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  1. I just finished the game... the ending sucks!
  2. Build a bench (log bench) and you can rest and recover your energy.
  3. How many of you still play Skyrim?

    So I have my mod in an Alpha state now, I was looking at this post I made way back in July, and here now in December I finally have it playable for my tester to run through. A lot of work and learning has went into this. I place a video link if you would like to see the RAW alpha meeting of Leala, this is just the meeting of Leala (the follower) and a quick look at the player home. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1gfn09TJkoi-tvyOfxvni7sgkOGidQ343 Please it is dark because of my computer settings.
  4. Surely Not everyone was Kung Fu Fighting

  5. he failed to see it @ 52:36 (access door)
  6. There is one out now... it's called a PC . (sorry just had too)
  7. He upgraded his shot gun, but only has 5 bullets for his pistol..... He uses his Psi "dash" ability and then stands there saying "he should be shooting at my shadow" (using the 3 or 5 sec delay his shadow gives him)... It's getting frustrating watching him play. It's like he does not see the most obvious things .. goes to battle a phantom, hides behind door, has turret ready .. pulls out his pistol with only 1 round in it.
  8. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Games

    I can translate the lines for you, as they repeat : first "Hello comrade, your going to Die" Second "Hello comrade, It is dark outside, your going to Die" Third "Hey Comrade, your not dead yet, do you have any bullets? Forth *repeat first" Fifth "hello Comrade, do you know where I parked my Lada Priora, I am going to die." Hope this helps.
  9. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Games

    I believe the order is: Chernobyl Exclusion Zone Clear sky Call of Pripyat and then S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 (However, personally Stalker 2 just didn't seem like it fit with the rest of them.) As far as Mod I did not play with any mods. Just headset and dark room.
  10. Gopher, It's ok, If you Play it, They will watch.
  11. Questions about the clan

    no requirements! Just be nice.
  12. Recently accepted position!  Daddy gets to stay employed :P

    1. OutandBack


      Congrats man. I hope this new position is something you like to do.

  13. Gopher and Skyrim SE

    Well the "One Guy" has not done anything for 5 months until now, and hdtSkinnedMeshPhysics has now been updated, when we get Caliente to get back to work we will have CBBE. Yes, I understand it's not much, but it's something and it's alive. SO yes I am excited, of course I get excited when the new phone book comes out.
  14. Gopher and Skyrim SE

    Right don't get too excited... Hey, they changed the web page, got rid of the stupid video to me that's movement. Someone over there is still alive ! 5 months of nothing and now this .... Sorry I'm excited!
  15. Steam Client Issues

    I found out the BitDefender September update (if you have verify updates on) will stop Steam from updating, turned mine off and all is good now.