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  1. check out these recent ted talks on the topic. They give examples of applications - this is going to change how we interact with the digital world entirely!
  2. Ah yes, hrm. I will be messaging Gopher this weekend with a proposal of sorts for how to go about getting a merch store up and running. Bobbles may be a while off yet though - this has all taken a bit of a back seat while I organize for an art show that Im having this summer . But it's encouraging to see that people are still interested, and knowing this I will get back on top of it!
  3. Here's an image of Stiv! you could use the gif I made if you want too, but here's a jpg in case that is difficult to do. I upload images to my g+ profile, then copy image location and paste here via the "Insert other media" button and "insert image from URL". Not sure if that's the best way but it seems to enable decent image sizes.
  4. @Apocalypso @Roachbait FNV i love the idea of having a Gopher maniacal laugh! Not sure how it would work out but i could totally see that happening for a limited edition series or something. For now im fixing up problem areas in the original stiv model. Im going to make new molds soon. And ive planned out a jack bobblehead which would be up next i think. Maybe a Bill bobble as well to go with Stiv!
  5. Thank you for the compliments Gopher, but there is no way this would happen without you. The things I make are likenesses of your characters and I would never consider distributing (whether for money or as gifts) without your consent. I personally would love to see Gophergaming merchandise, and be part of it, but only on your terms. Looking forward to the Q&A and getting to hear your views on this!
  6. Thank you @Shadowlyn! Regardless of whether or not this stuff ever becomes merch I'll continue making it just because I enjoy to. it's become a bit of a hobby And it's always a blast to see the work other minions do as well!
  7. @Roachbait FNV I love your enthusiasm! I'm not sure how things will go but I certainly do see potential for this to become If this kind of thing is as anticipated as i hope it is, and the demand is high then there could definitely be room for a team of people to run this show! Not saying it will happen, I'm usually not the type to get too far ahead of myself, but if it does I'll be looking your way Roachbait.
  8. Roachbait this is brilliant! Thanks so much for your input the cup holder/massager set up would be perfect. I had tried vibrating the molds by hand and tapping them but its not a very consistent motion. Im taking it one step at a time folks. I know its exciting and all but i just want to get one done to see what the end product is like. Though there is a possibility of selling some; id have to see what Gopher thinks and do what i can to lower production costs so they can be affordable. This first one is taking long but once the form and molds are perfected i could easily pump these guys out in large numbers and quickly!
  9. Alright hit a few snags with the molds, my vents didn't work so well and i got some bubbles in the casts. Did a bit of adjusting and now I'm ready to test out some paints! These heads have all been sprayed with a white primer beforehand.
  10. The mold turned out pretty decent. A few air bubbles but nothing too bad. Cut them open and took out the model. I'm now making the first cast! Using Smooth-On Feather Lite urethane resin for those interested in the details. Electrical tape holds the mold together well as it sets.
  11. It does! I'm a studio assistant for a gemstone sculptor; we work mostly with jade, obsidian, quartz and a variety of agates but I occasionally get to use a lot of other types of stone too.
  12. Got some supplies and made a mold! I used Smooth-On OOMOO 25 Tin-cure Silicone Rubber. It's a 2 part rubber, I used equal amounts of each, stirring them together until reaching a consistent colour. I then poured a thin stream into a single spot at the bottom of the mold allowing the liquid rubber to level itself as it filled. Hopefully it will set properly - this stuff is sensitive to both temperature and humidity which is inconvenient as I live in a Canadian rain-forest and it is winter. If you have questions about the process or anything ask away!
  13. The model is complete at last! I have also figured out what material I need for the mold and plastic cast. Just need to wait until friday to get them...
  14. Hey guys, sorry for keeping you in the dark. Also, thanks for showing so much interest in this project, it's really encouraging me to continue every time I run into problems or set-backs! Anyway, things have been busy and so the bobble has been coming along very slowly. I'm remaking the head right now. Didn't like how the 1st one turned out. I'm making the horns separately this time because sanding underneath them was a real pain on the previous head.
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