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  1. how do you leave a temporary clan? nvm figured it out made one to get the baza while i was waiting, but id like to be in the minions proper would still like an invite IGN still Rotwhip3
  2. player name Rotwhip3, took a long break, going to try and get back into it
  3. so i've heard around the block that the minions have some people playing ARK, but i have trouble finding info on discord about anyone playing it. I would assume its more of a teamspeak thing, but is there a server the minions actively play on? ark is one of those games that really fun if you arent playing alone, and id like to change that
  4. It looks like just me really, it's a bit of a shame
  5. whats the tag? id like to join. nvm, i found it!
  6. Alright everyone, there wasn't a Titanfall 2 thread here, but I figured id make one. If there isn't and official Minions Network, I could make it, just let me know. your titanfall is ready!
  7. quick update. moved over to Beam.pro, for the moment to see how it works. not sure if it will be better, however the low dolay sounds super nice. https://beam.pro/Rotwhip3 here is me
  8. Casting to vote to lock an unproductive topic? all in favor?
  9. Gonna stream tomorrow (October 14) at 3:00pm CDT (10:00 pm CEST) come join me!
  10. first stream went so well! so happy will update here when i plan to stream as well or something haven't decided!
  11. LARGE EDIT: now streaming on beam.pro https://beam.pro/Rotwhip3 come check Heya all! Wanted to get into streaming for some time and only recently with the help of Topken from discord (thanks a million btw) and I just wanted to announce my first stream sometime today, not sure how active it will be since I don't really have much of a following (1 in fact, and that's Topken himself :3) so I would love it if you all could join me and try and beat with me as I get into the swing of things Link is www.twitch.tv/rotwhip3 and I hope to see some of you there i think im planning on doing a new run through of stardew valley v1.1 (with some light mods) so be prepared for that, and I may swap to overwatch if I get bored of stardew, however that may not happen. My first stream will ideally go live at 2:00 pm CDT (9:00 pm CEST) (October 13, 2016) so if you want to join me for that that would be awesome i I will try to make this a somewhat regular thing, however I have yet to decide a schedule, so bear with me on that! stop by, check me out, and have a good time!
  12. be me, eating dinner,

    good flank steak. 9.5/10

    chilling, enjoying the food

    eat too much too fast and start half choking

    walking to the bathroom so if i throw up its safe

    get there, everything is okay, breathing a bit better

    mom enters; "you alright?"

    not really alright, kinda hazy from lack of oxygen

    loopily say "im lit fam"

    throws up

    passes out

    wakes up 2 mins later with a towel on my head on the sofa


    was not lit fam

    1. Flyddon


      How is your mom doing?

    2. rotwhip3


      she is good, why?

      i mean, ive done it before, so its not like this is the first time she has had to deal with this :P

  13. always liked the beast races, never sure why so argonian then kajjitt, then normal races if i were to pick a non playable race i would probably any of the races from Akavir (the continent) they just are so much more fascinating than human races, *shrug*
  14. so i just learned that voice-over work is hard. 

    my Adam's Apple is super sore.


    i didn't even know your Adam's Apple COULD get sore....

    1. rotwhip3


      like, wtf is this


  15. Cant wait to get out of this school and go to college so i can start making watches

    senioritis? senioritis.

    1. Shadowlyn


      Hmmm... I got nothing for this.. Good luck!

      Just hoping our Senior graduates. <_<

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