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  1. Guys! Guys! We forgot something! The memes! That cannot be allowed! It is time for... celebratory hardbass!
  2. >Literally posts video explaining what 'cheeki breeki' is. >Gets ignored. Feels bad, man.
  3. Or, of course, have a good time while dying. That is also an option.
  4. Also don't forget that when you hear ' A nuu, cheeki breeki iv damki!', you are going to die. Or have a good time. You know, it's kind of hard to tell with us slavs.
  5. Hmm, you know, I might just be free. Keep in mind, I MAY have time, but it is very doubtful that I will do. Also I am not familiar with D&D 5h edition (or any proper RPG system for that matter), so I'll need a (naturally free) PDF of the core rules. Also absolutely no experience in Role-plays, so I can't say how well I will preform. Add me at your own peril.
  6. Indeed he is. And so am I!
  7. Darkness. Darkness, and nothing but pain. I drift through this plane of existence, unburdened by thoughts of time or space. But, out of the void, a voice emerged. No, voices. A monologue, glorious music and oddly enough, the dying whinney of a horse. And above it all, a call. "Wake up, minion. It's time to watch." Whuh, what? /clattering of beer cans/ Hey, what day is it? The middle of July? Okay, but where am I? Gopher's forums? Sweet! Hello friends! It is me, your glorious slavic friend, Nameless! I have awoken from a stupor of of exams and exessive alcohol consumption, and I have returned after I heard rumours of Richard coming back. So, it was desided by a committy of one that after so much time away, I must reintroduce myself to any new minions that might lurk around here. That, and I never made an introduction originally. Anyway, I am back!
  8. *Passes Gorz the beer bottle
  9. Though honestly, this kind of cut has always been a sign of rebelion and masculinity. There must be something innately manly about it. Odd thing, that.
  10. See, what I don't get is why Gopher is so down on the new haircut. I mean, it's stylish, fashionable and quite badass. Though, honestly, it could just be my bias speaking (considering I'm sporting one of those now).
  11. Don't worry, Slushy, it happens to the best of us! Best of luck to you in your future drunk posting! I know I need it every now and then.
  12. Strap in, boys! We're in it for the long haul now!
  13. unnamedguy21


    Science team the rescue! Or mass murder, in this case. I have to say, anthrax is an interesting idea, but honestly, my poison of choice is pure U-238, or in common parlance, yellowcake. Also hello and welcome to the forum!
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