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  1. Welp. Didn't get the job. Oh well. Try again with something else.

    1. JHORDEE


      More time for Fable then

  2. Just spent a few hours adding my own little place to it. Needs lots of work. I've never used a claim system or attempted to add something to a community. This should (hopefully) be interesting. Minecraft name is "amullinix" in case anyone stumbles upon my place.
  3. I'll hold off on wanting mods, like a good chunk of us, until I've played it. Saying that, however, there is one thing I'd love: being able to package a user created house and upload/download it. Ill be trying my hand at it for sure, but I know I'm not going to be as good at it as some people. Would love to download some extravagant piece someone made and make it a part of my world. Id like it better if it were as simple as a drag and drop, but something tells me it won't be. Still.
  4. The way he handles some of his encounters, I hope it has a defense system, haha. Im picturing him starting off real small, like a 2x2 or a 4x4, just to get a good idea of what to do, then, with no middle ground, he expands into a self-sustained mansion. Maybe even within the same episode.
  5. I'll admit there doesn't seem to be a huge difference in his characters (Jack seems to be a slight variation). It is enjoyable though. Also, because of his LPs, I've since modeled my NV to mimic his (not entirely mind you). Even installed the drivable home (box version for my character). Like you, I'm not a fan of his inventory system. And I love me some trophies. So I also downloaded the Underground Hideout so that I can have a "home base" that I store everything, with my mobile home for those long excursions (for my character, when he's on a contract...) I just watched his latest Minions video so I'm a little more caught up on things. It's also satisfying to hear about his issues when recording. Specifically trying to find the time to record. Too often I see YouTubers that make things look easy, or don't have other large commitments that make providing content difficult. Ran into the exact same troubles Gopher has, only he's had more success getting past them. More to my OP, I'm really looking forward to seeing what he makes with the house/town crafting system. What type of home do you all think he'd build?
  6. Oh I didn't mean to insinuate him playing F4 as NV's Jack. I just used Jack because it was the only basis I had, since I had only recently gotten into his LP stuff. I like Jacks personality and think it would be hilarious "in the city." I've been following him as a modded and helpful voice when I'm lost in the sauce of installing mods, so my experience is a little limited. I don't know. I see him able to do it (speaking directly about Jack) with how he cares for certain individuals and their families. After the bombs fall, being a family man directly, likely not. I see a more Zombie Land happening with him, where he had a family, lost it, and has purposefully kept himself at bay since. Again, that's Jack. If Gopher does RP Fallout 4, like others have said, Jack wouldn't fit there. A little bummed about this, at first. His natural surprise reactions are part of what make his LP's as enjoyable as they are, for me. Still, to me, he's proven he can RP really well even knowing everything that's going to happen. So I guess I can put up with a Gopher play through first.
  7. I've been watching Gopher's New Vegas videos and, I gotta say, I'm invested. Like, emotionally. Right now he's romping through the Honest Hearts DLC and, while it's obvious he knows all about the game, he still plays it like his Jack personality. I love it. This is a conjecture post aimed at finding out what you guys would want to see from Gopher and his inevitable Fallout 4 YouTube series. Personally: I want to see the family man. I want to see Jack, literally having no idea what's going on about anything. I want to see him stumble upon the house building mechanic, be confused, screw things up, react, give up, try it again, get excited when he manages to build something that just about anyone can build... I think that would be great to watch. I know my example centered around the house building, but I only use that to show what I would love to see. What would you guys like to see in his character based Fallout 4 videos?
  8. Hey guys! Just wanted to drop a line about our stream and the group behind it I co-founded in 2009 called Forced Fable. A little background... When we first started the group it was just two people. Myself, and a long time friend of mine, Tyler. At the time we were both still in the Marine Corps, and had been through everything together. Bootcamp, MOS school, two duty stations, three deployments. If he is anything, he is my brother. Anyway, we started the group on Tumblr, and bought a domain name, for the purpose of writing. The goal was to write a book in The Elder Scrolls universe (this was just before that one book... about the floating island that created zombies and the people on the island ate essences). We also started doing simple excerpts from ideas we brainstormed. After a while, we realized we could try to expand a bit into the YouTube side. This is where it breaks off a bit. Tyler and I ended up going to different duty stations (he went to Okinawa, I went to North Carolina). He also had a kid with his wife, and had a lot on his plate. I decided to take up the majority of the work and did what I could, without truly knowing what I was doing. Fast forward a few years. Now we have six people in the group (including Tyler and I) with another prospect being looked at. We do mainly live streams now. This sucks, because we had some good stuff posted on our YouTube channel. We haven't had any content added to the channel in a long time. The website gets the occasional article when our writer, Ben, is able to get something to me. From the beginning I've been a huge advocate of this: Family and full-time jobs come first. What we've been able to make, people have enjoyed. It isn't constant, because the majority of us simply can't provide the time needed for a decent flow of content. This is a "hobby-job," as my wife calls it, and it can't take center stage. For most of my group, they have jobs and lives. I am finishing college and stay at home while my son goes to full-time day care. I have some time, when I'm not worrying or doing other things, to add content. But I don't have the time or ability to add the content to all the different platforms we put ourselves on. Initially, we did. We were good. Then life caught up with the majority of my guys, and now we provide what we can, when we can. Anyway, sorry for the long post. I'm not expecting anything, just wanted to put our group out there and see if the stuff we made was enjoyable. We stream when we can, at the moment it's mainly Chris and Luke (GameOder and Gaedikus if you ever drop by) with my streams starting back up soon. All of our information can be found in my signature block below. Thanks for reading, if you did!
  9. Um... I have no idea how the hell I missed that. Just loaded it and... yeah. It worked. Wow. I really don't know how to respond beyond that. Thank you.
  10. Despite still wanting to get Forced Fable somewhere, I decided to apply for a position on the west coast. Crossing fingers for a response.

  11. SOLVED: Somehow, I missed installing the oHud-Darn-Patch. I'm an idiot. Thanks @Lum.
  12. I still believe myself to be amateur, however, I can give you the same advice I've been given on numerous occasions over the years: write, write, write. When you think you need to take a break, write about why you need to take a break. Then, do this: Remove yourself from the reason and add a basic character to it. Tweak that character to have the same background as you, but with slight variations. Move the setting of why you need a break into a different world (or even just shift the location). Add in a character that acts as the reason why you needed the break (embodiment, if you will). Sit back and realize you just created a short story based on your writers block.I did something like there here. Sorry :/ Also, I only just got back into the game. Fun fact: I've never level capped a character, and I've been playing since open beta (off and on). Also, the Cartel Market is my kryptonite. Way too many cool things in there. Funner fact: FFXIV A Realm Reborn is the only MMO I've ever capped a character on (well... it was, until this last update). I come from an older forum generation, I guess, despite my young age. Grew up with my dad posting on Billboards and such. Found Morrowind Summit when I was older; even tried my hands on making a couple of my own (didn't go anywhere). I used to be active on the Nexus, too. I use it, even decided to finally pay for Premium (holy crap the difference it made), but found a lot of the threads I posted on ended up being a bit toxic. Difficult to find a forum that doesn't have its share of toxicity, I know, but still.
  13. First off, I love the feeling of finding the mod you've been looking for. Specifically when you've seen the mod, you know it's there, just have no idea what it's called or how to describe it properly. Searching by tags is nearly impossible since every mod on the "Top 100" has basically every tag available selected. Secondly, I have a hard time with armor mods like the first link you gave. It's just a taste thing, I know, but I feel like most of those mods aren't aesthetically pleasing considering the time period Fallout resembles (before the bombs). Lastly, that second link you gave was... awesome. I think that fits perfectly with the world. Like the Ranger armor meets the Tunnel Snakes. Gorgeous. Thanks for the links! I'll probably download the second one at some point. Still need to fix my UI before I do anything else.
  14. A-thankyou. My wife and I were quite proud. He even looks, like an Archer. I supposed that's probably more because that's his name and we're his parents, but I kind of feel like he actually does, regardless of our feelings on it, look like the name "Archer" fits him. Thanks!
  15. Yeah, I like to make sure people have an idea of who I am before I start talking. More so when walking into an established group like this one. I actually haven't touched Warframe in a long time. Might have to take a look at it again after watching some of Gopher's vids on it. No, my request for guidance will be New Vegas related. Specifically, mods acting weird. Not broken, just, weird. Hello to you, too!
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