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  1. I'm headed to LA at the end of the Month, what's an old fart to do in LA?


    1. ShawnBoucher


      If you are anything like me you will mostly be counting the seconds till you can escape. That sprawling mess is one I wouldnt wish on anyone :) But hey maybe you are not like me in which case have fun. 

    2. Flyddon


      Yea   I looked for some adult bars as my company is holding a conference at    Rancho Palos Verdes, CA at the Terranea Conference Center.   Not much to do at the Conference Center...   maybe  get a manny pettie  or eat some kelp?

    3. Badges


      Go to Nelson's - far end of the compound - if only for a drink 'n the sunsets --- oh and a pretzel, they do (or did) good pretzels..  Almost all of the walks/hikes around there are great!  Darn, I'll bet it's raining there today isn't it?