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  1. Heya o/ Today we held the 3rd edition of the minionland tours and, while not as many people showed up as last time (i'm going to blame gophers streaming minecraft simlutaneously and not my poor advertising compared to before) we did still have a great time and got to see some amazing creations in the Farlands and managaed not to visit even more. So The next tour ShawnBoucher and I will try and organise will be either on the 7th or 8th of May, I hope you can all make it! Here's an archive of all the tours so far minus the legendary first one:
  2. I'll be there friday night for sure! I hope we find as many people as possible to join us
  3. Hey Everyone o/ So last night after hosting the Minionland tour I was a little exhausted, so I decided the best way to relax was to go on a grand adventure. I did Just that. I went to join your realm and had some trouble with drowning in the hub portal because I was lagging while uploading the stream, but I managed to get through and received a very warm welcome and even some basic iron gear to help me out. So with my baked potatoes and torches in hand I set out in a southern direction, although I did also tend to veer west. I waded through many a swamp and had to fight of hordes of dangerous monsters at night with my wooden sword, but I had a great adventure. Here's some excerpts. The setting sun drew me in pulling me off to the west away from my initial course. One morning I walked under this beautiful arch only to be blinded by the sun. a few days later I found this lonely flower high atop the a mountain. I almost settled right then and there, but I set out looking for a companion, and I hadn't spotted any horses yet. I reached another swamp connected to the sea so I made myself a little boat to speed up my progress. I felt lost so i decided to make my way up a mountain to orientate myself. It was a fantastic place to watch the sunrise. After The sea turned into deserts and savannas i ran across two lonely houses and a village or two, but still not horses, so my track continued. One night I had to climb high in a tree as enemies were waiting for me on the ground. And then it happened! after trekking through many a biome I found some horses nibbling leasurely on some grass, I'd finally made it. So I made camp and started on taming these beautiful creatures the following day. Please meet Sir Percival (left) and Lady Le Guin(right) Thank you all for reading and it was really nice to relax with something so simple after spending the last few days preparing the tour. o/
  4. The whole thing from my PoV yeah it was a lot of fun wi visited horse paradise, boom cavers, midgard cathedral and the alchemy academy
  5. yes thank you all everyone for showing up it was overwhelming
  6. we're starting in 90 minutes I hope you can all make it
  7. https://www.twitch.tv/vicedellos hopefully
  8. I will try and stream it, but I don't know how well that will go yet never tried with minecraft. so hopefully yes
  9. Allright ladies and gentleman, In about eight and a half hours the 2nd edition of the Minionland tour will start! everyone please come and join, I know it will be great. You don't have to bring anything, even food will be provided if you run out, so no excuses. We'll gather at spawn and from there take you along our selection of four builds for this first one. The in-game tour will be accompanied by Shawn and I spewing information and trivia at you all in Discord if you can join us (you're allowed to talk aswell dont worry). It was a last of fun last time, but it was a little while ago and I know we can do even better now, so come join us!
  10. where's the skill in that I see it as a challenge to myself can i fly down
  11. The real question is is the slabbed one elytra-able
  12. The dilemmas maybe stables should stay the the ground level. dont want horsepoop of those beautfil white stairs after all.
  13. That would seem to be 5 am in Japan I'm afraid (on sunday morning)
  14. I know I'm sorry but I really wanted to get it done and get into the habit of holding one every (other) week. I hope you can make it to the next one! 8pm GMT 1 pm PST I hope you can make it thanks for all the suggestions Shawn and I will be sure to visit them to have a look and hopefully if possible talk to the makers of them.
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