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  1. Sort of... Que Sera Sera I use to be like that, then I got Married and brought 2 lives into this world... So I am now like One does what One can.
  2. That was actually a joke, never had tried to just play ... My bigger problem is I can't NOT be a vampire, ever since DawnGuard, I have played as a Vampire. I have started other play through's but can't help but go find Seranna, even now as I start another play through, I want to play a thief... but the guards in Whiterun just told me about a group called the Dawnguard some kind of Vampire hunters or something... hmmm think I should go check them out.
  3. To Me this is a complex question. Can they recover their lost trust No. This does not mean we won't buy the games, but I do believe the Pre-orders will never be what they were "back in the day". I think Pre-orders in general will drop off drastically, delays and crap delivery of games has burned to many people. Second part They do not believe enough in themselves to fix that in which they have broken I don't think they see it as broken, more like a miss step, gamble on market direction . I see a bigger problem for Bethesda... Greed, plain, simple GREED. They have / had branding, they had great market share, they had/have the development resources (studios and people). But in the game 76, I feel, they stopped caring about the game, the fans, and the "family" they had. They were like the Coke Cola of gaming... and they wanted more MONEY, screw the family, forget the fans , hell forget the game world ... Let's go for the Money. And until that changes Bethesda will never be great , the trust and the following they once had won't be there. Don't get confused here... a company can make a boat load of money and still be great, a company is, for the most part, in it to make money (and they should) but when making money is more important that your fan base and what they want... then your doomed.
  4. actually ... delayed again now (maybe coming November 19th)
  5. yea if it never starts for you, sure use the console command. The way it works for most is, once the mods is installed and you start the game... where ever you are... the very next time you change cells (say Whiterun to Riften) the courier will come find you give you a note and leave... you are to read the note. The note is named "Jared's decree" so if you see that in your inventory that's what you need to read , and then go to the Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood and look for his journal. Someone on Nexus made screen shot of where you find the items and the entrance to the "castle" (it's not a castle).
  6. So @RoachBait if you read this: in my mod if you didn't see the courier, but your sure you have loaded the mod you can... setstage <quest id> <stage value> Quest stage 5 is the point the courier gives you the note to start the quest, stage 10 is where you find Jared's journal ,the quest ID is NGIJMeetingLealaQuest and the quest name is "Meeting Leala" I think the command SetStage NGIJMeetingLealaQuest 5 should put the courier's note in your inventory, so you could then read it and start the mini quest.
  7. Well thank you for that I am going on another one , same theme a few more moving parts and quests. But since Cp2077 went tits up for a few more months, I thought why not.
  8. Hey Eric, I am glad to see you have kept things going. I am guessing the "Things are going steady at work" means the china virus hasn't derailed you to much? Keep on going dude. I'll go check out your vid. Hey one thing I noticed in the video... you seem to have forgotten MY mod "Castle Albanna" I am sure you can check it out later.
  9. oh great *sprays computer screen with lysol * Yea the information bit is the weak link here, but with my wife and half a lung removed because of Cancer, I don't take chances... at least until the one year life Ins limit has passed, then I am sending her to China for a vacation I did see this https://www.sunnyskyz.com/happy-videos/9056/The-Coronavirus-Explained-And-What-You-Should-Do It was pretty good.
  10. Good to hear your dealing with it. And the same here with us, we're old farts that don't go out much any way, it's my son I worry about... having to work at Wal Mart. I make him sanitize his hands before he comes in or touches a door knob, he leaves his shoes outside, which we lysol spray each night, and he works in the freezer area so he's not in direct contact with the messes. Good part is he can score us Clorox and TP as it comes off the truck. My neighborhood is houses and we are not crowed with arms reach of each other so other than not going to the store or having to wipe down all packages with a Clorox rag... all is good here. Clorox rag = half gallon bucket of water and a half a cup of Clorox and a white cloth rag. Before there was disposable wipes this is what you used.
  11. So your in Cali... how bad is it there where you are? I know you have the Shelter in Place order in most of CA, (joking here) have you seen any National Guard yet, are you able to still get stuff (i.e. Food, TP, Clorox)? Some of my co-workers are in Palo Alto and other than TP and any kind of cleaner or disinfectant their OK. Many of them (the young ones) are finding it hard to stay at home. Brandy says even the dog park still has large groups of people. Atlanta has shut down restaurants, bars , night clubs... only take out now. I went to Home Depot yesterday and it was very few people. Wal Mart is still a freaking mad house.
  12. So I sent the RTX 2080 back, I tried it, it worked ok. Playing Skyrim, when you walk near a lamp post (like when you are leaving Solitude) you will notice a "glow" from the ground, where I guess the lamp is reflecting from the ground up, also if a light source is close to a reflective object light will actually project from there. But this is very very subdued, very slight... to the point of almost not noticeable. It ran a little hotter than my GTX 1080Ti, both are water cooled, under-load the 1080 runs at 35 to 45 c (once the pump kicks in) the 2080 was running at 60 to 65 while running Skyrim and or Division 2. The biggest thing was RTX 2080 was running 100 GPU usage with Division 2 while GTX 1080 ran 93 Max point. These were using the optimal settings as set by Geforce Experience. Of course neither of these two games are "made" for the RTX video card line, but still I was not really impressed. I do think I will start saving my money for the EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 TI FTW3 ULTRA HYBRID GAMING, maybe start a gofundme page $1500.00 USD the wife will not agree to this new toy!
  13. It's sort of freaky playing the Divison 2 (story line about a Pandemic in the US) while watching the same type of thing happen in world. So what is everyone else doing during these times?
  14. Just scored 2 bottles of Clorox, now if I can just get some TP.

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