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    Hi Folks!

    Oy @Dalitasdrain, can you give us maybe a new recipe? This one has blown up my shed a few times already! But welcome to the forum. Has been a while since I welcomed someone, so let's remember what I wanted to say.... Summon.. no, that hasn't been done in a long time and shouldn't been done! Well, we have an insanity corner, for all your needs. Or the community creations! Some awesome stuff over there. But just find your own little corner you like, and, as always, have fun!
  2. Personal recommendation: Either just remove the content of the post and make it say "This is not relevant" or something. Or just report your own post with the reason "Please delete this post/topic". Mods should do it then.
  3. Are you using the one that is compatible with NVSE? What you can try is this: Start the game the way you do it. In the main menu press the tilde key to open the console. type 'GetNVSEVersion' (without the '). If you get a version you are using NVSE. Please let us know if that's the case or not.
  4. Wait, are you starting the game via the game launcher? Because I'm pretty sure you need to start it via the NVSE launcher to get oHUD to work.
  5. the thing is: steam uninstall does not completely clean up the install. Has to do with the way steam uninstalls games. I highly recommend using Mod Organizer for Fallout: New Vegas. It has a lot of advantages over NMM. For switching: I already wrote a pretty long guide on how to do it with skyrim, it's basically the same with FNV. If you do it: Do not take the YOLO option on step 2. Why I recommend doing this: it seems like some files might be corrupted, mod files, so steams "verify integrity" won't help you. It is also a lot easier to troubleshoot stuff with MO in my opinion.
  6. If you are not using UIO then I strongly recommend using it.
  7. Are you using UIO - Unified interface organiser (or what it was called)? If you do (and use MO): oHUD should come very very low in your mod list (high priority)
  8. I'm honoured that you are using my mod And have fun with your game! EDIT: slight warning because of merging! i am using a script and quest for the DT bonus. i don't know how that behaves when merged. Please let me know! And it's jack's whiskey, i maybe should mention which mod i'm talking about
  9. Currently reading the books too. And playing on "Just the story". Because I suck and I don't want to spend the time to get better. I bought the game for the story.
  10. Too lazy to find my phone. How's your PC after the accidental bath? 

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    2. 50calHeadshots


      lol... well if it works :P


    3. Apocalypso


      PC. Bath. How ? xD 

    4. Jasch


      Me fucking up big time, accidentally hitting an open bottle of water on my desk. Which landed directly on my running PC.
      But it's completly fine. But I still disassembled it completly.

  11. I think you can get into museum pretty easily. Don't know about visiting the individual test locations though. http://www.dlr.de/Lampoldshausen
  12. Once in a lifetime thing that happened to me? Well, I nearly lost my left hand once. I'm kinda hoping that will stay a once in a lifetime thing. Most exciting once in a lifetime event i missed by one fucking day? Well, I visited the rocket engine test facility of DLR (german NASA). Got to see a lot of nice stuff. But the next day they ran a full test of a vulcan 2 engine... I'm still kinda annoyed.
  13. "Thirteen Reasons Why" by Jay Asher
  14. Same... Well, I am going normal tbh. Which doesn't change that I'm surprised to see Louise again! Welcome back!
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