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  1. Just scored 2 bottles of Clorox, now if I can just get some TP.

    1. Badges


      "Looks left 'n then right"  pssst …. hey mister.


      JK … I know what you meant.  it's a tad better now I hope.

  2. So what ever happen to the Forest?  You break it.

  3. I'm headed to LA at the end of the Month, what's an old fart to do in LA?


    1. ShawnBoucher


      If you are anything like me you will mostly be counting the seconds till you can escape. That sprawling mess is one I wouldnt wish on anyone :) But hey maybe you are not like me in which case have fun. 

    2. Flyddon


      Yea   I looked for some adult bars as my company is holding a conference at    Rancho Palos Verdes, CA at the Terranea Conference Center.   Not much to do at the Conference Center...   maybe  get a manny pettie  or eat some kelp?

    3. Badges


      Go to Nelson's - far end of the compound - if only for a drink 'n the sunsets --- oh and a pretzel, they do (or did) good pretzels..  Almost all of the walks/hikes around there are great!  Darn, I'll bet it's raining there today isn't it?

  4. Surely Not everyone was Kung Fu Fighting

  5. Recently accepted position!  Daddy gets to stay employed :P

    1. OutandBack


      Congrats man. I hope this new position is something you like to do.

  6. So I was told today, I have months left...   at my current job.   Goods news is I have had 2 job offers that pay slightly more than I currently get and I still get to work from home.


    1. Apocalypso


      "So I was told today, I have months left"       That was a slightly disconcerting start xD 

  7. Great News ! I won't be losing my job today! :)

    1. Master Cire

      Master Cire

      That is great news.

  8. I have a question, I notice on your Interests... you have "3d modeling".  Is this something you actually do or are you learning it, or want to learn it?    If it's something you do , what software do you use   Maya , 3dMax or something like that?  The reason I ask is I am   (trying ) to learn UE 4  or Cryengine and can see that I will need Models  (characters mainly).   I was wondering if you did this kind of thing?

    1. pointlessneedles


      mainly just learning and teaching myself im not great and i use blender

    2. HighNinjaFly


      @Flyddon Easiest and most convenient software I ever used for 3d modelling characters was Zbrush :P 
      I'm personally but an amateur but I still highly recommend you give it a try.

  9. Some people couldn't be nice even if a Unicorn shoved a Fairy Wand up their ass while Judy Garland stood there singing "Somewhere Over The Rainbow."  - Mogie56

  10. Welcome back Gopher... hope you had a merry Christmas and enjoyed your break from work.

  11. Merry Christmas.... you know your old when all you get for Christmas is T shirts, and a new themo knee Wrap.;)  And your happy.

  12. I can't stop...help  I can't stop   9 hours have not stop  have not slept.

  13. Said hi to the wife and kids.. Son's in college...wow who knew.  4 hours to go

  14. 9 hours ...what am I to do... guess I'll go say hi to the wife and kids, whatever.

  15. Stayed up until 5am..slept in until 1pm today Sunday....  getting ready for Monday night.

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