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  1. Dude are you the one who commented on my vids a lot on youtube when I was making them? I actually don't think I've ever realised this even though you replied to me before on here.

  2. Guys! Guys! We forgot something! The memes! That cannot be allowed! It is time for... celebratory hardbass!
  3. >Literally posts video explaining what 'cheeki breeki' is. >Gets ignored. Feels bad, man.
  4. Or, of course, have a good time while dying. That is also an option.
  5. Also don't forget that when you hear ' A nuu, cheeki breeki iv damki!', you are going to die. Or have a good time. You know, it's kind of hard to tell with us slavs.
  6. Hmm, you know, I might just be free. Keep in mind, I MAY have time, but it is very doubtful that I will do. Also I am not familiar with D&D 5h edition (or any proper RPG system for that matter), so I'll need a (naturally free) PDF of the core rules. Also absolutely no experience in Role-plays, so I can't say how well I will preform. Add me at your own peril.
  7. Indeed he is. And so am I!
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