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  1. I've been telling Gopher that he's ‘doing it wrong!’ (i.e. slightly differently from the way I do it, which is self-evidently the only proper way) for years! 😁 But all joking aside, he does sometimes drive me bonkers with his A.D.D. style of gaming. Does this sound familiar: Gopher wonders aloud whether you can do X in this game, while the game explicitly tells him how to do X in bright neon green letters on the screen. Gopher takes a wild guess how one might do X in this game, while the game explicitly tells him how to do X in bright neon green letters on the screen.
  2. The fact that you talk about ‘writing a script’ to deal with the key remapping gives me pause. Are you still using AutoHotkey or something similar? I seem to remember that AHK gave you some trouble with certain macros getting ‘stuck’. Have you tried making a custom keyboard layout for your Thrustmaster with Microsoft's Keyboard Layout Creator? If the Thrustmaster registers as an ordinary keyboard, that should be possible, and it strikes me as a much cleaner and more reliable solution. With a one-time investment of a bit of time, you could create a keyboard layout that closely resemble
  3. Instead of a binary choice of “Quest Markers On/Off” (which is in reality a “Quests playable/unplayable” option), there should be a detail slider for map markers with the following steps: OFF — No map marker, but actual, useful information in the dialogue and quest journal. General Area — Marker is somewhere in the vicinity of the specific target location (The house/castle/dungeon/camp to be searched), unless it has already been discovered earlier. Specific Location — Always put the marker directly on the location, even if it hasn't been discovered. May also add an “undiscove
  4. The technology is almost there, but not quite yet. Technology giants like Apple, Google, and Amazon can already do some amazing stuff with their enormous computing capacity and the spare capital to run showy "AI assistant" services via network-connected devices — but an ordinary PC, even a powerful gaming rig, can't do that yet, without those billion-dollar servers backing it behind the scenes. The first step, I expect, will be the use of synthetic voices for minor NPCs. A game company could license a modern speech synthesis engine and the technology to create custom voice banks from re
  5. 08:46 — “Or Fallout 4, where you're given four words, almost, and then you pick one and then the character says something. You're: ‘No! That's not what I wanted to say!’ ” Okay, of all the criticisms FO4's new dialogue system (deservedly) received, being too unpredictable is not one I've heard often. On the contrary, the most common complaint, after "NO VOICED PROTAGONISTS!!! EVARRR!!!!!", was about the deliberate, almost painful, reduction towards complete predictability. Usually stated as "THEY DUMBED IT DOWN!!! BECAUSE CONSOLES!!!!!¡!!!1" 🤬 This was part of Bethesda's experiment i
  6. Now someone, somewhere on the internets, will inevitably trot out the old “But it's just optional” excuse. “Nobody is forcing you to pay for this,” they'll say. “Nobody is putting an actual, physical gun to your actual head and literally threatening to kill you if you don't pay — which is the only form of microtransaction I'll reluctantly admit could maybe be considered ‘bad’ under some circumstances.” And to those who are even now starting to type something along those lines, I can only say: Oh really? It's “optional”, is it? So I can just opt out of having a version of the game that
  7. Yes, frame interpolation happens when the output and input frame rates are different. When reducing the frame rate, it can often be done by merely decimating existing frames from the source, without the need to interpolate — though not necessarily always. Frame blending and optical flow are two different ways of interpolation. Blending two frames at various ratios, depending on their relative position to the target frame, is fine for traditional film with natural motion blur due to the shutter speed. Static parts of the image will remain crisp, and the blurred motions of both frames wi
  8. But wouldn't time interpolation only be relevant if you either used footage recorded at a different framerate from the target (e.g. a 30fps or 120fps clip amidst the 60fps footage) or used a slow-motion effect? From the sounds of it, "frame blending" would happen before the motion analysis and lead to blurry frames (though that would be fine for soft transitions and fades), whereas "optical flow" sounds like it would happen post-analysis and distribute the found motion between the target frames.
  9. Yes, both take time, but vastly different amounts of it. Slightly altering the project file in Sony Vegas and re-rendering the video each time takes several hours per variation. Rendering the video once with, for example, one second of black screen at the end only takes a couple hours once, and creating several variations by using a stream editor to chop of different lengths of those 60 black frames at the end would at worst take a couple of minutes — less, if source and output videos are on different physical discs or on a SSD. Still technically "taking time", but a fraction of it.
  10. I know, but I was referring to the rendering that Gopher does on his side, before the upload. When the video editing software (Gopher uses Sony Vegas, I think) outputs the final video — concatenating all separate source clips, applying all overlays and effects, downmixing the sound layers, etc. — and encodes it to a specific video standard (e.g. h.264), that's also called rendering, and that's what Gopher was referring to. It ties up his dedicated rendering machine for hours, to produce several indistinguishable versions of the same video that YouTube will accept as "different" enough to upl
  11. It might not work well, unless the video was rendered with closed GOPs; not sure about that. Might take a few tries and a bit of fiddling to find a solution that works, but if you do, it would save you quite a bit of time.
  12. Instead of making microscopic changes and re-rendering the same video for hours, have you considered using an editor that operates on the already encoded stream? Appending or prepending a couple of black I-frames at the end or beginning of the video stream would result in a visually identical video with a different hash, which hopefully gets around YouTube's identification of identical videos. If it works, you'd only be limited by your upload bandwidth, and wouldn't tie up your rendering machine for hours. It ought to be worth a try at least.
  13. Surely nobody is arguing, "Metro Exodus should be exclusive to Steam, and Steam alone, instead of Epic!" Well, nobody worth taking serious, anyway. The crux is that exclusives (whether of a platform or a shop) are inherently anti-consumer by nature. A product that could be available on all platforms or via all shops is needlessly restricted to a single place, solely for the benefit of the platform's or Shop's owner, at the expense of the consumer. In essence, the product is being held hostage, in order to force the consumer to behave in a way that they might not have, if they had any a
  14. Oh, I just remembered something else that I noticed during the stream, but forgot to mention in my comments above: 1:27:20 — ‘Yeah, I'm wanting him pretty dead.’ Watch closely what happens when Quarico hits the Skeletal Scorcher with an arrow at 1:27:25. He practically squirts out fire particles and a small fire surface is created on the ground underneath it. This is a mechanism that a lot of enemies in the game have, and that can bite you, if you don't pay attention, or help you, if you do (And I think we all know which side of that equation Gopher is likely to end up on). Mo
  15. Probably should put the mentioned affiliate link here as well; you know, this being Gopher's own site and all… http://tinyurl.com/GopherGoG
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