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  1. I can log in again, it's fine now. Nobody seemed to know why it happend or who did it, it just works again after I complained, how very convenient. What I said before still applies though, I feel the TS server doesn't represent Gophers community anymore and I won't return to it.
  2. sure... funny how this happens right after I had my disagreement with him. magic perhaps?
  3. I was noticing the last couple of days how the retired staff member Xelphos is using the TeamSpeak server to rally people up against other staff members and Gopher himself. I just go there to play games and have fun, not to be confronted with his personal drama. I confronted him with that in a private conversation, asking him to take his drama out of the gaming channels. Because he didn't like what I had to say he permanently banned me from TeamSpeak. All I wanted to have a drama free time playing games with people, now being punished for standing up for that. So I have to ask the question who does this TeamSpeak server actually represent at the moment? It doesn't seem to be Gopher or his interests, it seems to be run by people who are not interested in Gophers community at all anymore, creating drama and banning people who don't like it.
  4. Inspired by the SpaceX presentation yesterday, I launched my new website a bit earlier than initially planed, starting with an article about the event and how it relates to what I'm doing, namely playing, modding and making scifi games. I'm still in the process of filling the site up with content though, so there is not too much stuff on there right now. I just had to write this article yesterday and talk about what space travel, telling stories, making games and being creative has in common, because who ever does one of those things is building the future. That's why I ended up in Gophers community and that's why I'm doing what I'm doing. If you enjoy those things as much as I do, I would like to invite you to take a look. http://alexutopia.com/elon-musk-kind-of-like-battlestar-galactica/
  5. Yeah that's a rough start @OutandBack and I agree that some things could be explained better. There is one tool tip in the starting dungeon warning you about the fever, Ambrosia is also mentioned but the tip is disappearing so fast, I didn't catch it all when I started. The class system could also be explained better, since it is kind of important. I didn't read anything about the mechanics before I started and I never played Nehrim, but I was kind of prepared in a weird way I suppose. Early on during the tutorial I felt this german RPG vibe, more specifically the Gothic series. In those games you will start with nothing, you can't do or afford anything. A lot of content will be locked by your decisions and if you don't make the right friends than you simply won't have access to certain items, skills or magic at all. Furthermore the games won't explain any of this to you. On top of that most NPCs are not there to help you, they will extort money from you and kick you in the ass if you are not careful. I distinctly remember the leader of a big faction standing up from his throne during a conversation, unsheathing his two handed sword and execute me right on the spot because he didn't like the answer I picked, game over -> reload. And I spend like hours before hand convincing folks to let me even near the guy, because of course you can't walk around where you please talking to anyone right away. Now, compared to that, Enderal is much more forgiving and closer to the Skyrims way of doing things. It does however seem to follow some of the philosophie. So I was just like really careful in the beginning, saved my skill and memory points until I would find out more about the mechanics and I avoided to great of an investment in form of decisions or gear at first. Although both games don't explain much, it was a design desicion. Gothic wanted you to find that stuff out for yourself in the game world by talking to people. Sometimes they will literally tell you about game mechanics in some form of metaphor, warn you of dangerous areas and suggesting paths to follow, sometimes hinting of consequences to your decisions. I saw indication of that being the case in Enderal as well, this guy in Ark for example who sells stories in order for the player to learn which class combination unlocks the affinity bonuses. Yeah, so before I write a whole history novel in here, it suffices to say I just took it slowly and carefully in the beginning. Which I do recommend as a general rule of thumb. This scene right here pretty much sums it all up nicely
  6. What difficulty are you guys playing on by the way? The main developer once said in an interview the difficulty levels are roughly one step higher than in Skyrim. Adept should feel like vanilla Expert and Enderals Expert like Master. He just mentioned that briefly without further explanation. Not sure if it makes much sense to compare it directly like that to be honest. I started in Expert which felt right to me at first, my Thaumaturge/Keeper build (boils down to Defense, Healing, Buffs and more Defense) is starting to become a bit too strong though. I heard about the Lightborn during the prologue and that those deities were human once, so I thought immortality and apotheosis would suit me as well. I chose my class accordingly, which seemed to be a good first step towards that end But it's working out a bit to well I suppose, feeling a glimmer of immortality already. So I will probably crank it up to Master soon. Damage Multiplier in Enderal ( Difficulty / Damage Taken / Damage Dealt ) Novice / 0.6x / 1.8x Apprentice / 0.8x / 1.55x Adept / 0.95x / 1.15x Expert / 1.3x / 1.05x Master / 1.55x / 0.9x Iron Path / * / 0.65x * one source is saying 1.75x and another claiming 3x, so I'm not sure, haven't checked it myself
  7. Don't know anything about the purge, sounds dangerous though I just noticed by accident, last time I took a conscious look at his subscriber count it was at about 250k so I was all like whoohoo!... I guess it's been a while.
  8. I just noticed @Gopher has passed 400,000 subscribers on YouTube and I want to convey my gratitude with this silly picture. Seriously though, thanks for all the good work! And when you reach half a million I will think of something more appropriate
  9. @Flyddon There are a few towns and settlements about the size of Riverville, but nothing as big as Ark. @jeancly If your Arcane Fever reaches 40% you will be 10% more vulnerable against magic attacks. When you reach 70% you won't be able to regenerate Magicka anymore. The Thaumaturge (middle magic stone) has access to the memory 'Arcane Interference' which I would recommend to all heavy magic users, it allows you to decrease your Fever by 15% once per day. As far as I know armor doesn't effect your magic at all. So you can just wear whatever you like, you can even put some skill points into armor, regardless of your class. It's just that Keeper (heavy) and Vagrant (light) get additional armor boni, but you don't need them to use armor effectively.
  10. @Morrandir You are still in what I would call the tutorial dungeon/area after which the world will truly open up
  11. It's what I describe in point 6 of the original post. Seraph is the prestige class you can earn when reaching level 19+ if you spend 10 points in Keeper and 10 in Thaumaturge, which will unlock certain bonuses. I believe there are 10 combinations that will produce this effect. http://en.wiki.sureai.net/Enderal:Classes
  12. @OutandBack Don't know the solution, haven't done that yet. To be honest I tried to avoid and prolong the main quest for a bit, wandering the land at the moment. With 35h you actually played a bit more than I did so far I'm trying to become a Seraph, the combination of Thaumaturge and Keeper. One-handed, shield, light and mental magic, kind of like a paladin. Doing armor and weapon crafting as well. @Flyddon Can't tell you much about the companions yet for the same reason as described above and I skipped on the donkey, although you get it for free and it looks adorable. With another charackter I might consider it, but the guy I had in mind can't be seen on a donkey, so I bought the horse straight away
  13. Enderal handles a lot of the Skyrim mechanics very differently and it took me a while to figure it all out. Since I have seen some people in other posts like @OutandBack and @Flyddon talking about the step learning curve of the game, I thought I try to give you guys some tips to start your journey. 1. Skills don't increase by use. In order to raise a skill you need to read a skill book, those can be found or bought from NPCs. Every book will increase your skill by one, consuming one Learning Point. 2. Enemies don't level with you, so occasionally you can meet a foe that might be to strong for you. There is no shame in leaving it be and come back to finish him later 3. There is no fast travel, but you can find and buy (marketplace of Ark for example) teleport scrolls. And I do recommend learning the spells Mark and Recall which help a great deal. 4. Memory Points can be spend on the Stones, which you can access by using your Talent Meditation. You will get roughly enough points to fill up 2 1/2 stones at the end of the game. 5. The Stone trees will unlock Talents, which act like shouts. But rather than exotic random abilities you find, which may or may not fit the character you have build like it is in Skyrim, they are much more entangled with your class and I recommend to utilize them often in combat, because they argument your character in what he is probably doing already. 6. Every stone is considered to be a class, which the game will assign you dynamically according to where you spend the most points. Special bonuses can be unlocked by combining 2 affine classes, but not every combination will produce an Affinity. Those prestige classes are not necessary, but their bonuses are quite good. So it is a good idea to decide early on which patch you may follow. The Affinities will unlock once you reached level 19 and invested a minimum of 10 Memory Points into each of the 2 stone trees. A merchant on the marketplace in Ark will sell stories, each one telling of a legendary character who mastered 2 classes. This is supposed to be an immersive in-game way to learn what combinations are possible. You could also take a look at this wiki page: http://en.wiki.sureai.net/Enderal:Classes there is a table at the bottom with all the matches. To create an efficient character it is best to align the skills you choose with your class, because different classes support certain skill sets best. Of course there is still enough room for freedom and variation, you don't have to plan it out 100% and follow the advice to complete the game. -------------------------------------- I'm sure I forgot something, but that is all I can think off now. Things like the class system are really not very well explained, I can see where this is coming from though. Those guys clearly seem to be fans of german Piranha Bytes RPGs like the Gothic series or Risen and in those games there is no hand holding regarding those things and they will punish you for decisions. It is a style I personally enjoy, finding all those mechanics out, dealing with the consequences, but I understand it's not for everyone. I hope I could help you guys out a little and enjoy your time in Enderal!
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