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  1. A week has gone by, and while nobody here has reacted, I thought that might be because they've missed the thread entirely. So I'm bumping it with the latest video to the series!
  2. Can't tell, but it is a possibility. The memory changes should not affect the quest scripting though, so I would say I am out of ideas at this point. And as for overhauling, by the looks of it the mod is more similar to Falskaar than Enderal, but I might be reading it wrong too. Treating every mod like an overhaul will lessen the amount of conflicts though, since no mod really is "just a mod". They all have a very real chance to mess things up if instructions are not followed.
  3. If you found that many corrupted files, my honest assumption is that you forgot to use the Enderal launcher to revert back to the base game. Well, you have done so now through more force, but there it is. As for no quests popping up, I cannot tell which version of Beyond Skyrim you are running, but the version 1.1 currently out has fixed the bug from 1.0 that prevented the quest(s) from launching. If that is not the problem, I will have to admit I am out of ideas. And if you are still interested in trying it out, make sure to install one of the offered memory solutions, the SKSE ini file probably being the simplest one.
  4. I am assuming you have reverted from Enderal back to base Skyrim, so the next step would indeed be file verification. If checking local game files does not get anything done, it's hard to say what might be the underlying cause without seeing the error logs themselves.
  5. Hello fellow minions! I have been doing some Let's Play content over the last few months, and I have come to the end of the first one of those, that being Papers, Please (the playlist of which is available just beyond that link for anyone interested). To continue the habit of providing alternating content, I chose Darkest Dungeon to fill in. With the new DLC released, there won't be a more opportune time to begin one, but in case you are interested in fast content, let me warn you: Darkest Dungeon is my secondary game, an episode released once per week on Thursdays with my in character Skyrim Let's Play taking Tuesdays and Saturdays. Anyhow, without further babbling, here is the first episode: I made an attempt to record and render at 60 fps, but if the video stutters too much, tell me it does so so I can change back to 30. After all, a solid framerate hurts one's eyes less, even if it is lesser. Anyhow, I hope you find me worth your time!
  6. I said we'd fly, and fly we did! Didn't remember to announce it here, but I'm doing it now. We chose to brave the world of PvP for a change, given that we couldn't wrest the victory in the bigger war from the hands of Northern Guard. I blame Chaladon for bringing Immortal Insurrection down. One should not take personal offence on that note though: I always blame Chaladon when things go wrong in the good world of GoI. Their story has painted them as too obvious good guys. As for the matches themselves, we tried out a disabler Pyramidion on the first, worked better than I dared expect against a Squid, guess the efficient use of port-astern Banshee Light Rocket Carousel made all the difference in the more close ranged encounters. The next one left me and Vice somewhat annoyed... we had the questionable honour of facing a minesweeper Squid, and let me tell you that ship made our flight unbearably difficult. We eventually lost that match, but having won the first it didn't put too much of a damper on our good mood. I hope to have a jolly good expedition to the skies once more in the near future!
  7. Tonight was not a popular night, but those happen. I'll be trying again next Tuesday, stream or no stream.
  8. We are flying again! Just me and Vice for now, but if you find yourself reading this, feel free to join us! We are on teamspeak as always! Our flight had to end sooner than we had hoped, as unfortunate as it is. Maybe next time we can make it a longer expedition?
  9. I occasionally stream on Twitch, but I usually only fire the stream up for post-stream GoI if I get at least a ship full of minions. Which I have to concede is quite rare as of late. When it comes to youtube, I've been thinking about starting a sort of a tutorial series showing the ships with some basic loadouts and somesuch, but that'll have to wait until I unlock the Magnate in game. Gotta look good while doing it!
  10. This fine Tuesday we are going Skirmishing to the good old PvP! Join us on teamspeak if you want to reign superior over your fellow human instead of blasting away AI! It was a fine flight! We won most of the games as seems to be the case here on post-streams, even with the enemies being real players! Well, there's also less ships to deal with that way... but it was fun!
  11. It would seem like we didn't quite gather the interest for a flight tonight, but someone's got to defend the lands of the Mercantile guild! Hold my War Chest, I'm going in!
  12. This entire song: https://clips.twitch.tv/GentleImpossibleCheetahFUNgineer
  13. Coooome fly with me, let's fly let's fly awayyyy... *distant gunfire* We are going for another post-stream fleet mobilisation. The usual gathering place, that being teamspeak, is still the correct area to head to if you want to join in! That's that then! Unfortunately I need to get up early tomorrow, but that means I can probably get in more game time in the evening!