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  1. Hiif

    They know.

    http://www.gamespot.com/videos/todd-howard-talks-modding-at-bethesda-e3-2016/2300-6432858/ Around the 6:00 mark, Todd said This makes me really happy, mostly because i'm a big elderscrolls fan. Also in Nuka world you be a raider leader to conquer settlements, so that's nice. Thoughts?
  2. That Fire water's gonna need some ice, Once centre of attention and the room, now ignored by someone swimming in a towel.
  3. Well i meant 'from india', don't really know a lot about her nationality or native americans.
  4. And also will gopher wait for his second let's play to start turn on survival mode or as soon as it's out?
  5. Well considering i have indian origins, have met indian-americans and the fact the amari is very indian-ish last name. It seems right to me.
  6. Have Strong sleep on tire's if you want but a wire filled castle isn't for a dog, not even an immortal one.
  7. I don't even have the game but damn his death felt good, guess the new more emotional storytelling had its perks.
  8. 33:34 "I like you too...you count with out a county." Seriously, what was that?! Even google couldn't tell.
  9. I dont' have the game, i don't know why i see every one of these.
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