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  1. Sounds like a interesting read
  2. Really enjoyable from what I have played of it.
  3. The only one that matters. (Dwemer are cool too.)
  4. I love how everyone is overreating in this. Only mod at your own risk. This really is something I cant belive people dont realise. And if someone wants to use a mod that could (possibly, maybe, sometimes) break his save (and he/she is fully aware of the risk) let them. And most importanty dont be a asshole.
  5. Germany, Southern Hesse. We Germans are many it seems
  6. DeltaCortis

    TES VI

    That is a pretty bad article that doesnt say anything we dont already now. What does half of that even mean?
  7. First mods to come out will be badly made retextures. It usually is.
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