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  1. Little out of the loop here, what are we talking about?
  2. If the rest of the album sounds like this, colour me excited! EDIT: Album drops June 6
  3. I'll come help if you want Not a great builder except improv styles, you got beacons? I've got 5 spare if we want to set them up around the show for speed and haste
  4. Blue Line, around the 300 mark, go down the Alethia Line, then last right, then left My new (WIP) place is there, I took the second shots there
  5. It's a huge area, I'll link a portal there so you can look easily
  6. I've got a place out to the northeast with a good location (One of my new houses near my temple), I'll post pics below First images are from the shore where the ocean starts, second are from my soon-to-be home nearby
  7. What happened to villager farming?
  8. Iwant room 2 on level 1 Ingame name: Sicarius Avindar
  9. Oooooooh it's a different topic... derp. Will do
  10. Oh, right Room 2, near JLDoner's and Nesa's Noticed it was empty and since I'm neighbours at my main house, figured why not
  11. I don't need a chest I just hadn't visited the Tree yet, and the warp gives me no excuse not to
  12. Whelp, guess I have to visit the World Tree now... probably be by in around 3 hours then
  13. Just clicked I should probably tag @Vault Memories in this
  14. I doubt we will have enough Shulkers, as some people may just hunt them. Hmmm.... IDEA: Add Shulker Chests to the Dragon Drops plugin?
  15. It isin demand, and if it's the abandoned place I'm thinking of, you'll be my neighbour I've got the animal farm at Xroads, just behind the portal