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  1. Ooh, happy birth!

    Ajde bok.

    1. Apocalypso


      Sorry, haven't been around lately.

      Thanks :D

  2. A new DLC for XCOM 2 in August, awww yiiiiisss! :3

  3. Oooo, happy Birthday, PCat! :3

    1. Philosophercat


      Aww, thank you! :)

    2. Cryzeteur


      o. Birthday? Congrats!

    3. anithaaaaa


      You're very welcome :)

  4. "Yay"

    Aiheeseen liittyvä kuva

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    2. anithaaaaa


      Yes indeed, "celebrating" my 26th B-Day :D

      Aww and thanks! :3

    3. Merp17


      I missed it:(. Why cant libraries be open on Sundays. Anyways its never to late in my book, so without further ado...Happy Birthday!:D

    4. anithaaaaa


      Thanks, Merp! And don't worry, you didn't miss much :D

  5. Congratulations to all for your promotions and retirements and everything! :3 Waffles for everyone! Ohh, and especially @Just Louise:
  6. Dear Pcat, Congratulations on your achievement. I wish you the most relaxed and stress-free retirement, you deserve it :3 Thank you and see you around, o glorious one! o7
  7. This is on Netflix, even. At least where I live I absolutely love it, nothing more to say
  8. Oooh, if the opportunity ever arises, I'd love to be a "Lurker" Minion: having not that many posts, but liked them all :3 *goes back to lurking*
  9. Yaas, the beanie! Illuminati confirmed.
  10. Yeah! I, actually, did the mistake of increasing the strength of those damn bears... *Sigh* Also the level of everything scales with the level of my Inquisitor.... Yes, even the nugs and those damn barriers. What have I done? Ooh, and DAO>DAI>DA2. I really miss my Hero of Ferelden.
  11. just finished XCOM2, yaay! :3

  12. waffles

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    2. anithaaaaa


      Aaaand I'm hungry again! :lol:

    3. Shadowlyn


      Ill take the Bacon cant stand those Waffle things... <_<

    4. anithaaaaa


      No..! Please, not my bacon! :0

  13. Twitch account, yes I should be a sub: http://www.twitch.tv/anithaaaaa/profile 5 "a" letters in the end sorreh! Back from retirement, aww yissss. Did I do it right? Anithaaaaa.bin Edit 1: Subscriber-thingy Edit 2: Replaced the file with a new one, my soldier should be a rookie now. @Drunk N' Deadly if this screenshot is enough, great!
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