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  1. Hekazu

    A new minions D&D game!

    The next game has been confirmed on Saturday 28th at 21:30 my time, 18:30 UTC! If you are looking to join as a player, shoot me a PM here on the forums or on Discord, you should be able to find me on the minions server most of the time!
  2. Hekazu

    A new minions D&D game!

    Yep, next session will be this Saturday at 21:30 my time!
  3. Hekazu

    A new minions D&D game!

    Live with (currently) Vice Dellos, Vault and Kurc at https://www.twitch.tv/hekazu! Past the annoying trouble at the start of the stream, I think that went well. For the next time I'll try to prepare the production side better. If anyone joined us on the other side of the screen, I hope you enjoyed!
  4. Hekazu

    A new minions D&D game!

    I probably should, shouldn't I? I'll have to double check who are actually attending and get the names they want me to use in that list, so I'll be updating shortly after we start or post-stream. Also, if anyone has interest in joining they should contact me and I'll see if I cannot introduce them to the game at some point. The participants may shift as the game goes on
  5. Hekazu

    A new minions D&D game!

    The game will be on on the 30th of September from 21:30 my time, 18:30 UTC! My twitch channel can be found at the other end of this link https://www.twitch.tv/hekazu I will also be announcing when we start on Gopher's Discord. Oh boy, DMing is one thing, that I sure can handle, but the production side of this is going to be a mess...
  6. I have a few more of these I have forgot to post up Today's episode is having some rendering trouble. Expect to see it come online tomorrow
  7. Hekazu

    A new minions D&D game!

    Game is currently full, but I have not heard of two of the players for a while. Will update if something (other than hearing of them) changes.
  8. Hekazu

    A new minions D&D game!

    Hah! I knew it would work! To those who doubted my ability, to the doomsayers who called for end of the world once I actually got something going, make your peace, for I have a group of four players! We still have space for one more, but we'll be starting next week most likely. Try and get in touch with me before not the current but next week's Saturday (16.9.) if you want to join us right at the start! EDIT: Scratch that, I failed my Nerd Herding roll. Will be leaving an update post with the deadline for getting in right at the start once I know it myself
  9. Hekazu

    A new minions D&D game!

    We are aiming to play at least twice a month on Saturdays, so only being available on weekends would not be a problem.
  10. Hekazu

    A new minions D&D game!

    Still looking! My throat will not let me talk right about now, but feel free to contact me nonetheless!
  11. Hekazu

    A new minions D&D game!

    I will not fall!
  12. It's Hekazu here again, trying to organise something with fellow minions! So what am I talking about? Well it's going to be a Dungeons and Dragons game this time around, and as per usual with me no prior experience is required! The game would take place in 5th edition D&D system and it would be played on Saturdays, starting around the hour Gopher usually starts his streams on Sundays or up to 4 hours prior! Our party currently includes a Wild Magic Sorcerer Charlatan, an Eldritch Knight wannabe Caravan Guard and a 93 year old monk from lands far away, looking for the wondrous homeland of the elves. Feel free to reply to this topic or poke me on Discord if interested, we have space for two (2) more but can start getting this on the move once we've got just one (1)!
  13. Hekazu

    Post-stream GoI

    After all this time of absolutely nothing it's time again! Our engines shall carry us to the skies! The Mercantile got their unlikely heroes back for tonight as I and my first mate Vice Dellos took to the skies. Just the two of us this time I'm afraid, but I hope in the near future we can get some new and old blood to hop in and provide assistance