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  1. What's up ... has gopher started putting out Porn again 🤔 where's the video?
  2. Just an FYI, they are saying Win 10 Support only. Works on: Windows (10) Released: April 16, 2020 Company: CD PROJEKT RED / CD PROJEKT RED Maybe change as we get closer, I am still waiting on system req.
  3. 16-4-20, or 16+4:20. Cyberpunk 2020. Knew it all the time
  4. I am sorry Gopher, you are going to have to use a Russian accent during this play through.
  5. yea I lost the young guy... but I don't know what changes were made or not... so I move on. Once you finish, we can discuss the differences if you like. There is one point in the city, you will die, and die and die so save game often. I don't want to spoil it for you, but at that point it's not about game play or skill, it's if you don't step here and move there and kill that before you move there type of crap... My game play (of course with the 1080) was smooth and superb... snowflakes and dust particles, all good.
  6. I tried Stealth all the way... Key word "tried". Where you are now, you still have a good 5 to 10 hours of play... if I remember the forest people where after the desert stuff... I can't remember where the HQ was at tho... So yea your not to close to the end. And yes I lost a few of my people, some of them I think were written in that way... I don't think I made any major mistakes.
  7. Wait a minute...your having a protest and it's not about Trump? What is this world coming too.
  8. As far as Metro goes... your doing right play it slow. But it is to short for the money.
  9. So I finished it. To me, not worth the $60. It was fun, great graphics, Great Story, not long enough, too linear, on normal mode too hard in 3 different spots... extremely hard, save every minute hard, but the rest of the game was normal difficulty . I may try another play through, but the only thing different would be looking for post cards.
  10. Heretic, Blasphemer.... xbox controller used with a PC . Anyway can't help you much there, I am sure you know where the options menu is (PC and key board it is esc), and you can do key bindings there. In the field, Gas Mask repair is "G" remove gas mask is Hold "G" which is very important, because if you wear all the time, you use up your filters. Well have fun.
  11. SP where are you now (in a spoiler-less way)? I have made it to the SAND and can see the LIGHT <- that's my attempt at spoiler-less position Biggest issue I am having is the learning curve , how to repair your gas mask, The fact that you can (and should ) break down all weapons. I did not realize that not only can you pick out weapons (swapping them) but if you select "R" you can break down the ones you don't pick up. Oh well live and learn...
  12. Great, just found it, the world symbol on the map, thanks.
  13. Hey OutandBack, Have you made it passed the bridge ? and taken the long train ride... I can't get off the train, I know it's going to the next section... but I have been on the train for 45 min rt.
  14. Hello and Welcome Niris, Your question "What can you do with the account you just made?" Is a good question. Here is a few possibilities, Next time your in a bar fight in Tijuana Mexico, grab a bottle of Cerveceria Insurgente smash it on the bar and yell "I have an account with Gopher!" all the respect will be given to you. Or when in the Mirage Casino, in Las Vegas, look up the pit boss "Mikey" and tell him, quietly to the side... "I know Gopher, he sends his regards." then let the good times roll. Finally, if your still in school, go to the head cheerleader, look her dead in the eye... and tell her "Yo I have an account with Gopher's Video." However on this one you may need to explain Gopher's videos is NOT a porn site. These are just a few things you can do or say now that you have an account on Gopher's Vids, don't be afraid to let people know you have an account with Gopher, hell live large and tell some people you KNOW Gopher. I once told a Nigerian Prince that I knew Gopher and he said he did too and wanted to send me 3 million dollars. So have fun with your new account. P.s. it is a well know fact if you get pulled over for speeding in the US or in Denmark, letting the officer know you have an account with Gopher's Vids and he or she should back off... well let's just say you won't have to worry about the speeding ticket. I am sure other here can tell you more Benefits of having an account here.
  15. ok so started...graphics are great, operation and controls ... learning curve there. Of Course it's very linear and sometime the objective is not clear. But for the first 4 hour I'm happy.
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