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  1. AbigailGen

    Hello and a brief introduction.

    Hi, essi2. Thanks for the welcome Got the chair and coffee for now. I haven't found any good Mead in a long time. Might have to learn brewing. I know a lot of people in Henderson. I grew up here in Vegas. Some are crazy in the head. The others think I'm crazy in the head.
  2. AbigailGen

    Hello and a brief introduction.

    Hey, Hey, back atcha, Tiago Alves. Thank you.
  3. AbigailGen

    Hello and a brief introduction.

    Hi, Willard. Thank you for the welcome.
  4. AbigailGen

    Hello and a brief introduction.

    Hello. I thought I'd pop in and make sure to give a brief introduction of myself. I am an adult, beginner "gamer." I just recently (18 months or so ago?) learned how to WASD. I learned how to play and add mods to Skyrim by watching Gopher's videos; tutorials, mod reviews, and let's plays. I also play Minecraft, Cities Skylines, Spatials, and This War of Mine. I'm fairly private about myself so please don't take it personally if I leave more personal questions unanswered. I'm happy to meet the people who subscribe to and follow Gopher. You all seem like a nice community of people.