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  1. Subnautica is not a difficult survival game by any stretch of the imagination. The Forest is much harder and he seems to be enjoying that. Subnautica is semi-scary though, but that depends on how you feel about deep oceans. Gopher doesn't strike me as a scaredy cat.
  2. SUBNAUTICA PLZ It is a survival game however, it has a full story from start to end. It's officially released on Jan 23rd. Wait til then. I would kill to see gopher do a proper lets play of this (ie. not a stream of it, it needs IMMERSION). Don't look stuff up on it you will be spoiled. But, trust, its a very good game I am sure other forum members can concur. And if they don't...I... I will find them.
  3. It begs the question how much change in the world is enough of a change for players to feel choice matters. I cannot believe all of the wailing about lack of consequences in video games comes down to not having multiple ending slides, so to speak. I have never played games to care much about choice, I thought it was neat, such as player faction houses in Baldurs Gate 2, it was neat. But not much more beyond that. When a game is completely inconsistent though that can sorta bother me; being the leader of all of the factions in skyrim and yet the nobles are still like 'snif snif, whats that smel
  4. Yeah, but I would consider the character changing as superficial. I mean like on the scale of changing whole towns and introducing a slew of new quests that otherwise wouldn't have been there and cutting off all of the quests that you could have done before. Part of the issue with such dramatic changes besides the work required to make them is that its that much more content that won't be seen by the player. Devs seem to hate having content most people won't see. Think about how Azeroth looked prior to cata and then after cata. That to me is "world changing events", that is also a shit ton of
  5. I don't think Bethesda does anything to "appeal to a wider audience". This attitude is assuming most people are dumb and so games have to be made dumber to appeal to them. If anything I think its the other way around, people complain about complexity because they are already used to simple games. The simple games came before the players who expected simple games. A lot of the complexity of older games is just explicitly not doable. You can't have consequences in a game that has 10 factions. Trying to do that would turn something like Skyrim into a project to create something as big as WoW
  6. This is what people always meant when they said it was "dumbing down". That's how I have always taken it. Dumbing down means implementing features that give you (the developer) an excuse to remove other interesting bits of the game because its too much work. Removing skills from Fallout 4 was "dumbing down" to people because it meant the developers didnt have to program skill checks anymore and they could easily adapt it to their engines perk system. So the game play was made less interesting. Fallout 4's character system was pretty much redskinned skyrim. Even the stats are not really stats t
  7. I am wondering if there is an easy way to change my character model to a ghoul in new vegas now...i know it wont change anything story wise but still.
  8. Why this has not been an option in any fallout games yet is beyond comprehension. You could literally have had an option in Fallout 4 to not enter the vault, yet you some how survive as a ghoul....who....uh...gets knocked out...for 210 years? No! you get stuck in a fridge/object that locks you in. Until it falls and breaks open/an NPC finds you.
  9. I get random crashes after my last modded install. Which is strange because Fallout 4 was the one Bethesda game that NEVER crashed for me. Now it crashes constantly and absolutely randomly. Also, my weapons disappear when i change them atleast 75% of the time. Switch to a rifle and nothing happens and I have no gun. Often for 5-7 minutes at a time. Even going into the pipboy doesn't always fix it. Basically, fallout 4 has become unplayable. Trying to troubleshoot random crashes and random gun disappearance is not something I feel like doing, lol.
  10. I would like to see Barry take a trip to Nevada in a "do all of the bad/evil options" playthrough. I know a new New Vegas play through is catastrophically unlikely, but thats my 2 cents. With some of the mods that he has/could have, some of the bad options are actually pretty terrible. Barry the Raider (after Nuka World DLC) takes a trip to Nevada and joins the Legion. To heck with the Fallout timeline. The evil options make the game a lot shorter too so it wouldn't take as long to resolve as with Jack. Use alternate start to change the backstory. After all of his gallivanting through Ne
  11. Also check if you have any mods that alter survival mode, if you use survival mode.
  12. On my typical skyrim install, that would take weeks of testing. Oh how I wish bethesda games had proper logs...
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