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  1. Nailcake

    [XCOM 2: War of the Chosen] Stream Raffle Winners!

    Name: Nailcake nationality: Belgium haircolour: darkbrown, long layers facial hair: goatee and mustache hat: Dress hat Upper face: hippie sunglasses armourcolour: yellow 21 as main, purple 78 as secondary armour pattern: happy weaponcolour: purple Whatever class you want, same for any details I didnt list.
  2. That guard will be talking to random strangers in the market tomorrow and everyone will gossip about the close relationship between Frank and Geneva now. Was McDonough really an institute agent or is was it passional drama? Really have to watch how I word it.
  3. Personally I find survival very tedious, used a stimpack, need to drink. Now eat, now you are sick, you must sleep. But you cant sleep more than x hours on that bed. You are thristy again, and so on. I didnt really like it, no. You spend more time running around for little things and looking at your pipboy than actually playing the game. Ammo carrying is what I disliked most. In a realistic game combat game you carry only 300 rounds with you(Operation Flashpoint/Armed assault comes to mind). But you can kill 300 enemies with those. In survival you can carry 300 rounds, but since every serious enemy requires 5 shots or more to kill, you go through that ammo supply really quick.
  4. Its heavy but is fairly effective: The Overseers Guardian. He definitly saw it, but then didnt go with it. Or yes, he could go back to using a Gauss rifle but those are heavy aswell, he had one for quite some time but then started playing Survival.
  5. White Institute power Arm... oh wait
  6. Guy? Its a girl Especially fun when you dont know/expect it. Gopher passed through there months ago, so dissapointed when they didnt greet eachother
  7. He wants the ads to be taken down, as he doesnt agree with the 'violence as a sport'. He doesnt mind that his song is being used in the game itself as Zenimax had a license for that. Gopher uses about 10 seconds of the song for a non-violent intro(it shows a vaultdoor), so I dont think he has to worry about anything. As for that other case, go on Youtube and search 'Leonard French', he is a copyright lawyer who makes video's on Youtube who actually represents Imago Studio's. Cant get closer to the source.
  8. Honestly, I have no idea how much a penalty it is, I never play survival as I have my own personalized difficulty. I have just heard various people I know complain about it, so it must have been annoying enough. Though some might find it more irritating than others.
  9. Which brings us to another issue(unless it was fixed without me knowing ofc), if one of those molerats infects him...
  10. You can play VR on a 980, I did so until I installed my 1080 recently. And I have the HTC Vive. Unless Skyrim suddenly requires a much better card, but I havent heard anything in that regard, It would surprise me. They promised Fallout VR in June, btw, guess its delayed. As for the topic at hand; I actually have Wolf3d installed on my laptop and still play it(I played it when it was shareware and new in 1991, there was catacomb alleys before that). Just as I have Colonization(a 1994 TBS game) installed right next to Total Annihilation. My old laptop has Morrowind installed. And I really still enjoy those games. More than any sequels that were made and I was a competitive player in RTCW(I enjoyed it but dont play it anymore today), while The New Order' never properly worked for me(what I saw of that game wasnt what I was looking for). The original Wolf3d, while its mechanics are very limited and its graphics medieval is still a game I really enjoy. I have to agree that newer games have new mechanics and options and so forth and they are great, but that doesnt make the old games bad or worse. Just like some people own an oldtimer(a car) and enjoy driving it in the weekend while owning a modern full option car for weekdays. Sometimes, the originals are just very enjoyable, I disagree when Gopher calls them awful, Sorry Gopher. I dont think gaming is in a terrible state either though, I dont think it ever was. As for shady practices; some corporations have done some bad stuff; I dont buy anything Sony for instance. I dont support companies that secretly install rootkits on people's PCs and stuff like that. Other publishers are very very greedy, like Take Two when they say their game is undermonitized, then go after a modding tool that might rival their shark card system, I dont have GTA though. And I dont like Ubisoft either, I stopped buying their games aswell. Their DRM idea's are awful and it wasnt just Assassins Creed for me. I dont really care what others do or what they buy though. Argh, the drums...
  11. Nailcake


    Hello Holly, didnt expect you to show up here, welcome.
  12. I think it was this one; Though I have a Minutemen mod aswell. And one that makes Preston less annoying. http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/11317/?
  13. The funniest is when a dog runs past five enemies and companion to attack the player in power armour, maybe its the paint or oil but it must smell really bad for them to do that. In Warband singleplayer, bandits and enemy lords only attacked a player if you had a smaller party and low stats. If you had a large(r) party, high renown or a party with high level troops, they run away from you. Really liked that system. In Fallout, settlements with dozens of turrets and heavily armed settlers still get attacked by small raiderparties. I turned settlement raids off for that reason. Solves the problem aswell.
  14. Its one comment with one subject. Everything within it focusses on one specific problem; a bug. So its not about how someone plays the game, its about avoiding an issue that will arise.
  15. Everyone spoilering but noone actually talking about the Tina and Bobby bug. Its certainly more important than what the cat wants. He really needs to avoid reading comments, have someone read them for him and/or have someone assist to help make the right decisions ingame without the assistant giving info that will spoiler it for him. The above-mentioned bug may already have been triggered by now and led to confusion/frustration.