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  1. I've got close to 30, I'll drop 8 by tomorrow
  2. My 2 rules for Paid Modding to even be considered IMO: 1: 50/50 split MINIMUM, favouring mod author. 2: God damned MODERATION AND VERIFICATION! Seriously Beth, how do you screw that one up... I mean shit, at least make sure that they own the mod before you pay them...
  3. There was public discussion, I remember reading it in game and participating in it, and the idea to redirect to Claymoria was simply due to it being higher yeild, however I did think there was also a forum post, but I guess not
  4. I'll happily replace all the animals at his place from my farm, although I'll need someone with permissions to open the gates at his place, specifically for the animal pens
  5. In regard to Mob Heads as drops, the only one I feel needs to be a drop is a Creeper Head, since it is a crafting ingredient in some Banner designs, the rest I think should be rarer. As for Eggs, I know it's possible somehow, I was given one a few months ago and there used to be one in a display at Xroads, I have mine on display at my xroads farm
  6. Is there even anything in the drop table? If not I would recommend rarer things in the game to drop from there, ie Music Disks, Elytra, Dragon Eggs, Mob Heads (Especially Dragon Heads and Creeper Heads). Everything else is farmable, but those are much harder to get, except maybe Music Disks since you can get them from Creepers *if* a Skeleton kills it. For some reason.
  7. Little out of the loop here, what are we talking about?
  8. If the rest of the album sounds like this, colour me excited! EDIT: Album drops June 6
  9. I'll come help if you want Not a great builder except improv styles, you got beacons? I've got 5 spare if we want to set them up around the show for speed and haste
  10. Blue Line, around the 300 mark, go down the Alethia Line, then last right, then left My new (WIP) place is there, I took the second shots there
  11. It's a huge area, I'll link a portal there so you can look easily
  12. I've got a place out to the northeast with a good location (One of my new houses near my temple), I'll post pics below First images are from the shore where the ocean starts, second are from my soon-to-be home nearby
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