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  1. Stiv themed power armor. I like the sound of that. I'll be getting back to work on the retexture. Finals were creeping up on me, so now that I'm done for the semester I can get back to work!
  2. Thank you! This is exactly what I was looking for.
  3. In particular I meant a clean version of his logo. I can use this version for the dirty texture, but ideally I'd like one without the black background and the dirt.
  4. A mod project I've started working on is a Stiv Themed retexture of the Vault 111 suit. Unfortunately my google-fu is failing me in regards to finding a high-res Stiv logo without the background portion. I'd really like someone to point me to where I can find one, and I'd be glad to showcase my results.
  5. This may seem odd, but one thing I'd like to see/make is an environmental overhaul mod akin so something like Skyrim Flora Overhaul. Something that adds more greenery to the landscape. I've been really putting some thought into making it. I'm reminded of Images of places such as Chernobyl and Bikini Atoll, where despite various nuclear incidents, there is still greenery present. When considering that the great war Occurred 200 years prior, the idea that the land is STILL completely barren of living, photosynthetic plant-life is absurd to me (though granted, this will be my first Fallout game so there may be something I'm missing.)
  6. Hello, I've sent the request, and am posting here for the sake of documentation. In-game I am ProfessorDaft.
  7. Greetings and Salutations! I am Professor Daft, and I hail from the forgotten state of Michigan in the United States of 'Murica. I'm currently a college student studying new media art with the intent of being a 3D animator (though I can do 2D as well.) I've been subscribed to Gopher's channel for a couple years now (that or when he started his Richard playthrough, whichever came first.) I've been greatly enjoying Gopher's livestreams (especially when I manage to catch up on the backlog of ones I've missed.) Lately the games I've been playing are CSGO, Rocket League, a bit of Dirty Bomb, Some Hearthstone, and (eventually) Heroes of the Storm. Thanks to Gopher's livestreams I've got back into Minecraft and Warframe. Minecraft and Warframe were both games that I played extensively during their betas, only to get burned out and stop playing.
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