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  1. Could be. I know too little about the specific rules and mechanisms of the game to know whether the above example is really feasible, or what you could do in self-defense. It was only meant as an entirely theoretical example of the ways in which griefers, cheaters, and other bad actors usually circumvent or exploit purely algorithmic mechanisms meant to "discourage" or stop them. That being said, does it sound like fun, having to constantly be ready to log off, at a moment's notice, in case you get swarmed by griefers? Sounds like it could take a lot of enjoyment out of the game, depending on how much of a hassle it is to switch servers and log back in.
  2. Depending on how the rewards for bringing down "murderers" are implemented, I can foresee bad actors gaming the system for infinite rewards: A whole group of griefers descends on a single player, so that, even with reduced damage, they manage to kill him by sheer numbers; The one who happens to put in the final shot gets flagged as a murderer; His buddies, who are right there next to him, gun him down before any regular players have a chance to even get there; They reap the reward, in addition to what they looted from the initial victim, and… move on to the next hapless player, with their respawned buddy joining back in for the new round. That's why griefing, toxicity, and bad actors simply cannot be fixed by algorithms, no matter how often tech corporations keep telling themselves otherwise, because any automated system of rules can be gamed. Only real, "boots-on-the-ground" moderation, oversight, and consequences work — this has been empirically proven over and over — but that would mean having to pay actual human staff, all around the globe, covering all time zones, to do serious work… and companies hate that; that's why they keep going back to hoping that this time an algorithmic solution will totally work, and not fail like every single time it's been tried before.
  3. It seems poorly thought out, all the way around. The whole "murderer" flag thing looks like an attempt to discourage griefing and encourage the community to self-police, but actually does no such thing. On the contrary, it encourages players with the griefing mindset to make a game out of ganking unwilling players, who do not wish to play PvP, and subtly encourages the rest of the community to accept the presence of griefing, by making the hunting of "murderers" into a fun competition. They are framing the discussion away from "Why are Bethesda allowing griefers to damage or even kill other players who do not wish to engage in PvP?" and instead towards "Gee, how much fun is it going to be to hunt for those bounties?" If you look at OutandBack's comment above, they're already looking forward to it, and no longer questioning why Bethesda chose to put in all this extra code, instead of just turning off damage for players who opt out of PvP. The only reason I can think of why they would do this is to subtly shift the onus for combatting griefing onto the community, instead of themselves, so they don't have to bother with decent moderation or oversight and can just put the blame on the players' lack of vigilance, when a situation goes sour or griefing gets out of hand. Maybe, just maybe, they're hoping that by deliberately allowing unwilling PvP kills, while pretending to "discourage" it, they can channel the energies of the griefers towards the "low-hanging fruit", while simultaneously giving the normal, non-griefing players a sense of "fighting back". Basically, they're dangling this in front of the sociopaths and saying, "Oooh, you better not do this specific thing (that we deliberately programmed into the game rules for this purpose), or you'll make everybody sooo mad! You're going to look like such a naughty, rule-breaking, bad guy, if you do it – with a price on your head and everything! So you better not do it, or everybody will know you did it and pay attention to you!" If that's their game, I wish them luck, and we'll see whether it works. I have my doubts, but let's hope for the best.
  4. I presume that strictly client-side mods (such as UI changes and quality-of-life helpers) would not require a private server to be set up. So, if modding is possible at all, Immersive HUD is a go!
  5. Regarding griefing, everybody is clear on how that's going to shake out, right? The usual assholes are going to make a meta-game out of attaining and keeping the "murderer" flag as often and as long as possible, on top of the usual "jumping around, annoying people, and getting in everybody's way" that is the mainstay of all MMOs.
  6. That's a huge relief, if they stick to it, but… I'm not a fan of character progression through random loot drops from the start. I know that there is mechanically no difference between having stats bonuses on your random loot equipment and having random loot character cards that you can equip and unequip at will — but it feels different. It's probably because I'm a single-player gamer by nature and have never internalised the MMO mentality of a permanent-but-respeccable character. I guess if every hour spent in game represents a certain fraction of a monthly subscription, then a character becomes an actual, monetary investment, and thus malleability becomes desirable. If I find that I messed up a character build in a single player game, I can just start from scratch with no loss and try something different this time. Or, if I'm really that attached to the character, I can just open up the console and shuffle around the attribute points and perks to my heart's content. But in general, I prefer for the character's development to feel permanent, with small, temporary stats bonuses conferred by equipment only minorly modifying the solid character base, which I built deliberately based on my own choices, not based on which hot-swappable perk cards happened to drop from the random loot generator. I would totally play a "Fallout Minecraft" game, if it also copied Minecraft's ability to have private servers where only you and your friends play together. Or strict role-playing servers, where everybody plays as if they're an actual vault dweller community, trying to resettle the surface. Imagine Fallout 4 without the main quest, but all the side quests, the exploration of the Commonwealth, scavenging, and settlement building. I'd play the heck out of that.
  7. JustTheBast

    Fallout 76 (Gameplay) - Anti 4K Rant!

    16:15 — “But there are people, right now, listening to my voice, who've minimised the screen, because they just can't stand watching the low framerate on that game.” [raises hand] Yeah, that would be me. The jerky movement gave me hellish nausea.
  8. JustTheBast

    Fallout 76 (Gameplay) - Anti 4K Rant!

    I cannot tell you how often a development department gets saddled with implementing features in a product that the sales department has promised a customer without the slightest clue whether it is feasible or how much work it will take. Even better are the instances where the sales guy just flat-out lied about a feature already existing and the developers now have to implement it yesterday at the latest. Such fun.
  9. As soon as Gopher started showing the character system, I could see how the inevitable lootboxes (or card packs, I guess) and microtransactions would be inserted into this game, to keep the gambling revenue rolling in. I was already kinda on the fence about this game, depending on whether or not there would be private servers/instances, where you can play with only your friends and not the entire populace — and seeing this obvious vector for future money-gouging practices built in doesn't look promising at all. Lootboxes and microtransactions mean there is going to be greatly increased grind, in order to pressure players into paying extra, on top of the base price and subscription, just to get a game that's actually bearable to play. Now, I could be wrong. A miracle might happen, and they might not stick their engorged greed-boners in and fuck the game to hell, but I'm not holding my breath.
  10. I think he's referring to the show's iconic use of slow-motion alongside the distinctive sound effects – since his game character is now running in slo-mo. That seemed a little too repetitive of the actual video's title.
  11. JustTheBast

    Update from creation club breaking skse

    What's keeping you from backing up the current version of the executable that works with SKSE, so you can restore it in case Steam updates? My Skyrim and Fallout game folders contain dozens of version-tagged copies of the exe file, going all the way back to the original release. Whenever Steam updates the game, I go to the game folder, rename the updated exe to e.g. "SkyrimSE-1.5.50.exe" and then put a copy of the previous backup in place of the "SkyrimSE.exe", until SKSE catches up. Steam won't touch that replacement copy until you either manually validate the game files or the next update comes along. It's a low-effort, low-tech solution that works well for me.
  12. Also RoboBob, but only the original was any good.
  13. Also watch out for the upcoming sequels: Bride of Bob Son of Bob Bob of the Jungle What About Bob? Much Ado About Bob In Bob We Trust Bob vs. Mecha-Bob Bob-busters Bob and Bobber Escape from Bob Bob with a Vengeance Bob and Bobberer: When Head met Bob Bob 2049 B.O.B. Bob! The Bobbing Musical Weekend at Bob's Revenge of the Killer Bob from 20.000 Fathoms! Coming soon to a youtube channel near you!
  14. JustTheBast

    New Mod (Skyrim SE) : Murder is bad?

    Hmm, yeah, the guards should definitely be hostile. That's got to be a bug. The way your proposed jailbreak mod could work is that somewhere in the jail there would be an activatable ledger, just like in certain businesses, only you're not falsifying sales figures but your incarceration record. Until you are properly released after serving your time, the original bounty should stay on your head (though that has the potential for screwing up the guard AI; it probably has to be put on hold as long as you are physically in your cell), and escaping should add to that bounty, not reduce it! In fact, after escaping a few times, going to jail should no longer even be an option. But if you activate the jail ledger on your way out, as soon as you exit the jail, your bounty should be gone, since you've "served your time." The difficulty of getting to the ledger undiscovered could even be made dependent on the severity of your crime, so that maybe a guard's patrol route is shifted closer to or farther from the ledger, depending on whether you're in for pickpocketing or mass murder.
  15. 6:44 — “Lockdown. Oh, this is the ‘hostile automat(r)on’ that lockpicks for me.” Wait, he still hasn't noticed he got that one completely wrong? Well, It would require him to read (and actually process) the entire paragraph. That's a whole four short sentences! 30:08 — “I'm going to flip a coin again.” His coin flipping mod is a great addition, for Gopher specifically. It really cuts down on his usual “Oh, I really want A, but I also want B, but I also want A, but I also want B, but I also want A, but I also want B, but I also want A, but I also want B, but I also want A, but I also want B, but I also want A, but I also want B, but I also want A, but I also want B, but I also want A, but I also want B, but I also want A, but I also want B, but I also want A, but I also want B, but I also want A, but I also want B, but I also want A, but I also want B, but I also want A, but I also want B, but I also want A, but I also want B, but I also want A, but I also want B, but I also want A, but I also want B, but I also want A, but I also want B, but I also want A, but I also want B, but I also want A, but I also want B, but I also want A, but I also want B, but I also want A, but I also want B, but I also want A, but I also want B, but I also want A, but I also want B, but I also want A, but I also want B, but I also want A, etc…” loops that take up so much of his Let's Plays' run time. Not sure if it's useful for people with normal decision-making capabilities.