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  1. So who is planning to play vermintide 2 here in the gopher community? I am definitely planning to. What about gopher? Any words on whether or not he will give vermintide 2 a shot? I haven't been around the streams too frequently lately
  2. I sadly quit the game at this point, but I do hope whoever uses my pawns has fun with them.
  3. 1: Geralt of Rivia. (Witcher) 2: Greyrat (Dark Souls 3) 3: Goblin shaman lords in Total war warhammer, cause clicking them repeatedly annoys them so much it makes me smile. 4: Sigvald the Magnificent.. Nuff Said 5: Any of my own characters.
  4. Welcome to the Forum Jim.. I see you have already been introduced to the madness that is the minion community, I hope you will like it here..
  5. @Raganui This thread will no longer be used as the Xcom 2 playthrough is done.. Keep your eyes peeled for when I set up a new thread for a fresh list in the future.
  6. No I don't think they will make it like a turn based game, I am just talking about the setting, not the gameplay.. I do expect an action RPG similar to the witcher, skyrim and so on. I just wanted to you know throw some information about how to find out about the kind of world the game will be in.
  7. The cyberpunk IP is from waaay before Deux Ex to be honest, original tabletop roleplaying game based on the cyberpunk IP was cyberpunk 2013, released in 1988. So there is no way Eidos or Square Enix could do anything about this game. I suggest reading up on cyberpunk 2013, cyberpunk 2020 and cyberpunk V3 roleplaying systems if you want an idea of what we can expect in regards to setting and general feel of the world.. Obviously CD project red will take some liberties, but it should give a decent impression of the cyberpunk setting. Rock on fellow rockerboys! Just dropping dis here to
  8. @Shiroi_gaijin I figured as much, just figured I should mention it cause reading your post reminded me that I might not have made it very clear that I do think most the bans and timeouts going on are more than justified.
  9. @Shiroi_gaijin Don't get me wrong, I do think most of the people who gets banned and timed out deserved it.
  10. @Gopher anytime man and let me know if I can make any improvements to this on the next list, if you have any requests or something like that.
  11. My two cents on the topic. I wont go into what happened today, cause I wasn't there and I honestly shouldn't speak about something I have no clue about. So I will stick to what has been said in this thread and point out my own observations from the times I have been in your streams, so I also ask that my post not be taken in the context of what has happened today, but as general observations and opinions. And before I begin let me get it out of the way, I do love your content, I adore the community and I am just trying to be constructive here, so cut me some slack if it seems like I am n
  12. Thanks for the work you have been doing in this community. No clue what to say beyond that cause hey, we haven't really spoken. But It's sad to see you retire from the Minion Staff, but hey gotta do what one gotta do aye? Again thanks for the hard work put into making the community what it is. And that thanks goes to the rest of the staff as well.
  13. Now that xcom 2 is over, I would just like to thank everyone for being so cooperative with providing proof of subscription and such, making my job at maintaining this list a great deal easier. Xcom 2 has been quite a ride for everyone involved and I hope to see more of your names in games in the future. And lets not forget to thank @NafNaf_95 and @Xelphos for the graphics and formatting provided, @Byleth0 for keeping the compiled list of bin files updated. @JandeV and @Chardin112 for being generally helpful. Last but not least @Gopher for the great streams. Thanks everyone.
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