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  1. We'll have the forums down to upgrade the underlying system at 07:00 AM UTC (09:00 AM CEST, midnight PDT) on this upcoming Tuesday, 1st of August. Estimated downtime is 45 minutes.
  2. We made a change last week to the Discord community requiring everyone to post a message containing @GopherBot to the newly added #welcome channel before being able to chat in other channels. This was done to prevent drive-by flood bot attacks against the public channels. If you cannot chat, send "@GopherBot" to the #welcome channel and you'll be able to chat again. New to Discord? Join us here! https://discord.gg/gophersvids Have feedback? Let us know below or on Discord.
  3. Forum Leaderboard

    It came with the forum software patch.
  4. glitches in land

    It was spawn protection. Fixed!
  5. glitches in land

    Can you leave me the coordinates where you're unable to place blocks? Thanks.
  6. Edge developers have a lot to do before the browser is really "done" and ready for a power user's everyday use. It's more likely to be a problem with the browser. Menu -> Send Feedback -> Report site issue. That said, I can't repro it right now, so updating the theme also likely fixed this issue on the side.
  7. Fallout 4 modding guide or tools

    I've had no issues with it.
  8. Fallout 4 modding guide or tools

    I've been using MO with Fallout 4 since the first alpha became downloadable on github and it's been working absolutely fine for me. Not all features aren't done, like profile-specific ini files, but the most important stuff is all there. From a mod user's perspective, the process hasn't really changed. Pretty much the same tools are there with their familiar UIs, just slightly updated.
  9. Battle Net Friend Codes

  10. Forum Posting twitter links.

    Fixed. Thanks for pointing it out!
  11. 6 teraflops, 4K, 60FPS on a console!?!?

    Very true. The Witcher 3 just brings my system to its knees if I try to run it above 1080p, but even Fallout 4 runs pretty well in 4k on my system with just a few settings turned down a bit. Whatever the case, more powerful consoles will only mean better looking games for the future, and more lazy devs who can't be bothered to optimize as well as they used to.
  12. Passwords and stupid thing not to do with them.

    Poor password practices are a weekly part of my job... Be glad you're dealing with prevention and not the aftermath.
  13. 6 teraflops, 4K, 60FPS on a console!?!?

    Depends a lot on the game. My single 780 can pump out a solid 50 fps in the good ol' Skyrim. Not brilliant in terms of graphics, but not bad either. And not all games are meant to push graphics to the limits of the hardware either. Overwatch looks good, but runs really well even in 4k.