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  1. I love you! :3 I'll buy 2 when I can. After my family troubles are done :< court sucks.
  2. New Monster Hunter Hype!! >:D

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    2. KittyLordMeow-Meows


      Well, I was thinking since you don't have a PC, you could just use your xbone budget on parts. That's all, but I get it lol

    3. Merp17


      $250 wont get me many parts:lol:, but yeah I think It will be a year or two till I can get myself a well built gaming PC.

    4. KittyLordMeow-Meows
  3. B-But.. Pink.. T_T Edit: Out of curiosity, any plans for some long sleeve shirts? '.'
  4. Fair point, I just figured they'd shoot for higher quality when it involves money. As much as I hate the voiced protag, it could push some people away. Then I have to wonder about mods taking stuff from other mods, would the peeps at beth even realize? '.'
  5. It's possible certainly. The memory limitations really shouldn't be an issue, conversions would eat dat storage tho '.' I assume scripting would fall under bethesda aid. Hmm.. It could cause issues with other mods trying to use the same areas for example, especially if the mods are treated as dlc.. '_' Yeeeah, I'm really not sure how they can handle this.. Maybe they'll make compatibility a focus..
  6. I'd need a brand new game from Obsidian for that to happen lol Built in fo4 or not lol I really just want another fallout from Obsidian... Back on topic, how the heck would this work with the crappy voiced protag? I find it unlikely that quest mods and such would have voice acting from the current peeps, so would they even allow quest mods that have no voiced protag or require alternate dialogue systems?
  7. Skywind anyone? Lol Be interesting with beth support ¬‚¬ I'll wait and see but what they showed was pretty basic, there was also a line written somewhere about bethesda taking your ideas wich raised an eyebrow lol Curious how they'll handle some of the alpha beta stuff for mods, then there's what help they provide, money etc. It is a way around ps4 mods tho, so I'll give em that one. And no, I don't think nexus will be killed off ¬‚¬ But hey, as long as LL is untouched I'm happy XD
  8. Someone always brings up consoles ¬‚¬ But I could see a let's play being amusing, even if takes 5 years... Lel
  9. I'm getting it since I've been laughing my ass off at the poor acting, terrible lines and the freaky animations. So, I'll have fun.
  10. Damn, so many jokes I could have made.. But yeah, that's a bit odd lol
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