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  1. Huh. I hope that solves the issue because that will be awesome if it does. And if you did PM me, no way in hell I got it. Buried in Welcome Messages because all that is still linked to my account.
  2. I just want to make something very clear before people start attacking me now. Gopher did not let me talk about the server prior to the stream, and even on stream when I wanted to talk about commands, he told me he could learn them later instead of listening to what I had to say. (You can go and watch the first Minecraft Server stream if you do not believe me.) I also sent him multiple messages on Discord regarding the teleport commands. I assume he missed them all because he never responded to them.
  3. If you can make, or find a plugin that does this without killing the server, I am sure one of the staff members will look into it. Interesting idea though.
  4. It was an example so the timer can be changed, but it would also mean people would save it for something they deem worthy instead of just using it willy nilly.
  5. Essentials has a nice little feature that allows you to add a cooldown to teleports. Why not use that, just set it on a 12 hour timer or something.
  6. Hey, if you are offering. Lol Kinda blurry, but he is the only character that I ever really liked the look of.
  7. Not really much to say here, just that I filled the Journey Map by using a server backup. Find your Minion Land Journey Map folder in: C:\Users\(UserName)\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\journeymap\data\mp Delete the DIM0 folder in the Minion Land Server folder, and replace it with the one from Minion Land Map.7z Minion Land Map.7z You can get Journey Map from here: http://journeymap.info/Home
  8. This thread is getting no where. Going to close it now. The map is huge. If you see someone building outside their claim, then leave it alone, don't claim it. You guys don't need to be right on each others doorsteps, it's a 20,000x20,000 map. Go somewhere else.
  9. So I checked what PCat said about the ban. And she said you claimed part of her buildings, and also broke a few things. So it seems you did indeed break the rules. If you build something underground, and claim it. Then It does not fall under this rule as you used the claim for something.
  10. Please read the server rules. Claim Abuse: Claiming all or some of the land around someones land/claim. Claiming something that does not belong to you. Claiming land and leaving the claim empty/untouched. I will talk to PCat about it. Though you claimed some of her land that she had built on already, so it is up to her.
  11. We are working on a better solution that will hopefully lessen lag, and also prevent this from happening again.
  12. There will be a nether highway soon enough. Admins can help make paths if someones claim is in the way.
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