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  1. A new minions D&D game!

    Hmm, you know, I might just be free. Keep in mind, I MAY have time, but it is very doubtful that I will do. Also I am not familiar with D&D 5h edition (or any proper RPG system for that matter), so I'll need a (naturally free) PDF of the core rules. Also absolutely no experience in Role-plays, so I can't say how well I will preform. Add me at your own peril.
  2. The return

    Indeed he is. And so am I!
  3. The return

    Darkness. Darkness, and nothing but pain. I drift through this plane of existence, unburdened by thoughts of time or space. But, out of the void, a voice emerged. No, voices. A monologue, glorious music and oddly enough, the dying whinney of a horse. And above it all, a call. "Wake up, minion. It's time to watch." Whuh, what? /clattering of beer cans/ Hey, what day is it? The middle of July? Okay, but where am I? Gopher's forums? Sweet! Hello friends! It is me, your glorious slavic friend, Nameless! I have awoken from a stupor of of exams and exessive alcohol consumption, and I have returned after I heard rumours of Richard coming back. So, it was desided by a committy of one that after so much time away, I must reintroduce myself to any new minions that might lurk around here. That, and I never made an introduction originally. Anyway, I am back!
  4. Music

    *Passes Gorz the beer bottle
  5. Though honestly, this kind of cut has always been a sign of rebelion and masculinity. There must be something innately manly about it. Odd thing, that.
  6. Well, sorry man, I'd give you some if I could.
  7. Well, that's on you, but you should know that you're wrong.
  8. See, what I don't get is why Gopher is so down on the new haircut. I mean, it's stylish, fashionable and quite badass. Though, honestly, it could just be my bias speaking (considering I'm sporting one of those now).
  9. I made a costume!

    Don't worry, Slushy, it happens to the best of us! Best of luck to you in your future drunk posting! I know I need it every now and then.
  10. Schnitzel Thread Grief Counseling

    Strap in, boys! We're in it for the long haul now!
  11. found Gopher in elite dangerous

    Hey @FNscar. Sweet username, bro.
  12. Hello

    Science team the rescue! Or mass murder, in this case. I have to say, anthrax is an interesting idea, but honestly, my poison of choice is pure U-238, or in common parlance, yellowcake. Also hello and welcome to the forum!
  13. Tonight in eastern europe: ALL THE SNOW!!!

  14. Christmas traditions

    My father once told me 'Son, on christmas eve, there are two kinds of people. Those who think Die hard is a Christmas movie, and those who are wrong.' So join me, fellow minions, to partake within a global tradition of moviewatching. Merry christmas, ladies and gentlemen, and a happy new year!