with MeatyOwlLegs,you may like these,of course you may have herd these already,but what the Hell! All Two Steps From Hell Songs,apologies if these have been posted before.
  12. Hello Minions,Stopped by to leave a little Skyrim song,and it is so true,at least for me! "One More Mod Though"
  13. Hello Minions! It has been awhile,i just have to much stuff going on,but i try to stop by when i can. With that just saw a new trailer for Fallout the Frontier,so enjoy,unfortunately they have not given a new release date.
  14. Here you go @Forsaken_Rider .
  15. May have been posted before ,but what the Hell! Diggy Diggy Hole
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