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  1. Mandor

    Joining The Minions Clan

    Yes we are, sorry for taking so long to reply, still willing to invite you to clan, tried actually, however the game said you were allready in a clan, our clan rule is only that you log in once every 90 days at the minimum or we will kick , but reinvites are always open aswell. (an unspoken hope is for ppl who really do want to play to join purely because inviting a large number of folks who are not serious about it only makes it problematic in the future where donating resources for clan research is concerned) Minions of Lord Stiv; Executor Hexmortis.
  2. Mandor

    Joining The Minions Clan

    Invite sent! Welcome back!
  3. Im surprised Gopher didnt mention at all that the CROSS Jetpack mod breaks the PA Jetpack flame effects in third person. It doesnt break the useability of the jetpacks on PA but i personally cant play the game knowing that if i switch to third person my jetpack will be clearly not working right, it doesnt help that the guy who made the Jetpack for some reason is ignoring ppl who mention the missing effects, and is outright dissmissing the bug as not a bug in his bug list... Theres also the fact that the mod author desided to omitt mentioning that bug in his mod description....
  4. Mandor

    Joining The Minions Clan

    Invite sent`
  5. Mandor

    Joining The Minions Clan

    Welcome to the Clan.
  6. Mandor

    Hi all

    I cant quite recall what exactly got me started watching Gopher almost three years ago but i know that quickly watching his videos became a daily activity for me. And recently when he started playing warframe i also got into it and started playing myself. Nowadays im mostly on the teamspeak as Hexmortis. Also im the one who made this silly fanart for Gopher recently P.S. I cant say ill use this forum too often since im not really a forums type of person but ill check on it as often as i can.