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  1. Finally gives me a reason to get back into Minecraft, I've very excited and hope to see all kinds of cool creations by the community!
  2. Dogs ARE better! This beloved dog also featured in my avatar: Then there's this guy. Annnd my brother's puppy that I helped raise. And then he let her get pregant...puppies! And of course retextured Dogmeat in FO4:
  3. Well for starters you only have 4 subs, so views that low are expected. Are you sharing your videos on any social media sites? It's also possible the people watching just want Fallout 1 as I see your Zelda videos and channel updates have 0 to 1 view.
  4. Quiet, really? Mine never shut up when I take random junk. "I don't wanna know what you need that for" I've only used Piper, Valentine, & Dogmeat though.
  5. I'm curious about the answer to this, I'm not much of a streamer.
  6. Zsoki


    Am I allowed to pet these owls and wolves?
  7. I sure did! I felt if I closed the door it'll stay cold longer and therefor the body won't decay as fast so I can come back and give it a proper burial.(If the game even has that, which I doubt)
  8. Zsoki


    I'm Zsoki (pronounced zo-key), I've been on a super long quest to find the (almost)perfect let's player and finding that right person is hard for my taste. Everyone I tried watching is just blah blah blah, constant randomness, trying to be funny, or talking about their real life. Finally a friend showed me Gopher when I told him I love role playing. So.. thank you so much Gopher I've been enjoying your Skyrim let's play as if it's my new nighttime show before bed. Annnd now I'm here cause all I've been hearing about is how awesome the community is. *Waves* I'm 25 addicted to ro
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