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  1. Flyddon

    Groundwork for a new gaming PC

    Alright Roachbait, Tell me what you think? I got you started this morning, so I know you started playing it. What do you think? We don't need a video right now, just tell me.
  2. Flyddon

    Groundwork for a new gaming PC

    come on Roachbait.... tell us what you think?
  3. Flyddon

    Groundwork for a new gaming PC

    It's on the way to you! Be sure you use a mod manager and install the unofficial patch (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/266).
  4. Flyddon

    Groundwork for a new gaming PC

    I'll get it to you Tuesday... then you can live the life of Skyrim.. I envy you, ya know a virgin play through of Skyrim, 7 years later. It's like getting out of prison to find the internet.
  5. I hated Steam... I thought, if I buy a game I want the game here on my PC, this whole cloud game, cloud business, cloud host BS I did not like. That was until I did my first upgrade on my PC, reinstalling each one of my CD games, trying to find the damn CD first... was a pain, when you compare it to steam. Granted there are issues with Steam but I think steam will be fine, maybe even better because it now is getting some competition.
  6. Oh Glad you said something, I will not watch also and yes I plan to play Metro on day 1...in fact I think I might take the 18th off, make a 3 day weekend of it. As for Far Cry, I liked FC 5, at first I thought it was too hard on normal setting, but soon figured out the game. I wish there was more NEW info on CP 2077, but I feel it's going to be a late fall release... just don't know.
  7. So since FO 76 turns out to be not my cup of tea, Metro Exodus is my next go-to game (that and Far Cry New Dawn). I was wondering who else plans to get one or both of these? I do love the Metro series.
  8. Flyddon

    Bluetooth and a laptop

    never mind... I believe I found my answer "Normally 2 to up to 8 devices" can be connected to a bluetooth enabled laptop... pairing is the question.
  9. Flyddon

    Bluetooth and a laptop

    So I have a question about Bluetooth... If I have a laptop that has or is bluetooth capable: Bluetooth 5.0, Dual Band 2.4&5 GHz, MU-MIMO/80Mhz, 1x1 and I have a bluetooth headset and mouse, do I have to use the dongle (or whatever the little plugin is called) for one or the other or can the laptop use the boothtooth builtin and receive/tranmit for both items??
  10. Flyddon

    Groundwork for a new gaming PC

    No Problem... Let's do this, once you receive your system and get it setup and Steam installed, let me know and then I get you Skyrim Se gifted back to you.
  11. Flyddon

    Groundwork for a new gaming PC

    Hey Roachbait, If I see a credit issued on my steam account, I'll take it as you did not receive or were not able to setup and download the game before Jan 1st. If so, no problem wait a day or 2 and I will re-purchase it and send you an email. It is my mission in life to get you addicted to Skyrim, so you to can spend/waste many hours of your life in the world we call Skyrim.
  12. The New reporter I watch was saying YouTube and other hosting company would not be able to regulate the from and to of content they host, so they would have to enforce the most restrictive requirements (being the EU). But I don't see how that will work because we are talking massive shut down in all sort of content, not just video's... think of Nexus... Beth gives us use of the CK but the pic's of "Their" game... and just how far is the use to create of their software go? But I really think these kind of restrictions would kill off a lot of hosting companies, even people making their own content, would not be able to have a can of Coke in view (it's trade marked and copy righted), all the dash cam car crash videos (using police cam footage) not yours to use. So I don't know... would be funny if Youtube and other Vblogers boycotted the EU, like China is.
  13. Well the way I read this and Google and Youtube CEO agreed, ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING you do not own you cannot use (unles you have written permission). The EU is doing this and the language is vague on what is considered Copyright, but it now will hold hosting companies liable for copyright infringement. So yea, Gopher's Let's play could get YouTube sued. In the EU there is not fair use, or Safe Harbor act. YouTube has said it will have to go with the least common denominator... if EU says no, then all hosting will be no, they can't treat the EU as a bubble. I hope Porn won't be affected?
  14. So Gopher have you heard or thought about this Article 13 of the Copyright Directive Raises Serious Questions The next couple of days will be important for the future of the Internet, as the European Parliament’s Committee on Legal Affairs (JURI) will vote on the proposed Copyright Directive. The Directive, which aims to update and reinforce the rights of rights holders within Europe’s Digital Market, is largely a positive step forward inasmuch as the law needs to be updated in light of modern technologies and the Internet. However, Article 13 of the directive raises serious questions about the implications for free expression, creativity, and the freedom to publish.
  15. Flyddon

    Groundwork for a new gaming PC

    Hey Eric, Just an FYI I hope you receive your new computer before Jan 1st . If not we'll do it all over again. Hello nakedgijoe The gift you sent to Roachbait is still waiting for a response. If no action is taken by Jan 1, 2019, the gift will be cancelled and you'll receive a full refund. We've also sent a reminder to Roachbait, but you might want to give them a nudge.