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  1. Sorry I haven't been able to get near this for a while. Feel free to move on, I will catch up asap
  2. "Where is that girl?" Maurice sounded impatient as he looked around the room following Aslin's departure. He paused, and a look passed over his face as if he had just had a wondrous idea. "Noctis you old thief, how about I repay you for all those pleasant hours I spent in the company of the House Orchis? I have never laughed so much, especially whilst naked... Ha! Drink with me!"
  3. I have tried reading Lord Foul's Bane no less than five times and have never got more than a quarter of the way through, I hate that guy with a passion and I can't get past it :(
  4. My good friend that sounds like a positively splendid idea!
  5. I'm guessing it's because I haven't played any of the games prior to Skyrim.
  6. I didn't understand a word of the last five or so posts :)
  7. Maurice does kind of stand out doesn't he I love it, it's a great "team" and it will be a lot of fun I am sure
  8. ... and having been talking about it I have just started another Skyrim playthrough as a Khajiit assassin, using SkyRe plus texture mods, bow and unarmed, light/no armour.
  9. That would be great too, I can see him being a little less well kept...
  10. hehe fair enough, I guess what I mean is that he doesn't put voices on or anything, he retains the distance and seperation but really draws you into Fleet's mind and motivations.
  11. That is absolutely awesome Mariela, thank you so much The posture and expression are spot on, you really have a talent :)
  12. Do you have any links to films you have produced, or info on them?

    1. Shiroi_gaijin


      We're just getting started, everything on my plate is new. You can find "Randy Fabert 'so Psycho Killer" on Amazon, I did stunt work for that. Otherwise, as soon as I have any producer credit, I'll be sharing.

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